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Ppened Will she date the popular guy or leave things as 'just friends' Can she remain true to herself and to her faithWhen the mystery intensifies Jac of Kindle so does the romance and Jac is left feeling confused and Four reviews from our CALEB ReviewersFour stars overall1When Jaclyn wakes from a coma several weeks after a horrific motor accident she finds that her beloved father has disappeared presumed dead after the crash Jac cannot believe this and sets out to prove that he is still alive She is in her final year at high school and under the guardianship of her aunt but events are not turning out the way Jac would likeThere are many twists and turns and unexpected surprises in Jenny Mahoney’s debut novel Jac of Hearts Jac’s hormones spring to life for the first time when she meets Tom and Nat and it is difficult for her to decide which one is the ‘right’ choice She is put in the hard place of having to make the choice of whether to stay true to God and her faith true to herself or having a fun time How does one keep going when there seems nothing to keep going for All of these decisions and a lot are part of the fabric of Jac of Hearts Jac of Hearts is well written fast moving and easy to read and would make an excellent gift for a girl in the last years of high school and a little beyond It features mystery intrigue moral principles and romance and the life decisions that Jac makes are the decisions that many young adult readers also have to make at similar age DS2Seventeen year old Jaclyn wakes in hospital from a coma to find an aunt she hardly knows ready to take control of her life She asks for her Dad but no one will tell her what has happened to him Jaclyn who prefers Jac moves in with Aunt Penelope Uncle Charles and their son Tom Tom’s parents live in a very luxurious lifestyle Jac finds it difficult because she has a combative personality and she is interested in saving the planet than living in luxury Tom is a happy party boy and Jac becomes very close to him Jac’s relationship with Tom becomes a problem when she feels that they are close to going too far with physical contact The appearance of Nathaniel and Tom’s apparent hatred for him complicates the situation specially when she finds that Nat is Tom’s brother Jac is entranced by Nat but he is distant Tom warns her offWhen Jac receives an email from her Dad asking for help everyone rallies around to help her find him and get him home They go to Singapore and find that Jac’s Dad is involved in very secret very innovative medical research to help people with a condition that causes the brain to stop the heart beating without warning This is a condition that Nat suffers from The fact that Nat refuses to wear the monitor is the cause of the uarrel between his family Jac’s Dad will not come home until he can move his patients safely Meanwhile Jac Tom and Nat continue their up and down in and out relationship of brothers friends and until the story comes to an end with a nice surpriseJenny Mahoney has caught the fragile feelings of teenage love that can be so deep and strong and devastating The pull between friendship and sex and the hurt and loneliness of standing by God’s principles is clearly and entertainingly portrayed LS 3Jac is a feisty 17 year old who on waking from a coma struggles to cope with the raw uncertainty of life without her father Her new circumstances force her to evaluate where she stands in terms of her faith As she confronts the challenges of adolescence peer pressure and inter–personal relationships Jac struggles to remain faithful to God’s plan for her life A character–driven romance for older teens that addresses many of the conflicts young people face when negotiating the vulnerabilities of youthful romance KL4The story was good I liked the drama and action in it I did however find that the book lagged at times Some of Jac's thoughts were than was needed and slowed the book down At times it read like a diary but when dialogue was used the pace picked up and it was much smoother I am sure a younger reader would enjoy it Volunteer reviewer Bookseller's Prize section of the CALEB Awards

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Jac of HeartsAbandoned than ever How will God help What is true love How do you persevere when things don't go the way you hoped It's going to be the most challenging year of her lifeA young adult romance by debut author Jenny Mahone I really enjoyed this novel and I love the cover The mystery over the death of Jac's father kept me turning the pages as did the romanceI enjoyed the characterisation of the feisty Jac the playful Tom and the brooding Nat And there were a few surprises in store along the wayI thought it was very relevant to teenage readers in the things they face in life particularly in the area of relationships and the physical temptations that go with it I will certainly be recommending it to my girls when they hit their later teens


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read kindle ¾ Jac of Hearts Paperback É jenny mahoney ñ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Jac of Hearts Author Jenny Mahoney – Jac is a feisty 17 year old who refuses to conformBut as her final year of high school approaches she wakes from a coma and everything has changed Can she acceptJac is a feistyyear old who refuses to conformBut as her final year of high school approaches she wakes from a coma and everything has changed Can she accept her father is dead or will she try and find out what really ha Jac wakes up in hospital from a coma only to discover her father has been killed in a car accident She refuses to believe it When her mother died she had a sense of her passing but there is no similar intuitive knowing about her dadTaken to her aunt's home she is immersed in a lifestyle of wealth privilege and decorum that she has never previously imagined Her aunt's step son Tom is flirtatious and friendly teasing her with humour full of racy innuendo but nevertheless easing her transition into a new school He makes clear however that his interest in her is far from cousinly and he is constantly tempting her to ditch her faith and go to bed with him Even while fending off his attentions she is attracted to the dark brooding Nathaniel with whom she clashes in several class debatesSpoilers followIt's a shock to discover that Nat is Tom's twin And that he's got a rare genetic condition which means his heart could simply stop and he could die at any moment And that Nat shares her faith And that her father when he was killed was working on a treatment which could have changed Nat's life But the biggest shock of all is still waiting perhaps her father is alive after allAs far as Christian fiction for teens goes the sexualised settings and innuendo may seem a touch edgy Temptation is realistically portrayed