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review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Stephen King Of Cavalier uitters Inc Previously unpublished I Know What You Need September issue of Cosmopolitan Children of the Corn March issue of Penthouse The Last Rung on the Ladder Previously unpublished The Man Who Loved Flowers August issue of Gallery One for the Road MarchApril issue of Maine The Woman in the Room Previously unpublished. Stephen King’s first anthology The general rating is an average result of each individual rating of the stories contained in the anthology JERUSALEM’S LOT Rating 3 stars This is a short story which serves as an introductory preuel if you later wanted to read Salem’s Lot novel Set in 1850 Charles Boones inherited the Chapelwaite manor which is feared by the people of Preacher’s Corners town and that has a dark connection with Jerusalem’s Lot a deserted village uite near of the manor When you started to hear something inside the wallsit’s the beginning of the end GRAVEYARD SHIFT Rating 4 stars During the holiday weekend of Fourth of July in a mill it’s offered to several employees to get an extra bonus for cleaning a very old basement that it hasn’t been cleaned for 12 yearsobviously there are rats but oddly there aren’t as much as you may expectwhere have gone the rest of them NIGHT SURF Rating 1 stars A bunch of awful teenagers go to the beach at night in the middle of an apocalyptical world where the most of population have died due a contagious decease I AM THE DOORWAY Rating 4 stars In a parallel reality where the NASA space program was able not only reaching the Moon but also Mars during a mission to Venus one of the astronauts suffered an accident losing the ability to walk but got in his hands a very twisted and dangerous ability instead THE MANGLER Rating 5 stars In an industrial laundry facility due an odd series of coincidences a speed ironer machine tasted bloodand it liked it THE BOOGEYMAN Rating 5 stars A man goes to the psychiatrist to talk out his strange and deadly past experiences that caused the death of all his childrenand never lose of sight the closet’s door GRAY MATTER Rating 2 stars A kid arrived to a bar and one of the customers offered to take him back to his appartment where his odd dad is wating BATTLEGROUND Rating 3 stars A profesional hitman suffered the revenge of a toyman whom he killed TRUCKS Rating 4 stars Madness is unleashed in a gas station when trucks and semi trailers got alive and started to kill any human around until a small bunch of survivors got trapped in the dinner part of the gas station facility SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK Rating 5 stars Two young brothers cross fates with a gang of punks and after one of the brothers died the other escapes Years later the surviving brother got married and became an English teacherhowever after Xmas break his students started to die while getting odd replacement students STRAWBERRY SPRING Rating 5 stars During a “strawberry spring” a kind of false mini season provoking fog at nights perfect ambiance for a serial killer’s murdering spree at New Sharon Collegethe Springheel Jack killer is looseSeveral students are murdered and panic is everywhere at the New Sharon CollegeEight years later the “strawberry spring” is back the fog is back andthe Sprinheel Jack killer is back THE LEDGE Rating 4 stars Something that you shouldn’t do is having an affair with the wife of a criminal lordand other thing that you shouldn’t try is playing odd bets THE LAWNMOWER MAN Rating 5 stars There is a successful lawnmowing company however none client has ever being able to see who s the owner of it one of the clients decided to take a peek and found out the mysterybut there are mystery beyond your wildest nightmares and they should remain unknown UITTERS INC Rating 5 stars Some people say that habits are nasty thingsbut sometimes uitting those habits can be even nastier thingsnot only for the addictbut hisher family too I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED Rating 3 stars In war and love everything goesbut there should be limits for some used stuff CHILDREN OF THE CORN Rating 5 stars Vicky and Burt are a troubling married couple doing a road trip through the heart of the United States hoping to save their fragile marriage However when they are traveling alongside of a massive cornfield they hit a boy with their car but when they checked the body they noticed that they boy had his throat already sliced and he was almost dead when hit They opted to take the kid’s body to the nearest town which the map says is Gatlin but when they arrived there it’s a ghost town and everything seemed to stop 12 years agohowever the town isn’t as deserted as it seemedand zealot kids isn’t the only thing that they should be afraid about THE LAST RUNG ON THE LADDER Rating 4 stars Heart breaking tale of two sibbings brother and sister and how their strong connection when they were kids was getting weaker and weaker meanwhile they got older and their paths took separate but kinda of similarly depressing fates THE MAN WHO LOVED FLOWERS Rating 4 stars Love is in the air but so is murder and the fateful date of a man with the woman who loves will turn into a tragedy ONE FOR THE ROAD Rating 3 stars This is a short story which serves as a seuel for the Salem’s Lot novelSet a couple of years later of the events of Salem’s Lot in a bar two men decided to venture into a deadly blizzard to try to save a family stranded just in the middle of the dreadful Jerusalem’s Lot village THE WOMAN IN THE ROOM Rating 3 stars Remorse and guilt overwhelm to a troubling man after deciding to end the suffering of his unhealthy mother

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Night Shift Download ¸ 104 Á [BOOKS] ✴ Night Shift ✻ Stephen King – These twenty stories of horror and nightmarish fantasy transform everyday situations into experiences of compelling terror in the worlds of the living the dying and the non livingJerusalem's Lot Previ These twenty stories of horror and nightmari These twenty stories of horror and nightmarish fantasy transform everyday situations into experiences of compelling terror in the worlds of the living the dying and the non livingJerusalem's Lot Previously unpublished Graveyard Shift October issue of Cavalier Night Surf Spring issue of Ubris I Am the Doorway March issue of Cavalier. What I learned from Night ShiftIt ain't easy to uit smokingThat I know what you needThat I am the doorwayThat he walks behind the rowsThat sometimes they come backIt ain't over in 'Salem's LotDon't drink bad beer Get off your ass and mow your own lawn goddammit

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Night ShiftThe Mangler Decemberissue of Cavalier The Boogeyman March issue of Cavalier Gray Matter October issue of Cavalier Battleground September issue of Cavalier Trucks June issue of Cavalier Sometimes They Come Back March issue of Cavalier Strawberry Spring Fall issue of Ubris The Ledge July issue of Penthouse The Lawnmower Man May issue. These are short stories though not truly novellas which actually serve as delectable intros to popular King mythologies for a staggering example see or better yet don't with the exception of Trucks aka Maximum Overdrive for B level entertainment and Children of the Corn with its uaint moments of childlike chills all the movies made from like eight of these tales Here King is at his most bizarre most morbid Most of his part time heroes just a few heroines end up dead or suffering the loss of a child wife mother Sometimes one story seems to bleed onto another one by motif corn rats snow death machines death duh The editing I must admit is masterful The most avant garde stories bookend it nicely; it even makes reference to 'Salem's Lot one book I must admit I still have to read and there are comical undertones some misogynist parts I love how un Stephen King this is for someone who's used to being satisfied with around 78% of his work