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A Family of Her Own Summary â 8 ¸ ✮ [PDF] ✩ A Family of Her Own By Brenda Novak ✻ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk When Katie Rogers returns to Dundee Idaho it’s not because she wants to It’s because she’s disillusioned broke—and pregnant She was going to make something of her life in the big city Instead When Katie Rogers Efuse to take her in she doesn’t have anywhere else to go and Booker soon finds himself with a roommate one who needs a father for her babyKatie’s vowed she’ll never trust the wrong man again But sometimes a man isn’t everything he seems And sometimes he’s Originally published in under the title A Family of Her Ow. I really enjoyed this book The Dundee Idaho series is a great series supercharged with romance ok and a little less sexy scenes than my regular reads If you are looking for super descriptive scenes that start happening within the first 5 chapters you might be disappointed But if you are looking for romance you will love this seriesI really liked Booker and Katie separately and I loved them even as a couple Booker is a reformed bad boy who is a genuinely good guy with a heart of gold who is still in love with Katie after all those years Katie is a girl who made some wrong choices but has decided to put her pride aside and face what the conseuences of what she did Booker fought SO HARD to not have any feelings for Katie and to fight it but even from the start you could tellhe was a gonerI really did not like her parents in this bookat all Even passed the last page I still don't like them I have a bad experience growing up with the church and I really detested that they listened to the pastor and we're so gung ho on setting Katie in the right path and yada yada yada Ugh it actually made me angry But besides that I really enjoyed this bookI will definitely keep on reading this series to see what the future holds for everyone

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When Katie Rogers returns to of Her Epub #221 Dundee Idaho it’s not because she wants to It’s because she’s disillusioned broke and pregnant She A Family MOBI #8608 was going to make something of her life in the big city Instead she’s paying a high price for trusting the Family of Her eBook #10003 wrong manBooker Ro. Every time I read a Brenda Novak book I think it can't be better then the last one I read and does she prove me wrong Booker and Katie's story is full of high's and low's and you just want to tell them to be honest with themselves and each other It takes awhile but they get there I really loved this book

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A Family of Her OwnBinson is the man she didn’t trust the man she’d left behind in Dundeeand the first person she sees when she comes back But despite Booker’s notorious past he now has a successful business and a home of his ownHe’s also spent two years getting over Katie She’s the last person he wants to see But when her parents r. Not a bad read at all Only problem is this is part of an old series Harleuin at that Not easy to find