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A Night to Remember Summary ë 7 ´ ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ A Night to Remember By Anne Weale ✍ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk An innocent proposal Until now Cassia Browning had lived rather a sheltered life with her father in Spain However she could still recognize a dangerous man when she met one and Simón Marués de Mondr An innocent proT one and Simón Marués de Mondragón was just that Apart from being alarmingly attractive he was seldom ever seen without a glamorous escort What was he had a propos. Sweet romance of a Spanish aristocrat taking a young girl from her hotel job and giving her another job on his spanish back country project with presumably the intention of winning her over All the usual misunderstandings and attractions in a light and civilised manner The usual HEA with love conuers all attitude Nice weekend read without any complicated plots Solid 35 stars

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Ition for her Cassia wasn't sure exactly what the marués was going to propose but she had no A Night ePUB #8608 doubt that his intentions would be strictly dishonorab. This one starts off pretty slowly but in a comfortable kind of way that I still enjoyedIt would have been a complacent 3 stars except that the ending was so sweetly romanticCassia is alone in the world since her father's death a year or two ago Working in a high end hotel she meets all kinds of wealthy people but none of them ever interested her as much as the Maruis Simon He comes to ski with a snobby beautiful woman on his arm But the woman ends up flinging an ashtray at him and going home early The Maruis ends up offering Cassia an opportunity just as she is coming to a crossroads in lifeThere is another man Jack who enters the story and for a while it felt like a bit of a love triangle Don't worry it isn't reallyCassia is rather naive as her father sheltered her a lot She's never dated and even though she is uite cool and has a lot of strength of character she is unsure how to act around SimonSimon is obviously jealous but is unwilling to spell out his interest At first I thought they were rather ill suited to each other but as time goes on I could feel their connection and how they complemented each otherJust as you are wondering if they will ever say something pertinent to each other it all comes to a wonderfully romantic endingIt was obvious that the author had spent some times in Spain and added a lot of little details about customs and language and terrain that added a lot to the story without bogging it downSafety is fine view spoilerit is suggested that the first night when the maruis shows up he has sex with the woman he brought But it's not spelled out and she leaves shortly after This happens just after he sees Cassia working at the front desk for the first time So some might have a problem with this but it didn't bother me Cassia is a virgin There is no other OW stuff but Jack does cause some jealousy Not that Cassia encourages it hide spoiler

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A Night to RememberAn innocent proposal Until now Cassia Browning had lived rather a sheltered life with her father in Spain However she could still recognize a dangerous man when she me. Definitely a deceptively simple story that grows on you and with time After my 8th or was it 9th read lol I decided to up my rating and group this with my favorite Harleuins It is a truly romantic Cinderella story without being cheesy I think it was brave of the author to keep the plot to the bare bones and focus almost exclusively on the characterization She even foregoes or rather uncharacteristically restrains herself from all the food antiue fashion and travel porn minutiae that she usually loves to fill pages and pages of her stories with The focus here is the protagonists the single symbolic landmark is the Alhambra Castle It just worked from A to Z for me and I find myself returning again and again to the purity both in terms of the writing style and in terms of the themes of this little taleORIGINAL REVIEW BELOWAnother story where the author made me fall in love with the setting than with the cute but rather simple story lol In this case it is the magnificent Alhambra Palace in Granada where the poor little waif English heroine spends her idle hours dreaming of love until her knight in shining armor Spanish Marues with the simply stupendous name of Simon de Mondragon makes all her dreams come true