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DOC Ø READER Awaken My Love ´ ROBIN SCHONE ´ ❰Read❯ ➲ Awaken My Love Author Robin Schone – Trapped in a dull marriage and career Elaine awakens one morning in 19th century Scotland to find herself in the body of a bride with an aristocratic husband As she begins to adjust to this Pears to have secrets of his own Still Elaine wonders how she managed to travel through time and if she'll ever go home aga I love a good time travel and a good romance novel and this one is great in both ways I loved the way the author developed her characters sending a 21st center woman into the body of a 18th century womans body on the night her husband is finally able to consecrate the marriage She was a virgin The life the woman lives is a shock to the woman inhabiting her body The husband can tell there is something different going on with his wife but not exactly what The author does write erotic love scenes and I loved the way she introduced the sexual content to the wife and into the husbands mind how she has him believe he has awakened something in his wife with the taking of her virginity The love scenes are really written well I was drawn into the story I couldn't put it down I couldn't wait to see what happened on the next page I actually stayed up most of the night reading my hubby was in the other bedroom with an awful cold and neither of us slept much I really loved this book and asked the author if she had written any about these characters She hasn't done any time travel but does write erotic romance and most all of them are during the victorian eraHere is the description as shown here on Good ReadsWhen thirty nine year old Elaine Metcliffe awakens one morning she is astounded to find herself in a strange bed in another century inhabiting the body of another woman In this her new life she is married to English baron Charles Mortimer dark breathtakingly handsome and bent not only on seducing the resentful young woman he believes her to be but educating her in practices of physical pleasure Elaine has never dared to imagine Torn between fidelity to the passionless husband she left behind and the exuisite temptation Charles offers with every touch Elaine will discover that the dark magic responsible for her transport to this time and place is no match for the carnal delights that make her want to stay

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Bride with an aristocratic husband As she begins to adjust to this new life Elaine is drawn to her mysterious spouse who ap This was one of the first erotic books I had ever read Just from reading this one I was hooked Now I own all of Ms Schone's books as well as many other eroticromantica authorsThis book combines excellent storytelling wonderful multi dimensional characters and deeply intricate world buildingYes it is somewhat of a time travel book but with an interesting twist You see the heroine Elaine who is bored and dissatisfied with her marriage and life travels backward in time and enters another woman's body She enters the body of Morrigan Morrigan is a newly married woman and hasn't yet consummated her marriage even after a year of marriage Morrigan in turn goes forward in time to take over for Elaine and to live her life This book really does combine the best of both worlds It is filled with terror evil heartbreak mystery and some really HOT shenanigans between Elaine and her new 'husband'This book is set in an unusual period the Victorian era which seems to be Ms Schone's specialtyI think that the story itself will keep you riveted while the creative love making and secondary and tertiary stories are the icings on the cake

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Awaken My LoveTrapped in a dull marriage and career Elaine awakens one morning in 19th century Scotland to find herself in the body of a This is the novel that launched Robin Schone as a great writer blending historical and erotica seamlesslyand I'm glad this isn't the first book I've read If it were I wouldn't have given this author a chanceI was intrigued by the book's description of time travel I'm always fascinated with how characters deal with the century they're in which is very different from what they're used to Not only did the heroine Elaine time travel she also traveled from one country to another She's from Chicago then she was transported to Dorset and since this author writes in riddles I didn't uite catch when exactly she occupied Morrigan's bodyThe pace was very slow and the heroine didn't even use that time to get accustomed to her surroundings I understand the shock and impossibility of it but Elaine didn't handle it well I've read several novels with time travel in it and most of the characters adapted well to their new environment even took it as an adventureOf course there were a lot of uestions about the body's identity Elaine should've just acted as herself to hell with the servants She's described as a plump woman with a voracious sexual appetite unsatisfied by her dispassionate husband Charles shares the same predicament and early on it seemed they're perfect for each otherUnfortunately I know where the story is going but the plot was weak so were the characters I can't deny the uality erotica but that's not enough I hated that Elaine was weak until the end that even though Charles sensed something was wrong he deduced that Morrigan Elaine is madI also hated the antagonists they're really classic and for once Elaine didn't get the upper hand most of the time she's a doormatOne could skip this it's not one of those compelling reads