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The Romanovs The Final Chapter kindle ´ eBook 9780345406408 Free ó ➮ The Romanovs The Final Chapter Read ➶ Author Robert K. Massie – In July 1991 nine skeletons were exhumed from a shallow mass grave near Ekaterinburg Siberia a few miles from the infamous cellar room where Massie presents a colorful panorama of contemporary characters illuminating the major scientific dispute between Russian experts and a team of Americans whose findings along with those of DNA scientists from Russia America and Great Britain all contributed to solving one of the great mysteries of the twentieth centur I found myself disappointed in this book; I probably would've been better off to have read Nicholas Alexandra first I appreciated the amount of time put into the detail of the forensic research What I didn't like was the amount of time given to the imposters particularly after it was revealed that they couldn't be who they said they were

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O younger Romanovs supposedly murdered with the rest of the family? Was Anna Anderson celebrated for than sixty years in newspapers books and film really Grand Duchess Anastasia? The Romanovs provides the answers describing in suspenseful detail the dramatic efforts to discover the truth Pulitzer Prize winner Robert K I read The Romanovs as part of my WW1 project I will say that I am normally a huge fan of Robert K Massie’s books having read the extraordinary biographies ‘Peter the Great’ and ‘Nicholas and Alexandra’In this book Massie some twenty years after Nicholas and Alexandra was written seeks to revise the last chapter of NA as new information came to light as part of Glasnost Massie corrects the record on how the Romanovs were killed and how their bodies were disposed of in that summer of 1918 some fifteen months after they were first imprisoned The book goes on further to discuss the endless Soviet investigations and refutes all the conspiracy theories around the executions and discredits all the imposters of the 20th century who claim they were a surviving RomanovThis book reads a little like Bugliosi’s ‘Assassination of President John F Kennedy’ The writing is excellent but in both books the assassination conspiracies are disproven and you come away knowing just a little about what happened but not enough to alter your perception of historyI felt the discussion around Lenin’s involvement in the assassination was interesting as well as the early section of the book which highlighted the search for the impromptu burial site near Yekaterinburg Siberia The family and a few loyal servants were executed in the basement of the Ipatiev House and uickly transported to a predetermined pit in the forest but the transport truck got bogged down in the mud making a mockery of the local Bolsheviks plan to properly dispose of the bodies It was partly a rush job because the Czech brigade and the Whites were uickly approaching the town As the opponents to the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War the Whites were expected to liberate the Royal Family and did in fact arrive at the house just a few days after the executions 35 Stars Probably 4 stars for those who do not already have an understanding of the Romanov’s final days

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The Romanovs The Final ChapterIn July 1991 nine skeletons were exhumed from a shallow mass grave near Ekaterinburg Siberia a few miles from the infamous cellar room where the last tsar and his family had been murdered seventy three years before But were these the bones of the Romanovs? And if these were their remains where were the bones of the tw I have sad news Anastasia is dead Long dead She died back in 1918 in a basement with her family I am now convinced of this Despite all the movies and claimants she did not survive and escape Meaning there is no hidden princess out there in the world No unassuming person about to be uncovered and lavished with luxuries Even crushing the probability that I am in fact a hidden princess is greatly diminished My ten year old self is devastated In fifth grade we had to script and act out an interview with a historical figure I chose of course to be Anastasia And lucky for you I found that script hidden away in a closet While you read this excerpt from my make believe talk show called “Talk It Out” you have to picture me sitting in front of the class dressed in my costume a frilly pastel nightgown that my grandparents gave all us granddaughters for Christmas accented with some strands of fake pearls I kept my grammatical errors in tact for your further amusementHost While in a Germany nursing homeyou gave no identity and wouldn’t show your face Why?Anna Hmmm I think I was safe in Germany for nobody knew I Russian If I had given identity and shown my face They would have known I was Anastasia I was in the royal family of Russia There would have been media titles and would I get back to Russia when I was in their country their land and why go back to Russia for someone else was ruling it now And I would have the title “Woman from Russia Royal Family in Germany” and that is a degrace For I had no family They were dead Fast forwarding hereAnna First I was thought to be my sister Tatiana Then Anastasia Then they knew pause they knew I was AnastasiaHost Then they knew your secret?Anna Yes looks downReading this script makes me simultaneously cringe and smile The drama And now having read Massie’s book I realize my interview was written about Anna Anderson a pretender who Massie convincingly shows was not in fact Anastasia OppsI normally don’t do summaries but let me offer a few clarifications about the book’s contents so you won’t be caught off guard like I was It is not about how the Romanovs came to be murdered There is nothing about the Tsar’s political missteps or such 1 It starts out with a chilling and succinct description of the execution itself and moves forward 2 And a surprisingly large chunk of the book is devoted to the forensic science of the case analysis of the bones in fighting between experts DNA testing the ole match the skull to the picture game and so forth Massie held my hands through the technical issues here although I was confused by the names of the fifty million people involved 3 Then there are smaller sections about the Anastasia wannabes and the surviving family members 4 It concluded by recounting the Romanov’s last days before that fateful night they were murdered This set up felt odd while I was reading Yet by the end I could appreciate how he chose to structure the book starting with a bang delving into the science shifting direction to the living again and zooming back into the personal story for some last minute poignancy It was cleverly done Unless you are really interested in Russian history specifically the Anastasia myth andor forensic science this isn’t the book for you And to save you the hassle I will share three of the most interesting bits I took away1 Nightmare jobsI will never complain about my job again It could be so much worse One Russian soldier was ordered to retrieve the bodies from their first hideaway at night in the remote woods down an abandoned mine shaft that was flooded He just couldn’t catch a break I get goose bumps imagining him wading in that frigid water up to his chest while several bloated corpses floated around bumping into his arm Ahh Or there are also the college students charged with maceration meaning boiling the meat off human bones They literally watch body parts swim around in a vat of boiling water until the flesh falls off and the bone expert can start his analysis According to the expert Yes it's a very distasteful task but I can only recall one or two students who have been unable to handle it Yeah that would be me too2 Did Hollywood screw up?All the movies and books nowadays focus on Anastasia It is true that the remains of one sister were not found with the main cache of remains But experts disagree which sister is missing Most think it is Anastasia But some think it is for example Marie 3 More I was shocked to learn the intent to which the Romanovs were murdered during that tumultuous time in Russian history Beyond the Tsar’s immediate family which included Anastasia there were at least twelve other Romanovs killed in cold blood Let’s wrap up this review If you are still interested after my precautions about content by all means read it It is worth the effort I enjoyed Massie’s style and would be open to reading another of his books about Russia although preferably one with less science and history