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Where Derrida rules love is a complicated ideological position and poetic justice is served with an ideological twi It's an enjoyable read I actually didn't really finish the book I only finished the first two stories and stopped at the beginning of the third story I am like this I probably will pick up the 3rd one in a little while I love the cat story and somehow it has some Edgar Allan Poe uality to it I am not sure I understand the second story correctly There might be some reference or connotation that I have completely missed The hero was drugged and was carried into the famous Stonehenge area Was he going to be sacrificed?

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Publish and PerishA New York Times Notable Book of the YearA Publisher's Weekly Best Book of the YearCombining the wit of David Lodge The 3 tales of terror are supposed to be ruthless chilling with cliff hanger endings The blurb says The characters spout silly jargon wrestle with their writing problems preen their tender egos and skewer their colleagues Most are likeable their vanity is so human it's almost touching I thought the characters were sad examples of humanity with nothing particularly funny about them or their situations I couldn't work up any particular empathy for any of them although I did sympathize a bit with the cat in the first story Unfortunately I was pretty sure where the story was going very early on that's exactly where it went There were absolutely no surprises including the 'cliff hanger' ending which fell flat as it landed It was just too obvious This meant that all the description attempting to set the mood was boring as hell as I kept waiting for each predictable point to FINALLY get madeWorse I didn't find one of the major character's motivations logical at all The entire theme of the story was self interest trumping morals view spoiler The girl friend is obviously similar to the main character in that regard so why would she hook up with him? His star is not ascending she doesn't seem to even like him very much hide spoiler


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Publish and Perish reader É doc 9780312186968 Free Ô James Hynes ï ❰Epub❯ ➟ Publish and Perish Author James Hynes – A New York Times Notable Book of the YearA Publisher's Weekly Best Book of the YearCombining the wit of David Lodge with Poe's delicious seWith Poe's delicious sense of the macabre these are three witty spooky novellas of satire set in academia a world I picked this book up on a whim expecting horror in academia with likely some humor added and it was satisfying on that front The stories intertwine a little with characters from the first and second at least showing up in the thirdThe stories are generally well written and I did enjoy them; however the first one featured an utterly unlikable main character who however was enjoyable in retrospect because he was at least active The second story featured a mostly passive main character and the third a completely passive oneWhich may be realistic for books about academics but it did detract from the enjoymentHowever the utter dysfunction of modern academia was at times either amusing or appropriately horrificAt least one of the stories is a straight up acknowledged pastiche of an earlier important work of horror and the others draw heavily on past works both for the plot and the occasional name taken from the writers of past works or their charactersA fun read especially if you’ve spent some Goodall like time in the mist of academia