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An Honorable Defeat The Last Days of the Confederate Government kindle Ò Paperback Æ william c. davis Æ ➽ [Download] ✤ An Honorable Defeat The Last Days of the Confederate Government By William C. Davis ➲ – In February 1Autocratic president of the Confederate States who vowed never to surrender whatever the cost and the practical and warm General John C Breckinridge Secretary of War who hoped pragmatism would save the shattered remnants of the land he loved so dearly Noted historian William C Honorable Defeat The Kindle #215 Davis traces the astounding flight of these men and the entire Confederate cabinet from Richmond William Davis wrote one of my favorite books 1998s THREE ROADS TO THE ALAMO which I highly recommend I have also read his 1995 A WAY THROUGH THE WILDERNESS the Natchez trace and the civilization of the southern frontier which I recall being a bore and an unfortunately forgettable read So here for a long while sat on my book shelf this book about the end of the confederate government Which I found fits somewhere between these other two volumes The book’s first half is well done interesting and educational and the second half slow and mostly difficult to get through The thrust of AN HONORABLE DEFEAT was the personality and policy differences between Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederate government and his last Secretary of War John C Breckinridge As the world is crumbling around them and Richmond surrounded and Lee about to surrender Davis and Breckinridge prepare to escape Richmond and argue how the war should end or if it should end at all Davis comes off as a ridged and unpopular President who can’t come to terms with defeat and tries over and over again to keep Generals from surrendering and encourages a guerrilla insurgency Breckinridge who had been the Vice President of the United States just before Lincoln’s election Breckinridge ran against Lincoln and carried the south in 1860 is the “hero” of Davis’s book Breckinridge was never a big advocate for succession and now does not want the war to end in a farce adding death and destruction to his beloved South The real hero in all this is Lincoln Grant and Sherman who were willing to negotiate very “honorable” terms and only hoped the leaders of the Confederacy would just escape and leave the country Lincoln of course was assassinated just before this all came to an end So the first part of the book is about these two men Davis and Breckinridge and their fight over how to proceed This is all very interesting and well done As they escape they take the treasury and slowly the book turns into an escape adventure story This could have been entertaining but the level of detail just undermines the momentum of the narrative We learn almost where they slept each night on the journey how much money was secured distributed and perhaps most interesting was that the disbanded and deserting Confederate soldiers became the biggest threat to Davis and Breckinridge Soon Davis is caught wearing a woman’s overcoat and shawl pretending to sneak off to get water For years the rumor and facts of his trying to escape in woman’s clothing would haunt Davis and his reputation As Davis is captured we follow Breckinridge as he escapes to Cuba England and eventually returns to his home in Kentucky But when Davis and Breckinridge are no longer in conflict a lot of the story losses its steam This is not the fault so much of the author but of how history played out the story he set out to tell So there you have it a good and educational book that might be 50 to 100 pages to long Yet if you know nothing of the Confederate Government and its fall you will find plenty of interesting information here One other point I would make is that I had just read OUR MAN IN CHARLESTON just before reading this book That book was all about the Souths love of slavery and how those who pushed for succession were never going to give up the wealth of their slaves and even wanted to re institute the slave trade In HONORABLE DEFEAT there is very little about slavery except that the idea of having slaves fight in the southern army in exchange for their emancipation Not till the end do we learn of a slave that traveled with Breckinridge he had been loaned to him by a friend and nowhere do we learn how Davis viewed slavery or if he owned any I think this is a serious oversight in this otherwise interesting book

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Using original research he narrates the futile uarrels of Davis and Breckinridge as they try to evade Northern pursuers and describes their eventual and separate captures The result is a rich canvas of a time of despair and defeat a Honorable Defeat The Last Days Epubcharged tale full of physical adventure and political battle that sweeps from the marble halls of Richmond to a dingy room in a Havana hote A solid book that covers the last months of the Confederate government and how it met it's rather non glorious end Beginning at the start of 1865 when Grant's Union army is slowly surrounding Lee's army at Petersburg it covers the governments final attempts to help the situation When Lee abandons Richmond in April the government flees to the south in an attempt to keep the rebellion alive Wagons of gold and records are taken through the Carolinas while chased by Union Cavalry Over time government officials leave and the government officially surrenders than a month after Lee surrendered at AppomattoxI enjoyed this book because it was easy to read and covers a topic that is not freuently covered in other history books For example most people kind of assume that once Lee surrendered the war ended and Reconstruction began This book covers the gap between the two

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An Honorable Defeat The Last Days of the Confederate GovernmentIn February the end was Defeat The Kindle #208 clearly in sight for the Confederate government An Honorable Defeat is the story of the four months that saw the surrender of the South and the assassination of Lincoln by Southern partisans It is also the story of two men antagonists yet political partners who struggled to achieve An Honorable PDF their own differing visions for the South Jefferson Davis the William C Davis gives us a wonderful look at the Confederate government during its last days in Richmond and on to the final escape of two of its top officals to England while the President was chained in prison We get a view of Davis as he moved to carry on the war by whatever means never accepting that the cause was lost We also see Sec of War Breckinridge trying to stop Davis' madness and checking the President's plans at every turn I doubt Davis could have carried on the war even without Breckinridge's efforts but the man from Kentucky has to be given credit for looking to the South's future and the Confederacy's legacy at a time when the end could have well been the farce he fearedTwo of the interesting parts of the book show both Breckinridge's skill and his and the rest of these historical figures human nature In the first instance it is amazing just how close Breckinridge came in dealing with Sherman to gaining for the South a peace that no one could have ever thought possible The Sec of War almost got the South back in the Union with no sanction except the loss of slavery Davis himself seemed shocked at the terms Breckinridge and Sherman worked out The other story from this book that sticks in one's mind is the sight of the President Sec of War Postmaster General and other top Confederate officals down in the dirt playing marbles These men were indeed humanFinally I rather liked the stories of the escape paths taken by Benjaman and Breckinridge While it added little to the point of the book except to show Breckinridge's strong desire to get to England and settle as many of the Confederacy's debts as possible in an honorable manner it was still a study in enduranceBravo Mr Davis This book is well worth all five stars I gave it