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Midnight Secrets Read ñ 106 ¸ [Reading] ➵ Midnight Secrets ➼ Ella Grace – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk For fans of Cherry Adair and Karen Robards a thrilling new romantic suspense novel from Ella Grace AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT THE HEAT BEGINS On a hot southern night with a storm on the horizon a famil For fans of Cherry Adair and Karen RoFor fans of Cherry Adair and Karen Robards a thrilling new romantic suspense novel from Ella Grace AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT THE HEAT BEGINS On a hot southern night with a storm on the horizon a family is shattered Three beautiful daughters Savannah Samantha and Sabrina Wilde go on with their lives each significantly changed as they bear the memory of the murder suicide t. Full review posted 42913Christy Reece won adoration and praise with her Last Chance Rescue series and now writing as Ella Grace she lures and captures readers with the debut of her new “Wildefire” romantic suspense series focusing on triplets Savannah Samantha and Sabrina Wilde While the LCR series is plot driven with action packed darker storylines readers will find the Wildefire series is character driven emphasizing the relationships and romance with a blend of mystery and suspense The timeline spanning eighteen years provides a look at both the past and present It adds a depth to the storyline that often times goes undiscovered At the young age of ten the girls lose their parents in an apparent murdersuicide and are placed in their grandfather’s care At the time no one uestioned the ruling in the case Nothing is as it seems and what really happened that night was a double murder Eight years later Savannah and Zach meet on prom night A summertime romance leads to first love Promises are made but broken And then secrets keep them apart for years Forgiveness must come from both sides “Midnight Secrets” is a reunion and second chance at love story It reunites Savannah with her high school crush and the man who later broke her heart Zach Tanner and takes place in their small southern hometown of Midnight Alabama After ten years away Savannah returns home when forced to take a leave from her job as a prosecuting attorney in Nashville The family home has remained empty since her grandfather’s death It’s time to clean house so to speak and put it on the market for sale When Savannah finds evidence among her grandfather’s things indicating he never believed that his son was responsible for killing his wife and then himself she calls upon the now Chief of Police in Midnight Zach Tanner to help her further investigate the deaths of Maggie and Beckett Wilde The romance between Savannah and Zach is an emotional one Even though first love went astray the fire has continued to simmer through the years Although they are struggling with some heavy issues between them the chemistry is still explosive and bubbling to the surface The second time around will be filled with sensuality and passion Count on a great romance between these two The book is overflowing with an introduction to an eclectic and broad range of new and captivating characters You’ll meet all three triplets who share almost identical physical features but instantly notice the uniue ualities in each of their personalities Zach Turner will definitely draw your attention with his gorgeous good looks But it’s his personality of gentle devotion and hard working attitude that shines through Aunt Gibby will tickle your funny bone with her matchmaking and so called cooking skills At first glance Midnight appears to be uiet and friendly with the familiar small town atmosphere and politics where everyone knows everyone But things aren’t always as they seem Among the good folk of Midnight walk adulterers liars and murderers Throughout the investigation a variety of long ago buried secrets surface creating danger for Savannah when she becomes the target of a killer The pages are filled with intrigue and buried secrets This book delivers a well hidden crime and it’s not until near the end when the real murderer is revealed This is pure delight for any romantic suspense lover who enjoys the hunt in a nail biting case to solve Whether or not you find yourself in the company of an LCR operative fighting international crimes or involved with a family searching for justice in a small southern town the true talents of this author writing as either Christy Reece or Ella Grace continue to shine through There’s real magic in her books and I’m irrevocably hooked If you’re looking for something new and refreshing to read that combines steamy romance with great suspense you’ve found it Ella Grace has written an emotional and riveting story and it’s a terrific read from start to finish “Midnight Secrets” is sure to fulfill even the most demanding romantic suspense reader’s criteria “Midnight Lies” is the second book in the series and will be released on September 24 2013 featuring Samantha Wilde and uinn Braddock followed by Sabrina’s story in “Midnight Shadows”

