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Savage Continent Europe in the Aftermath of World War II kindle ↠ Paperback read Ö dogsalonbristol ↠ ❮Read❯ ➵ Savage Continent Europe in the Aftermath of World War II ➹ Author Keith Lowe – Winner of the PEN HesselIn some of the monstrous acts of ethnic cleansing the world has ever seen tens of millions were expelled from their ancestral homelands Savage Continent is the story of post–war Europe from the close of the war right to the establishment of an uneasy stability at the end of the 1940s Based principally on primary sources from a dozen countries Savage Continent is the chronicle of a world gone mad the standard history of post–World War II Europe for years to come This is a stunning portrait of the continent wide upheaval that followed World War II The cover itself is vastly different from the American post war images of cheering crowds and ticker tape parades The average European soldier prisoner of war or concentration camp survivor did not go home to a GI Bill a booming economy or even a welcome Going home probably meant a new internment in a former death camp where supplies were short Since most transportation was destroyed travel was by foot with little food shelter or protection from bandits or partisans along the way Most likely the home was destroyed and the community with itKeith Howe brings a lot together He presents statistics along with the human tragedies that define them He arranges the work by problems loss of infrastructure need for revenge famine legal breakdown the freuency and brutality of rape ethnic hatred famine and moral destruction and by countryHe shows World War II was many wars within one and how the surrender of the big powers did not settle all the issues Crowds in the heat of liberation meted out punishment for the perpetrators of the war than the official system In some counties the perpetrators were useful to the victors and flourished In some countries the war heroes received punishment for their newly out of fashion views than collaborators or fascistsWomen may have been the most heavily scapegoated for crimes of passion or prostitution Many had their hair shorn for collaboration and were marched naked while collaborators who sent others to their deaths skated free If they had a child with a German father the child faced discrimination or even expulsion In the post war chaos many were raped many at very young ages many multiple times a dayPutting an end to Hitler did not put an end to the racism and nationalism Lowe presents staggering statistics showing how countries closed ranks against outsiders as country after country expelled Germans Jews or any other group it wanted rid of The citizens took possession of land and goods before the expelled could actually pack The last chapters focus on how Russia took advantage of the chaos to implant its brand of communism in the eastern areas its army occupied at the war's end Each nation was different but had the brutal dictatorial result was the sameThis is a stunning work Lowe has produced not only a readable work but a reference work as wellHighly recommended

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Winner of the PEN Hessell Tiltman Prize A superb and immensely important book Jonathan Yardley The Washington Post The Second World War might have officially ended in May 1945 but in reality it rumbled on for another ten yearsThe end of World War II in Europe is remembered as a time when cheering crowds filled the streets but the reality was uite different Across Europe landscapes had been ravaged entire cities razed and than thirty million people had been killed in The war was overhooray and let's celebrate Of course that was not the case at all but historians often give short shrift to the horrors of the years in Europe immediately following WWII The end of that conflagration only initiated the start of othersdisplaced persons prisoners war crimes nationalism giving way to violence continued ethnic cleansingthe rise of Communism etc Governments were gone as well as economies and physical infrastructure Europe was a hell on earth and the author delves deep into those problems in this excellent book He points the finger when and where it is appropriate as he posits that some of the total breakdown of eastern Europe could have been prevented but for the bullying of the United States and Britain by the Soviet Union It is not enough to portray the war as a simple conflict between the Axis and the Allies over territory Some of the worst atrocities had nothing to do with territory but with race or nationality and some of the most vicious fighting was not between the Axis and the Allies at all but between local people who took the opportunity of the wider war to give vent to much older frustrationsThis is an eye opening book graphic and disturbing but one that should be read by any fan of the history of WWII It only got a little bit lower rating because it tended to drag just a bit toward the endbut that doesn't keep it from being a block buster Highly recommended

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Savage Continent Europe in the Aftermath of World War IIThe war The institutions that we now take for granted such as police media transport and local and national government were either entirely absent or compromised Crime rates soared economies collapsed and whole populations hovered on the brink of starvation In Savage Continent Keith Lowe describes a continent where individual Germans and collaborators were rounded up and summarily executed where concentration camps were reopened and violent anti Semitism was reborn A Goodreads friend of mine recently asked why I've been reading and reviewing so many history books of late I told him I like history Then why don't you write history books? he asked rather than coming of age novels obsessed with as one reviewer discovered sucking dickOnce upon a time I did want to be a historian As a kid I inhaled history I knew about events and places at an age when most kids barely knew about the world beyond their town To this day adult friends ask me when such and such happened They're invariably amused when I tell them exact dates In the distant past I liked history so much I started college intending to make it my major even though it meant laughable job prospectsSomething happened in university though While I had a few interesting history professors I also had to read textbooks that were thick heavy and about as fascinating as reading phone books These bricks were written by pedants with no talent and self satisfied profundity and all my passion for history was killed by them A passion that didn't return until recently beginning with Thomas Fleming's Illusion of Victory and continuing furiously until who knows whenAs for this book let me just say This is how history books should be written It's perfect The subject is a good one explored fully and explained clearly The point of view is divinely fair taking no sides while at the same time judging allSavage Continent is about what happened in Europe after the Second World War officially ended in May 1945 Popular history has it that for the most part peace prevailed and people went about the long process of piecing their lives back together and building back up their cities But nothing could have been further from the truth Years after the war Europe saw uite a bit of fighting ugly fighting For as Keith Lowe points out WWII wasn't just a war about megalomaniacs with imperial obsessions it was also a race war a war for political control and finally a war of revengeExamples are too many to list here What's really good about this book is that it tears up what we're told about the war and the people involved For example the Nazis hated Slavs and they hated the Jews But just because they hated Jews doesn't mean the Slavs of Eastern Europe liked the Jews either The Nazis may have specifically killed Jews but anti Semitism was as common throughout Europe as talking about the weather This means the Jews who managed to survive returned home only to find all their property stolen by locals who then encouraged them strongly to just go away Even in Poland a nation that suffered proportionately than any other under the Nazis traumatized Jews were massacred by traumatized Poles the latter simply exhibiting attitudes they'd always had but used by now to violenceThis book details something else you don't hear about much if at all the expulsion of whole groups of people from countries First it was the Germans from countries like Poland and Czechoslovakia Now you might think who cares they had it coming But it didn't stop there Poles were flushed out of Ukraine and Ukrainians almost completely ejected from Poland As for the Jews well seeing as they had no home any they decided to leave the continent altogether Hitler was defeated only to see states with formerly multi ethnic makeups ethnically cleansed most of all by the Jews Stalin encouraged this too distracting people with nationalism while installing Communism in their respective governments after which total state control was erected and wouldn't be dismantled until forty years later In other words Europe was freed from Hitler only to hand over half of it to Stalin This was the Good War we hear so much aboutAnd while the Communists were brutal the Western powers weren't exactly angels either As the Cold War came into being the Western governments principally America decided it was absolutely critical to stop the appeal of the USSR its former ally The worst extent of this policy was supporting governments that were in some cases uite as state controlled as Communist governments but happened to be anti Commie Fascism was defeated Except for Franco's Spain Democracy won except in Greece in 1967 when the military overthrew the government One uncomfortable fact follows another till you want to curl up in a ball and hide in a dark roomThis is a good and important book easy to read and unforgettable