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eBook â ePub Kikomachine Komix Blg 8 Golden Ratio ã 9789710545131 Free ↠ dogsalonbristol ✓ [EPUB] ✺ Kikomachine Komix Blg 8 Golden Ratio ✽ Manix Abrera – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Two thumbs up GodA must read Seryoso Your conscienceA real page turner GTurner Gusto mo ilipat kaagad kasi ang panget SatanParang pag Sa sobrang nakakatawa nakakamatayManix Abrera with his group of characters' witty comebacks and way of thinking will make you think and laugh your ass off Smart witty and absolutely funny This is one of those read and laugh your ass off books Personal This is actually the first book of the Kikomachine Komiks I've read and I am super happy that I got my friend to lend me this book I'm definitely looking forward to buying the other volumes This kept me laughing to myself like a maniac 55 on the entertainment aspect

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Kikomachine Komix Blg 8 Golden RatioTwo thumbs up GodA must read Seryoso Your conscienceA real page This is my 6th book by Manix Abreranow the most famous komiks cartoonist in the Philippines At 30 he has already published 10 books and all of them are bestsellers very prominently displayed in big bookstores here All of them have an average of 4 stars here in GoodreadsI am a bit old for his stuff but I still find them funny In fact I am using his books to perk me up after consecutively reading depressing books For example this week I finished the Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song that was about an American murderer who was executed by a firing suad in 1977 Then right after that book I also finished reading William Styron's Sophie's Choice that was eually depressing as it was about a Polish immigrant who had to flee her country because of the Holocaust So after these two extremely sad books I felt I needed Manix Abrera to bring me back to saddle again on top of a happy horse Tigidig tigidig HiyahSo far I liked all the Kikomachine books by him that I read earlier Book 1 3 STARS Book 2 4 STARS Book 3 3 STARS Book 4 3 STARS I was about to start reading Book 5 when a friend let me borrow her copy of Manix's silent book that won an award and was not part of the series and I also gave it 3 STARS By the way 3 stars in Goodreads means I liked it The exclamation point is from me because I love using exclamation pointsSo far his book that I love most because it is the funniest for me is Book 2 After that book there are no new characters so I thought Books 3 4 are not as funny The silent book 12 is considered a breakthrough never done before in the Philippine komiks history is not part of the series so the usual unnamed characters are not there However since I jumped from Book 4 to Book 8 this book that I am reviewing I saw new characters like Ang Mahiwagang Dwende The Magic Dwarf Alpha O whose chant is I am Alpha I am Omega and Deus Ex Machina There are also themed series here and some of them are really funny some do not make sense at all and some are with philosophical musings that is not really different from his earlier books My favorite among the three named characters is Alpha O because he is strangely naive yet he can be deep without lifting a finger There are other unnamed characters that I like but I would still go for the original ones like the guy with the spiked up 3 tufts of hair However my favorite part here is the one with the young male professor hiding inside a big box on Christmas Day He is hiding from his inaanak godchildand the illustration is very funny because at first what he can see is only the Cheshire cat kind of smile of the godchild while hanging upside down from the top cover of the box I found it very funny I was laughing out loud and my wife thought that I was going crazy again By the way for my foreigner friends to give you an idea of how his komiks strips look like here is one with the new characters This one however contains some of the original characters I cannot translate them to you but I can assure you that those are very funnyBy the way this is how the handsome Manix looks like at 30 So you see this is my first time to write a review with many images Manix really got me excited so I couldn't help Googling for images under his name He is really the Golden Boy of Philippine Comics industrySo for the kababayans abroad if you are sad and lonely there order KikoMachine komiks through com to drive your sadness away Go Now na