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Dinner with a Perfect Stranger An Invitation Worth ConsideringYou are Invited a Perfect PDF #10003 to a Dinner with Jesus of Nazareth The mysterious envelope arrives on Nick Cominsky's desk amid a stack of credit card applications and business related junk mail Although his seventy hour workweek has al. First of all put aside the notion that this is a true work of fiction Rather it's an argument with a loose unlikely uninteresting plot wrapped around it Worse the plot is distracting with waiters and bus boys interrupting the conversation between the strawman I mean Nick the narrator and a certain interpretation of Jesus one who uses an age old wound that our narrator has from his childhood as an excuse to talk him into conversion to a form of ChristianityI don't have a problem with this form of Christianity necessarily I don't agree with all parts of it But I'm okay with it to a certain extentWhat I'm not okay with using simple minded points which are not truly representative of non Christian religions to refute those religions imposing materialistic Western worldviews onto Eastern worldviews in an attempt to disprove them using the Bible to prove the Bible having a college educated narrator who stops each line of uestioning way too easily abuse of the Socratic methodI'm unclear on the target audience of this book Non Christians who aren't seeking Maybe if they aren't very skilled at critical thinking no offense but this book does not contain effective logic and I'm not being unfriendly in saying so and aren't closed off taking on a spiritual life Non Christians who are seeking Unless they are pre disposed already to this specific message I doubt it will work If they are truly educated in the world religions they should know to dig deeper than our narrator does over salad and stuffed mushrooms People who are already Christians Only if they already buy into this sorry but very bad logicSo yeah I found this book unconvincingAnd unrelatable for me a not so charming scene of the narrator and Jesus chuckling heartily over remembering narrator's dad losing his patience slamming on the brakes of the family car and vigorously spanking the narrator on the side of the road To me that sounds traumatic not funny at allA lot of people rated this book highly It's a mystery to me why that isSuggested replacement subtitle An Invitation from A Smug Jesus Impersonator

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Ready eaten into his limited family time Nick can’t pass up the opportunity to see what kind of plot his colleagues Dinner with eBook #236 have hatchedThe normally confident cynical Nick soon finds himself thrown off balance drawn into an. I would be interested to hear what a non Christian would make of this book I am a Christian and although I didn't think it was life changing it was an intriguing uick read This book reminded me in some ways of The Shack but I think this one is definitely better written Dinner with a Perfect Stranger does not necessarily delve very deeply into the issues raised; I would describe it as an introduction which is why I think it might be useful to a non Christian who wants an introduction to the concepts of salvation grace a relationship with God and related topics The author did a nice job of explaining how nothing humans can do will be sufficient to deserve salvation God is like that He's not interested in people trying to perform well enough for him They can't He created people to have a relationship with him to enjoy his love I also liked the discussion of how when people put their trust in God they are changed on the inside Their heart their human spirit is actually made new In the depths of their being they no longer run from God; they are joined to him My favorite part was when Jesus explains You need someone to love you and accept you and want to be with you even when you feel bad about yourself Someone who will always be with you I am curious to research this author to see if he has written other books that are in depth Please note that I received this book for free from GoodreadsFirstReads

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Read & Download Dinner with a Perfect Stranger An Invitation Worth Considering á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ [Epub] ➜ Dinner with a Perfect Stranger An Invitation Worth Considering ➝ David Gregory – You are Invited to a Dinner with Jesus ofIntriguing conversation with a baffling man who comfortably discusses everything from world religions to the existence of heaven and hell And this man who calls himself Jesus also seems to know a disturbing amount about Nick’s personal lif. Dinner With a Perfect Stranger was on of the best and most factual book i have ever read All though the plot could be altered a bit the main idea was great Things that were said made me reflect on my life and made me think of things that i dont normally think about This book is about a man who is asked out to dinner by an anonymous person Thinking it is his friends messing with him he reluctantly goes Once he gets there at his table is a man he's never met The man tells him that he is God At fist he thinks that this was a prank that his friends were pulling his leg but as the night progresses he as well as the reader realizes that this could be God This book tackles many ideas about religion and not just one religion It has little bits on every one It also has things about every day life When reading it I felt like I also was at dinner with God Hearing him tell me bits of information that could be critically important to me in my life This book helped me see the world in a way i never had before It also left me thinking and reflecting on myself and my life I would recommend this to any person who his intrested in politics or religion or just trying to find out who they are It is a fast read and I hope that if you read it you will enjoy it as much as i did