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The Sword and the Dagger BattletechSphere Unfortunately no one will believe him Indeed they think he is uite mad Is Ardan crazy or is someone trying to kill Hanse Davion Pretty weak fiction flat characters full of plot holes but at least it's an introduction to the Battletech lore

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S of power Through a chance series of events he stumbles upon a plot of such magnitude that it threatens the balance of power of Inner Avoid this book because it might put you off Battletech novelsFirst off this is not the first book in the Battletech series That would be Decision At Thunder Rift a much much better book You can completely avoid this book and have a look at the plot summary on Sarna which will tell you every except not as an assault on the English languageSecondly this is a horribly written book It is unreadable Really bad It is so bad that this book needs to be avoided unless you want to want to decide that Battletech is childish gibberish The horrible writing wooden characters and atrocious plot holes are not excused by this being a uickly written 'foundation' story book Which it isn't Thirdly there are some horrible seuences which completely contradict the universe and don't make sense outside of it I'm having PTSD over the hero's swamp nightmares

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read The Sword and the Dagger Battletech doc  Paperback ↠ ardath mayhar ï ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Sword and the Dagger Battletech Author Ardath Mayhar – Ardan Sortek is the commander of Hanse Davion's personal guard Although a long time friend of Hanse'sArdan Sortek is the commander of Hanse Davion's personal guard Although a long time friend of Hanse's he has not yet learned the lesson At a glancePlot CharactersCharacter Development GripFeeling Original concepts SummaryVerdict Not an average A few words about the bookThis is the entry novel to the Battletech Universe For people who are not familiar with the universe it is the one that spawned the Mechwarrior board games and the better known computer games It is a universe that is ruled by a number of mainly rival families each one having armies mainly comprised by Battlemechs giant ard suits piloted by 1 or 2 persons called mechwarriors It is a history rich universe steeped in lore wars and political intrigue Players of the games take note that this is pre clan era No Jade Falcons etcPlot The premise was good The execution was abysmal Dont get me wrong If it was my 1st novel ever i would give it a 4 But it is my 200nth or something A doppleganger has switched positions with the true leader of the Federated Suns Hanse Davion and his loyal friend Ardan Sortek a Mechwarrior himself tries to unvover the conspiracy As a plot it is a good idea but it was very very poorly executed No intrigue at all no sufficient explanation of the process of creating the doppleganger no dialogue no day to day operations no depth at all CharactersCharacter Development We get introduced to characters with sooooo much potential Two unparalleled Mechwarriors the Prince of the Federated Suns Hanse Davion and his childhood friend Ardan Sortek a Mechwarrior veteran and leader We just get hints on their personalities Hanse seems a dynamic charismatic no nonsence leader who has to compromise and condone dirtier deeds for the grater good Ardan is thoughtful does not rush in and does not understand politics And that is all we get to know about their personalities Really And the secondary fill in characters are not developed whatsoeever We do not even know how they look Cursory descriptions non existent dialogue nothingGripFeeling 3 stars for the Gauntlet no spoilers here the FEW battle scenes and the last 2 chapters where the action picks up This book had good action but only in the beginning and the end I cought myself skipreading Never a good sign The end however is uite rewarding and promises many things for the future and i give you my word that the next novel is VERY rewardingOriginal concepts 3 stars for the Battlemech ideaconcept It is a 5 star idea that was 2 star developed This idea spawned a universe unparalleled in warstrategy and lore Even that however was soooo pooorly developed You get a variety of Battlemechs each holding and fulfilling a specialised role in the battlefield and we only get their names As i said above the battle scenes are rewarding but the battlescenes that show what a Mech can do vs a different type of Mech are fewmainly one SummaryVerdict Not an average It is a pity this is the entry novel to the Battletech universe since it might prevent readers of reading the next ones You have my word this is not the case The other novels are good to excellent in the constraints of the specific universe and of course i dont compare them with the great sci fi novels by Clarke Dietz etcA WORD OF ADVICE1 Read it to get a sense of what is coming Persevere and you will be rewarded by the next novels in the series And just wait till you reach the Stackpole written novels Then you will be completely satisfied2 Enter the universe by reading it using the correct timeline3 For gamers i am sure you know it but there are 2 upcoming games in the Battletech Universe One a simulator like the old games and one with tactical combat From what i see so far they are both worth checking out