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Free read å Better Off Flipping the Switch on Technology PS Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❮PDF❯ ✯ Better Off Flipping the Switch on Technology PS ⚣ Author Eric Brende – What happens when a graduate oDemonstrating how a world free of technological excess can Off Flipping the Switch on Epubshrink stress and waistlines and expand happiness health and leisure Our notion that technophobes are backward gets turned on its head as the Brendes realize that the crucial technological decisions of their adopted Minimite community are made soberly and deliberately than in the surrounding culture and the result is greater not lesser mastery over the conditions of human existen. Man this guy is an insufferable prick That would be my first impression of this book The second would be that it is false advertising Just from the cover blurbs and the description on the back I was expecting some kind of scientific study that showed how to live on zero net watts meaning they used some kind of alternative energy source to offset electricity use or something As a scientist this kind of thing would have interested me However this is not what the book was about And in fact I don't think he even mentioned the word watt anywhere in the text And to be completely fair he didn't truly have zero net wattage because he cheated occasionally and drove a car Before I let the ranting get away from me here is what the book actually WAS about one half was a story on how this guy and his wife on her later lived with an Amish sub sect as an experiment for 18 months which actually contained interesting tidbits on how they managed daily tasks and earned a living by being farmers and not using any electricity or fuel driven motors except of course the car This half of the book is what earned it its two stars The other half was fruity obnoxious philosophizing about Amish culture and religion NOT what I had signed on for This is an actual line from the book From the ruptured chrysalis of our former habits a new butterfly was emerging This nearly made me barf in public True the author was a graduate student of technological philosophy and not an English student so he probably did not know any better than to use such nauseatingly cliched metaphors Anyway I accept that it was necessary to discuss how vital the Amish work ethic and community are to an endeavor such as this; in fact it would be nearly impossible to live such a lifestyle without many like minded neighbors However this probably could have been discussed in A chapter not half of them What on Earth made him think it would be a good idea to devote an entire chapter to a 35 hour long church service that was so boring in real life that it put all its attendees to sleep Also irritating is the author's personality He is full of himself I especially love when he attends a conference on Amish issues raises his hand to contradict the speakers that Amish communities actually ARE feminist because they hold so many womanly values peace uiet etc and then proceeds to leave his own wife almost completely out of the story When he does mention her it's in an almost insulting manner or to insert some ridiculously coy and poetic passage about them performing their matrimonial duties Dude you guys were having sex You don't need to beat around the bush with mystical descriptions of a pumpkin patch at night We get itIn summary You may want to read this for the interesting ideas on how to live simply but I give you full permission to skip the philosophical chapters And you probably don't want to read this for a book club focusing on women's issues unless you're in the mood for a good man bashing

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What happens when a graduate of MIT Flipping the Kindle #209 the bastion of technological advancement and his bride move to a community so primitive in its technology that even Amish groups consider it antiuatedEric Brende conceives a real life experiment to see if in fact all our cell phones wide screen TVs and SUVs have Better Off MOBI #8608 made life easier and better or whether life would be preferable without them By turns the uery narrows down to a single uestio. While it had an interesting premise it didn't come close to living up to my expectations A naive city boy decides to go off the grid for a year but rather than try it on his own a la Helen and Scott Nearing he throws in the kitsch of moving into a community of religious folks akin to the Amish or Mennonites He drags along some chick he knows and marries for whatever reason and spends 200 pages poorly documenting their experience The style was bland and tedious though the story could have should have been intriguing I read the whole thing but only because it was short and with simple enough prose that it took almost no time I recommend The Good Life Helen Scott Nearing or Animal Vegetable Miracle Kingsolver it its place

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Better Off Flipping the Switch on Technology PSN What is the least we need to achieve the most With this in mind the Brendes ditch their car electric stove refrigerator running water and everything else motorized or hooked Off Flipping the Kindle #180 to the grid and begin an eighteen month trial run one that dramatically changes the way they live and proves entertaining and surprising to readersBetter OFF is a smart often comedic and always riveting book that also mingles scientific analysis with the human story. This book fails on almost every level possible Author Eric Brende's poorly executed experiment in simple living results in a boring oft insulting and almost non informative record about his time in an anabaptist communityI wanted to like this book The premise seemed simple and charming take a person out of the typical 20th century American lifestyle and test their ability to live and work in a uasi Amish community But Mr Brende manages to dodge every opportunity to provide actual insight into that lifestyle instead ruminating on everyday occurrences like sunsets and crickets in a manner that seems to assume the reader has never in their life been outsideAlmost never does he provide any interesting detail about even the simplest aspects of Amish life Instead he manages to take nearly every experience and encounter and turn it into a larger than life lesson about how things should be usually relying on weakly related uotes by other talented writers or outright assumptions he presents as gospel The result left me with the impression that he was a deluded lazy ignorant asshole who was concerned with delusions of being treated differently because of his religion rather than that he was a presumptuous outsider with almost no dedication to mastering the local lifestyle But then again who doesn't love a pompous grad student showing up and having to constantly lean on their neighbors' generosity and expertise rather than making the effort to become at all adept at the kind of skills one needs to subsistPerhaps the most despicable facet of his writing is his near total omission to the point of disdain of details regarding his wife's experience as a woman in such a segregated community Brende offers a few pathetic foundationless arguments for how egalitarian the community is conveniently forgetting or brushing aside paltry issues like the complete lack of political or religious power afforded to female community members His wife is given little space in his thoughts and writing than the horse he eventually buysSo if you want to learn about life among American anabaptists look somewhere else If you want several hundred pages of introspective self congratulatory blather about a hypocritical boring non experiment in technological simplification this is the book for you