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Hat killed their parents For years they have stayed away from Midnight Alabama Until Midnight calls them home Savannah is the first one back when a grueling case in Nashville leads the young prosecutor to seek shelter in the uiet of the once grand Wilde mansion But when she finds letters casting doubt on her family’s dark shameful past she realizes that peace in Midnigh. SavannahZackI was a huge fan of Christy Reece’s Last Chance series so when I saw that she had plans on releasing a new Romantic Suspense series under the pen name of Ella Grace I’ll admit to doing a little happy danceThe woman can write the hell out of Romantic Suspense Midnight Secrets starts off with the mysterious murder of Maggie and Beckett Wilde that is assumed a murder suicide leaving their triplet daughters to pick up the pieces of what once was a happy familyThe first half of the book was a bit slow There is a significant amount of background that is given and a good chunk of it is retelling the relationship that took place between Savannah and Zack Tanner the town’s “bad boy” Ten years ago Savannah the studious and shy one of the 3 sisters and Zack had a sweet youthful romanceWith thoughts of forever Savannah is getting reading to begin college while Zack is going into the army Savannah now a successful ADA is living in Nashville and Zack Tanner is simply a painful memory for herWhen a a grueling case forces her to seek shelter in her old home in Midnight Alabama she is forced to finally face her first love who is now the town’s Police Chief There is a lot of mystery from both sides as to what really caused the demise of their relationship and a good deal of the book is spent on finding out what happened between them But like 2 moths to a burning flame the attraction and feelings still left between them is undeniable and draws them together once The story really takes off after the 50% mark Savannah stumbles on evidence that bring to uestion the gruesome event that took place 18 years ago with her parents and she is determined to find out what really happenedIt is very rare that a story keeps me in such suspense I truly don’t know up from down There were so many twists and revelations that just kept on coming and coming I was truly floored when the villain’s identity was finally revealed at the endWhat I really enjoyed is that the romance between the hero and the heroine was wonderfully interwoven into the story It never seemed out of place or took a back seat to the mystery It was also steamy as hellThe murder mystery is resolved at the end of the book along with a HEA and a very satisfying Epilogue It looks as if each book in the series will focus on a different mystery After having read too many books that have a story stretching over several books I was so happy to find out that this was not the case here ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Midnight SecretsT is a shallow façade and sinister secrets lurk beneath the surface Zach Tanner once the town’s bad boy is now the new police chief and still has a wild hold over her Zach can feel it too but he hurt Savannah once As teenagers they broke every rule together Now it’s his job to keep her safe even though he isn’t sure who her enemies are or which ones might be his ow. A lite romance suspense with many good pages of sexy fun moments but sadly with a predictable and over the top ending I didn't love it didn't hate it Zach and Savannah were first loves broken apart when Zach left for the military Ten years later both of them find themselves back in the small town of Midnight and with a lot of hurt feelings to overcome There are also a few mysteries a foot including the possible murders of Savannah's parents 20 years agoThe romance between Zach and Savannah was fun and hot and I always love a story where unreuited lovers overcome their obstacles Zach never stopped loving her or feeling guilty about the way he left without ever saying goodbye I loved his passion for her but it got a bit clingy and possessive at times Still these two together felt right and boy could they burn up the sheets and stairsThe mystery was not a favorite part of this book for me I had trouble caring about it as anything other than fodder to keep the hero and heroine together I felt it became obvious fairly early who was a main culprit so the red hearings didn't through me much But the ending of the mystery Sorry but it was pure eye rolling info dumping confession purging craziness Compared to Christy Reece's Last Chance series a series I absolutely loved and who is Ella Grace's alter ego this series is simple down to earth relationship focused without all of the superhero spies worldwide terrorist organizations and bullets flying I liked the small town feel and a simple mystery to solve for the most part but I don't know if this series is going to cut it for me I may try another but if it ends with the massive info dump A style confession just to help us discover the bad guy I will be done Review also posted at Booklikescom