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The Legend of the Baal Shem kindle Ç 224 pages Ü dogsalonbristol ☆ [PDF] ❤ The Legend of the Baal Shem By Martin Buber – The Jewish philosopher Martin Buber spoke directly to the most profound human concerns in all his works including his discussions of Hasidism a mystiDerstanding the central theme of Buber's thought the I Thou or dialogical relationshipAll positive religion rests on an enormous simplification of the manifold and wildly engulfing forces that invade us it is the subduing of the fullness of existence All myth in contrast is the expression of the fullness of existence its image its sign it drinks incessantly from the gushing fountains of life Martin Buber from the introducti So curious This is about the rabbi who founded the Hasidic movement but he seems such a different figure than I would assume given the actions and direction of modern orthodoxy at least from my vantageIt opens with the Baal Shem Tov fighting a werewolf Then learning a book of magic spells He travels through space and time and talks to bugs There is no focus on rules but on the appreciation of the individual dictates of spiritAfter the first 50 pages or so of a kind of kabbalistic primer the stories are a delight inspiring well to me and fascinating

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Corn and rejection from the rabbinical establishment and attracted followers from among the common people the poor and the mystically inclined Here Buber offers a sensitive and intuitive account of Hasidism followed by twenty stories about the life of the Baal Shem This book is the earliest and one of the most delightful of Buber's seven volumes on Hasidism and can be read not only as a collection of myth but as a key to un Martin Buber perhaps than any other intellectual in the efflorescence of German Jewish culture was responsible for relativizing Jewish religious texts inasmuch as he treated them as works of literature first and foremost and secondly as cultural artifacts Anyone who has ever used the phrase culturally Jewish probably owes Buber as much as they do Moses Mendelssohn If you're an observant Orthodox Jew this is apostasy If not well there are some good stories poems aphorismsand assorted odds and ends compiled in Jewish Mysticism and the Legends of Baalshem Inside are tales of compassion cruelty hubris outright horror The Werewolf is a disturbing little tale as well as some enigmatic and truly mysterious stories These Shtetl Chassids a mystical sect of Jews were regarded as too superstitious and earthy in their religious practices for a lot of rabbinical Jews what with their emphasis on merriment and syncretism at least among various groups of competing Jewish philosophy but there's no doubt that while Chassidism is less focused on scholarship than many other forms of Judaism it still has a sort of kabbalistic and fascinating complexity to it that makes it a mysterious and intriguing wellspring in its own rightI didn't find the stories uniformly strong and some of the moral admonitions no doubt served a purpose especially when recited to the very young but they're less edifying than the stories that function as narratives rather than mere cautions about hubris or not steadfastly observing the sabbath But what was good in the book was very good sometimes beautiful and chilling achieving the sonorous humming uality of really good poetry My favorite story called The Language of Birds concerns a man who beseeches a powerful rabbi to grant him the magical power to understand the chirping of the birds in the trees Some of the shorter parables have the uality of koans provoking a sort of one hand clapping sensation that made me want to go back and instantly reread them again or dwell on their contradictions long after I'd set the book asideNot Buber's best work but an admirable effort to collect tales that otherwise might have been lost to the vagaries of time as well as deliberate attempts to erase these artifacts which are all worthy of preserving for posterity Jewish and secular alike Danke Herr Buber fur ihre wunderbare Leistung

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The Legend of the Baal ShemThe Jewish of the ePUB #180 philosopher Martin Buber spoke directly to the most profound human concerns in all his works including The Legend Kindle his discussions of Hasidism a mystical religious movement founded in Eastern Europe by Israel ben Eliezer called the Baal Legend of the PDFEPUB #230 Shem the Master of God's Name Living in the first part of the eighteenth century in Podolia and Wolhynia the Baal Shem braved s Stories within stories lessons hidden in lessons identities revealed this collection of legends of the Hasidic rabbi are powerful little tales while some of the parables' meaning is lost on me the overall effect is a wonderful incorporation of poetry fable and instruction A nice template