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Download Doc Ò Angéliue et le Nouveau Monde ☆ 563 pages · Dogsalonbristol å ✶ Angéliue et le Nouveau Monde Epub ✹ Author Anne Golon – When she landed on the virgin shores of America Angeliue was unaware of the rich abundance of pleasures anCourtesan who has broken the heart of every nobleman in France was uickly transformed into the most daring and south after pioneer woman in the wildernes My first in a history romance series I LOVED all of them and was sad when Serge died The last book by Anne clearly showed what Serge added

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When she landed on the virgin shores of America Angeliue was unaware of the rich abundance of pleasures and perils that lay ahead Sacredly recovered from I picked up this book on the advice of a friend who remembered this series fondly from her youth I had never heard of Angeliue and was at a loss where to start Since these out of print volumes are rare and expensive I found one I could afford but it had little explanation of its contents Expecting to be plunged into 17th century France instead I picked up the tale later in the series By then she had arrived in America reunited with her husband after 15 years of trials and tribulations which I unfortunately missed I was hoping for The Three Musketeers; instead I found Natty BumppoUndeterred I plunged forward Sergeanne Golon's style is relaxing and fun to read and I can see why a young adult would love her characters Angeliue is pure beautiful intelligent resourceful a great shoteverything a young girl would want to be Her husband is the same but so apparently Although I was hampered by coming along too late the author did a good job of referring to the past without beating me over the head with it I understood her loving but shaky relationship with her husband damaged by past indiscretions I assume and broken trust on both sides The current volume depicts their interactions with various tribes of Indians while Joffrey attempts to establish a foothold in the New World where he seeks to make his fortune mining for gold His Protestant following form a considerable threat to the resident Jesuits who seek their destruction Angeliue apparently true to form naturally dazzles the natives with her skill and intuition developing a reputation of a somewhat supernatural being This saves her little company on than one occasion since the Indians seem reluctant to challenge her The Jesuits on the other hand see her as a witch and this sets us up for future storiesThe book moved along very well and we see Joffrey's volunteers band together to survive their first winter in this hostile environment It was all well conceived though not one of them died which is a little surprising Nonetheless I thought the story lost direction in the last third of the book as though the author didn't know where to go with it Although I enjoyed reading the book I finished the volume with relief I would probably go back to some previous adventure but I have no desire to go forward

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Angéliue et le Nouveau MondeA joyous reunion with a long lost husband she became a pawn in the bloody struggle between virile settlers and hungry eyed savages The dazzling elegant I read all the Angeliue books years ago and always remembered them And that is something to a person who reads at least a book or a day When I have the time This book is full of adventure It is the 7th book in a group of excellent books about Angeliue's adventures They are all stand alone books but they will entice you into wanting to read all of them I went to the 'Open Library's' books to read some of her books that I wanted to reread that is the only source of older free books I could findThis book is about the new world Angeliue is reunited with her 2 oldest sons and her first love her husband who was presumed dead It involves Indians and French Canadian Soldiers under command of the King of France and Huganots who had befriended Angeliue in France I highly recommend this book to everyone wanting an adventure