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FREE READ ß Utas és holdvilág è [KINDLE] ✽ Utas és holdvilág By Antal Szerb – A major classic of 1930s literature Antal Szerb's Journey by Moonlight Utas és Holdvilág is the fantastically moving and darkly funny story of a bourgeois businessman torn between duty and desire'On A major classic of s literature Ind Tamas brash and wicked Janos and the sexless yet unforgettable Eva Journeying from Venice to Ravenna Florence Utas és PDF or and Rome Mihály loses himself in Venetian back alleys and in the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside driven by an irresistible desire to resurrect his lost youth among Hungary's Bright Young Things and knowing that he must soon decide whether to return to the ambiguous promise of a placid adult life or allow himself to be seduced into a life of s. The odds that I will finish this book are according to most statisticians negligible so I should just dispense with the charade and chuck this bitch on the discard pile It's currently on the far side of my bedside table where it continues to collect a thin layer of what I would call picturesue dust I look at it before I go to sleep every night but only out of the corner of my eyes because it silently accuses me of failure and as the days go by its silence grows louder and louder and prosecutorial I really should stop thinking of book finishing as a moral issue This isn't an abandoned lover or friend or a shirked duty I owe absolutely nothing to Antal Szerb or to his book Journey by Moonlight which so far as I can remember appears to be about ennui of the distinctly midcentury European variety Those of you who've endured Antonioni's Italian travelogue L'Avventura know exactly what I'm talking about here Those of you who haven't well picture some inscrutable Hungarian dude going on a honeymoon in Italy and then accidentally intentionally taking the wrong train and abandoning his wife I say 'abandoning' because when he realizes his 'mistake' he doesn't attempt to meet up with her again He's a pretty flat and boring guy and we have no real sense of why he's doing what he's doing Just blame it on good old fashioned bourgeois indolence I suppose But why do novels and movies about indolence have to be so indolent themselves Anyway I feel extra guilty for giving this book heave ho because Antal Szerb is a Jew who died in a concentration camp I realize this fate has nothing whatsoever to do with his abilities as a writer of fiction but books by Jews who die in concentration camps should be good books or better than this book This is exactly the kind of decadent art that had Hitler cowering behind his landscape paintings and his collection of Greek nudes Is it just me or are the modernists looking worn to the nubbin as time goes on All these people in chinos and espadrilles wandering purposelessly across pastoral landscapes bothered by some vague indefinable something which is all very fine and good if the book gives me an entryway into the individual's crisis for lack of a better word and not a droning nothingness But don't take my word for it I'm a uitter Maybe this book kicks into gear somewhere beyond the one third marker which is where my drug store receipt bookmark is and will remain I consider myself duped by this looker of a book cover Look at that photograph of the horse on the bridge in Venice It suggests a certain greatness to simple minds In other words marketing is the last great art

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Candalous adventure Journey by Moonlight Utas és Holdvilág is an undoubted masterpiece of Modernist literature a darkly comic novel cut through by sex and death which traces the effects of a socially and sexually claustrophobic world on the life of one manTranslated from the Hungarian by the renowned and award winning Len Rix Antal Szerb's Journey by Moonlight first published as Utas és Holdvilág in Hungary in is the consummate European novel of the inter war period. To step off The train The bus The world The marriage Surely you've thought of itThis is Europe before World War II But that's not essential to the story Mussolini is mentioned but he has no moment It is not that kind of allegoryIt is Mihály who steps off stepping off the train during his honeymoon in Italy He leaves his new bride Erzsi on the train It seems an accident when Mihály steps off but it is no accident There was a group of friends in Mihály's impressionable years Of his friends and they all play a part in the story it is Éva he is chasing But to keep the story going he does not know thatChasing Éva Chasing Amy Silent Bob So there's me and Amy and we're all inseparable right Just big time in love And then four months down the road the idiot gear kicks in and I ask about the ex boyfriend Which as we all know is a really dumb move But you know how it is you don't wanna know but you just have to right Stupid guy bullshit So anyway she starts telling me about him how they fell in love and how they went out for a couple of years and how they lived together her mother likes me better blah blah blah blah blah and I'm okay But then she drops the bomb on me and the bomb is this it seems that a couple of times while they were going out he brought some people to bed with them Ménage à trois I believe it's called Now this just blows my mind right I mean I am not used to this sort of thing I mean I was raised Catholic for God's sakeJay Saint ShitheadSilent Bob So I'm totally weirded out by this right And then I just start blasting her Like I don't know how to deal with what I'm feeling so I figure the best way is by calling her a slut right And tell her she was used I'm I'm out for blood I really wanna hurt this girl I'm like What the fuck is your problem right And she's just all calmly trying to tell me like it was that time and it was that place and she doesn't think she should apologize because she doesn't feel that she's done anything wrong I'm like Oh really That's when I look her straight in the eye I tell her it's over I walkJay Fuckin' ASilent Bob No idiot It was a mistake I didn't hate her I wasn't disgusted with her I was afraid At that moment I felt small like like I'd lacked experience like I'd never be on her level like I'd never be enough for her or something like that you know what I'm saying But what I did not get she didn't care She wasn't looking for that guy any She was she was looking for me for the Bob But uh by the time I figure this all out it was too late man She moved on and all I had to show for it was some foolish pride which then gave way to regret She was the girl I know that now But I pushed her away So I've spent every day since then chasing Amy so to speak I dropped in Silent Bob not to be glib or in any way a dimunition of this book It just came up maybe obviously I didn't see the differenceApparently in pre WWII Italy suicide was something of a sport People step off a lot in this bookI have not stepped off If I have regrets it is not stepping onI would be remiss in not mentioning that Szerb does a very nice job of channeling different nationalities None better than when he introduces us to Millicent the American student Skewers us he does


Utas és holdvilágA major classic of s literature Antal Szerb's Journey by Moonlight Utas és Holdvilág is the fantastically moving and darkly funny story of a bourgeois businessman torn between duty and desire'On the train everything seemed fine The trouble began in Venice 'Mihály has dreamt of Italy all his life When he finally travels there on his honeymoon with wife Erszi he soon abandon her in order to find himself haunted by old friends from his turbulent teenage days beautiful k. Antal Szerb manages with his novel “Yolcu ve Ayisigi” to set a deep regressive element the unfulfilled dreams of youth which shape the life of every adult in some way This psychological novel captivates with its diversity In beautiful sentences Antal Szerb illustrates the Tuscan Villages and the Umbrain villages He writes wonderfully calm poetic and full of symbolism and each sentence is a pleasure to read The book describes the process of self discovery because each of the described characters is searching for the meaning of his life With a clear understandable and perfectly fitting language the author manages to get the readers full concentration