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SUMMARY Kristy and the Snobs 107 ß ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Kristy and the Snobs Author Ann M. Martin – Kristy's mom got married again last summer and now Kristy and her family in a new neighborhood The kids aren't very friendly In fact they're well snobs They criticize Kristy's clothes They make fun of Kristy's mom got Lothes They make fun of the Baby sitters Club And worst of all they laugh at Louie Kristy's pet collie who's Kristy and eBook #194 going blind Nobody does that and gets away wit. Kristy and the Snobs reveals Ann M Martin’s cynical view of her audience as being intolerant of ambiguity The initial characterisation of the Snobs was heavy handed as was their eventual complete redemption That said the book holds up fine on its own terms I suppose it is for children after all

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Kristy's mom got married again last summer and now Kristy and her family in a new neighborhood The kids aren't very friendly In fact they're well snobs They criticize Kristy's c. Once again Ann Martin has buried the lede in her choice of title for this book In Claudia and Mean Janine she told a story about two sisters dealing with their grandmother's stroke and recovery But the title refers only to what amounts to a B plot about Claudia's stubborn refusal to think outside her own experience and act like a nasty bitch to her sisterThis book is nearly identical if I'm being honest In it Kristy decides she hates her new rich neighborhood and everyone in it so she acts like a nasty bitch to some girls she decides are snobs without giving them a chance to be anything else The girls who really are snobs act very much like Janine did and get their revenge with the toolset they have In this case it is increasingly lame pranks that set Kristy fuming like ordering a pizza to the house she is babysitting in The whole drama is weak and it is clear at the outset that the whole point of the novel is to show that Kristy who totally started it and the girls can find common groundThe common ground comes from the actual plot of this book which is when Kristy's family dog gets really sick with some sort of brain issue and the whole family is dealing with the fallout of caring for a disabled pet and possibly losing him John Michael is that his name Kristy's little brother is taking it especially hardI don't know why Martin expects us to care about Kristy's stupid little problems what other type of problem has Kristy ever had when there is a touching and well formed story going on about a family dealing with the specter of loss In a lot of ways this book is the best that The Baby sitters Club has been so far But you can't have a Kristy book without Kristy being Kristy I would much rather have removed her from the euation entirely and just read and the Snobs a novel about tragedy love family and deathI remember when we lost our family dog She was a golden retriever named Brandy and she just got old On the night I came home from college for winter break she suddenly had a seizure We got her to the hospital and it turns out there was a brain tumor that a recent test hadn't detected There was nothing for it we had to put her down that nightWe all gathered in a room with her where she was laying on a metal table with her head resting in some sort of breathing cone When she heard our voices she got agitated and started to fret and struggle she was scared but didn't have a lot of energy to fight So we said our goodbyes and took my sister outside the room while they did it She really didn't need to see it happenFrom start to finish the whole experience couldn't have been than two hours It was a blessing really especially after reading this story about a dog's slow descent The Thomas' dog couldn't walk properly couldn't do stairs wasn't eating at least Brandy had a good last day doing what she likedLike John Michael this was hardest on my little sister She was older than he but at the time she essentially had a child's view of death and hadn't had any experiences that would help her process it But we were there and she got through itMaybe that's why this story resonated with me so much I even found it lovely when the snobs themselves dog owners showed up to support Kristy and her family It's written as a twist but you and I know they were fine people all alongI said that Ann Martin buried the lede but now I'm thinking that was a genius move Who wants to pick up a book about strokes or dogs dying But conceal these themes into books about lighter universal topics like sibling rivalry or Kristy being a bitch and you can get kids what they want while helping them engage with these mature topicsI can't wait for the next book Claudia and the New Girl where Claudia makes a new friend in the first 10 pages and spends the next 100 exploring Marxian dialectical materialismHomework Choose ONE of the following1 Snuggle with your dog or cat or someone else's dog or cat and tell it you appreciate it2 Be a bitch to someone you barely know and let me know how that works out for you #10 Logan Likes Mary Anne#12 Claudia and the New Girl

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Kristy and the SnobsH itKristy's fighting mad and she's not going to put up with it much longer If anybody can beat a Snob Attack it's the Baby sitters Club And that's just what they're going to do. 4 stars This one was so sad and I remember it upsetting me terribly as a child LOL I hated this one because of what happened to Louie but again grown up loved this one This series is just so delightful and even though this one made me sad even now it was still a fun read