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When Memories Fade Victory Gospel Series #2 Doc Ó 286 pages Download Þ ❰Ebook❯ ➠ When Memories Fade Victory Gospel Series #2 Author Tyora Moody – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk How do I let go of my past to receive God’s future for me?Angel Roberts has embraced her new faith but past memorieHow do I let go of my past to receive God’s future for me?Angel Roberts has embraced her new faith but past memories remain fresh When her beloved grandmother suffers a stroke Angel sets out to investigate a mystery that has created family tensions and li I had the pleasure of reading the first book of the series ARC Advanced Readers Copy and once get to read the gallery proof of the Victory Gospel Series book 2 Tyora Moody carefully chooses her words that are well calculated and articulated to create a stunning suspense feel to it as soon as you read the first sentence opening chapter prologue Later Angel wants to connect the dots of her mother's Elisa death and finds her father Angelino in the process Meets a great guy Wes a reporter I wonder ifrooting for this couple The book takes you a lot further than just finding a missing person from twenty years ago then a new case of a missing person both soulful singers Is there a connection of missing persons?Darnell and Candace make a cameo appearance in the novel from book 1 New characters introduced Medical conditions and mental illnesses shared Adrienna TurnerAuthor of The Day Begins with ChristDream 4 More Reviewer wwwdream4org

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E story could push her to the edge Is his interest in her or the story?Angel must conuer her fears to find the truth Unknown to her someone close is working feverishly to stop Angel from unlocking the truth of what really happened to her mother Who will win I always hold my breath when I read the second novel from an author whose debut effort I enjoyed I find myself starting the book praying that it will be just as good as or better than the first one When Memories Fade passed that test with flying colorsThis is the second book in Tyora Moody’s Victory Gospel series and it held my attention just as well as the first one When Rain Falls did Whenever I read a whodunnit I do my best to figure out who the villain of the piece is and then why he or she committed the crime I thought I had it but Tyora threw me a curve that had me swinging and missing like a member of Charlie Brown’s baseball teamThis book got off to a running start and never slowed down Angel Roberts wants to solve the twenty year old mystery of her mother’s disappearance while investigative reporter Wes Cade is working a different case the recent disappearance of a local celebrity Each of them carries a similar burden solve a seemingly unsolvable case while dealing with elderly relatives with medical issues Once they realize their separate cases may have a common thread they work together This was a complex work yet easy to read Anyone who has ever had to help care for a sick parent or grandparent will be able to relate to Angel and Wes’ attempts to juggle work and family responsibility Through these characters we get to explore such meaningful topics as Alzheimer’s diseases strokes home health care and the ups and downs of the music industry from the inside the author does a good job of providing insights into each of these topics without short changing any of them I thoroughly enjoyed this novel especially since I was completely wrong about whodunnit and look forward to reading from this author

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When Memories Fade Victory Gospel Series #2Ngered since she was five years old What happened to her mother?She teams up with investigative reporter Wes Cade a man obsessed with his Alzheimer stricken grandfather’s remaining memories As Angel lets her guard down with Wes his determination to get th Never Would've GuessedAngel Roberts was raised by her grandparents The day of her fifth birthday party her mother mysteriously disappeared Twenty years later the case is still unsolved Angel wants answersWes Cade is an investigative reporter He's working on a missing person case when he comes in contact with Angel They decide to work together Will their collaboration get them the answers they need?I was pulled in from the beginning The new characters mesh well with previous characters There wasn't any overshadowing Tyora Moody is a great story teller You feel like you’re right there with them This is the second in the series Even though “When Memories Fade” can be read as a stand alone book I encourage reading in order I highly recommend This is a great mystery that keeps you guessingReviewed by Jas