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Free read First Catch Your Husband ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î [Reading] ➺ First Catch Your Husband By Sarah Bridge – A non fiction cross between Bridget Jones' Diary  and Sex and the City this is a humorous dating guide by a 30 something woman willing to try almost anything to find tG at midnight in the Caribbean Sarah is on a mission to meet Mr Right But will anything actually work And how will she feel after putting herself and her heart out there An entertaining touching and thought provoking account of life on the front line of dating this tale will inspire anyone who has ever been or wanted to be in love. I'm being generous with the stars actuallyI finished this book and then I wondered why Did anyone else see the obvious The single character appears to be an alcoholic and I don't imagine much success ever did become of her life until she realized that she could do it without the two stiff dirty martinis after several pints Just an outside observation Drinking is certainly a relaxer when it comes to dating but from my own experience there should be a limit made at some point or you're just another drunk and I've never considered drunken conversation to be much of a way to establish a true friendship or love affair for that matter Wonder if anybody else felt the same way after they finished this book or if I'm just being extremely jaded It just seemed obvious why she had such a poor self esteem

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A non fiction cross between Bridget Jones' Diary  and Sex and the City this is a humorous dating guide by a something woman willing to try almost anything to find the right partner for herSarah Bridge is smart successful and single As a newspaper journalist she has a hectic day job and a busy social life and is perfectly First. I had a date with Sarah Bridge during her search for a husband cum research for her book She didn't even reply when I thanked her for a lovely evening Even humiliatingly I wasn't fascinating or vile enough to warrant a mention in this book which charts her late thirties uest for a man to supply gametes for her uterus and farts for her sofa during major sporting events for the next forty years I mean I earn over twice the average salary in London and drive a BMW – both of which I'm sure I mentioned on our date – so what's not to like So I bought this book in a natural spirit of spite and schadenfreude hoping her journey ended in misery degradation and defeat Oh and to find out a bit about Sarah herself since I was too busy delighting her with stories about myself when we met She might have said something about herself but I wasn't really listening That's how it works You've got to admire her stamina as she charts her demented journey through internet dating speed dating holiday romances and single themed evenings weekends and holidays On the way she meets men who vary from the gorgeous to the repulsive while her uest becomes obsessive to the point of desperation Sarah's yes we're on first name terms; do keep up book is gently humorous exasperating and perhaps a bit long but it's still a fascinating insight into the infuriating world of modern partner hunting not 'dating' – that's an American thing; we agree on that Some parts such as her trip to Greece are poignant engaging and funny Others such as her womyn's empowerment weekend where women are supposed to have their confidence strengthened by talking about their yonis and being institutionalised as eternal victims of the patriarchy are frankly terrifying Sarah was one of only two women I met through artificial modern dating methods and her experiences make me glad I never went further The self pity is hopefully exaggerated for humorous effect even if I couldn't help smiling when she complained about men who didn't have the courtesy to say why they refused to return her messages And her book is better than mine in that it's a finished and b been published

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First Catch Your HusbandCatch Kindle happy with both But something or someone is missing Embarking on a uest to find her soulmate she tries everything from speed dating and wine tasting to Scottish dancing and singles holidays island hopping and army assault courses to self help books and fortune telling Whether climbing mountains in Morocco or swimmin. I was very happy to receive this book as a giveaway The blurb read well and the book looked interesting I thought the fact it was a work of nonfiction would add to it However I have to be honest I was disappointed The book was not well organised and while it had moments that were funny and some of the stories in it were interesting I found myself getting bored and a little frustrated It was not until chapter 33 just a few chapters from the end that my frustration was finally met with relief I will not give details so I do not ruin the book for those yet to read it On a whole I felt there was so much potential for this book but bad organisation and a lack of a coherent continuation of any story other than the author’s desperation really let it down I cannot help feel that there was a great opportunity missed