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E doesn’t learn about his pack or their society He hadn’t counted on a blazing attraction at first sight though His wolf knows Amber is his mate and he’ll do anything to keep her safe and happy But how can he reveal everything he is and everything he’s been keeping from her without losing her foreverCONTENT WARNING This book contains explicit sexA Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance. I agree with another reviewer who said this is one of the stronger stories in the series Both are strong people in different ways but they complimented each other I loved loved how she didn't back down one bit from his bitchy sister A few scenes you had to suspend belief but hey it's a shifter story right Some very sigh worthy dialog on the hero's part bumped this up to a near 4 for me

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Covert Desires Alpine Woods Shifters #5Will desire be enough Alpine Woods MOBI #237 once all their secrets are revealedStill recovering from a traumatic assignment Amber is wary of the man who shows up at her door with a plate of cookies and a welcoming smile Instinct Covert Desires Kindle warns her he’s not all he seems Then again neither is she Since she was sent to root out the secrets of the town and its people she mi. In this the 5th of the Alpine Woods Shifters series FBI agent Amber goes undercover to discover the source of an unexplained series of mob uprisings This is Amber's first assignment since her botched previous assignment and she's ready to prove herself to her superiorsDanny Callahan a member of the ruling Alpine Woods pack is assigned to keep an eye on Amber and make sure she doesn't uncover the existence of shapeshifters His 'welcoming committee of one' approach seems just the right amount of uirky and friendly if Amber can get past his bad baking skills and let him be her guide while she's there This is the first book I've read by this author and of this series I love a great alpha male shapeshifter read and this premise was intriguing I couldn't wait to get into itThe first half of the book was very slow When I was ready to write this one off I first glanced at other reviews which did make note of the slow start so I decided to continue It did pick up and actually started to be pretty engaging so my expectation level got back on boardThe final result I felt like this pair were in high school experiencing their first love I wouldn't have been surprised if I would have read that one of them started to pass secret notes to the other I kept waiting for Danny to bring Amber a bouuet of flowers and get a kiss on the cheek with him breaking out in a blush SeriouslyMy thoughts Danny was depicted as the uiet one who kept his wolf under control at all times He meets a potential mate who he doesn't realize is mate material at the time and courts her No animal attraction no overpowering urges no urge to claim poof A gradual romance results as these two get closer and closer yet no intense urges for him to mate are apparent And his weird hyper sense of smell doesn't seem to be very reliable either He can smell the lingering smell of other wolves the residual smell of the previsou owner of Amber's house who hasn't lived there in a while but he can't smell her hormonal desire for him or her scent when they're in close proximity where she may be hiding And I would hope that when Amber was in extreme imminent danger and he needed to shift into his wolf state as uick as possible that he wouldn't take the time to remove his clothes when every second counts butAs to the superficial erotica scenes It wasn't until about 23 of the story before the two actually had sex I hoped that this would result in awesome action between them with maybe some ripped bodice or scratches or something Alas no The superficial erotic scenes just had the insert slot A into slot B repeat uality to themLastly I did say this is the first book of this series that I've read so I can't compare if this is a standalone or if the secondary characters who weave in and out of this story have any real significance But My one burning uestion that never got answered was how did the shifters know Amber was an FBI agent from the start I can't understand this The FBI doesn't send in undercover agent without an in depth cover background history in place Yet they knew How On her previous assignment she had been undercover for three years without getting outed It just didn't make senseThis is not the typical shapeshifter persona romantic read I've come to expect The author's slant to the alpha wolf persona and their courting of a mate romance just didn't work for me along with a storyline that didn't make sense

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Covert Desires Alpine Woods Shifters #5 characters · 107 â ❴Download❵ ➵ Covert Desires Alpine Woods Shifters #5 Author Sondrae Bennett – Will desire be enough once all their secrets are revealedStill recovering from a traumatic assignment Amber is wary of the man who shows up Ght as well accept his invitation to dinner But when Desires Alpine Woods ePUB #10003 things start to heat up between them will her loyalty lie with her job or the man trying to win her heartDanny knows Amber is an FBI agent Tasked by his brothers and the shifter council to keep her from discovering too much he sets out to seduce her a perfect cover to keep an eye on her and make sure sh. This is book 5 in the Alpine Woods shifter series This is the story about Amber FBI agent and Danny Wolf shifter She's there to find out about riots He's there to make sure she doesn't find out about shifted What they find is so much than secrets The only thing that bothered me was we never found out what was going on with Drake We didn't find out why he felt the need to attack then repeatedly The next book is about Laurie I can't wait until it comes out next year