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Download The Restaurant at the End of the World Mobi ´ 132 pages Ð Dogsalonbristol î [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Restaurant at the End of the World By Kenneth Womack – It is the morning of September 11th 2001 Michael Jordan's possible return to the NBA dominates Es and frustrations their hopes and dreams While a hostess finds herself in the midst of a desperate search for a The Restaurant PDF mysterious guest a banuet captain confronts his memories about a colleague who died in the World Trade Center bombing Meanwhile a waiter tries to divert himself from his lingering regrets about having left his wife in bed on what would have been his day off All the while the assistant general manager finds herself a Skyscrapers have always fascinated me and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to tour the World Trade Center in May of 2001 However I never made it to Windows on the World the restaurant situated on the top two floors of the North tower This book is a fictional account of the many people who were working in the restaurant on that tragic day of the attacks in September 2001 Each person gets a chapter in the book and as the story unfolds you realize how each employee was connected to one another and their situation and goals in life The concept of the book may sound a bit macabre but none of the story really involves the attack itself Rather you come top understand the personal element regarding just one portion of the great loss that occurred on that infamous day in New York City

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T the mercy of flood and fire not to mention a host of kitchen pranks and office high jinksAn extensively researched book based upon the actual people who worked at Windows on the World The Restaurant at the End of the World Restaurant at the Kindle #215 will Restaurant at the End of PDF appeal to anyone who has suffered the sudden throes of human tragedy the loss of a loved one who seemingly moments before was vividly living out their aspiration I received this book through a first read giveawayThis was a wonderful collection of vignettes inspired by the employees of Windows of the World who perished in 911 I especially appreciated the Epilogue in which he gives additional information on the characters he introduced Discovering that Christine the GM continued to lead and comfort all those trapped on top of the building was concurrently heart breaking and inspiringI would certainly recommend this to others

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The Restaurant at the End of the WorldIt is the morning of at the eBook #8608 September th Michael Jordan's possible return to the NBA dominates the news New York City's mayoral primary is in full swing and high atop the North Tower of the World Trade Center the staff of Windows on the World prepares for the chaos of their daily routine at the nation's most lucrative restaurantFrom cooks and housekeepers to food runners and managers they share a myriad of stories about their challeng Received the book for free through Goodreads First ReadsThe first thing that caught my eye was the cover uniue and simpleThe beginning of this book held so much promise I thought I was going to love this book but I didn't Each chapter is short and told by the POV of a worker in the Windows restaurant in one of the Twin Towers It's not in the typical format readers are use to but is read like a diary or a journal a person keeps through the book the POV of the person is mostly thinking and reminiscing What was good about this book is that it has a variety of different POVs from different religions ethnicity gender and social standing What was not that great is that there is no plotIf you enjoy books that are like journals in which you relive what that person is thinking and how their background affects themthan you will enjoy this book