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The Wolf's Surrender Read & Download ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô ❰Read❯ ➪ The Wolf's Surrender Author Kendra Leigh Castle – At Mia's MercyAs the leader of the Blackpaw werewolf pack Nick Jenner had spent years protecting his people from dark outside forces When the victim Tim of a man she thought she could trust As the full moon approaches his bite will unleash an inner wolf that can destroy her unless she bonds with a pack But the darkness now stalking her threatens to destroy far including her strong silent guardian. Paranormal romance between a gruff guarded werewolf warrior and the victim of a rogue werewolf he's sent out to retrieveThis is a textbook example of Nocturne paranormal romances in general Noble handsome werewolf hero with issues stunning desirable not too spineless damsel in distress instant attraction Insane villain and a nice but honourable rival wolf for the heroine's affectionsI liked how this wasn't a straight supernatural creaturehuman romance Our heroine has fay blood which gives her a little extra sparkle and was a nice bonusThe attraction between the protagonists was instant and initially unwanted The hero fights it but caves in very uickly because when it's right its right The author tries to justify the speed of the romance claiming that courtships are accelerated when between werewolves as they just 'know' I went with it for the sake of the book but I'm not totally convinced by that excuse Our heroine is on a romantic weekend with the villain before he tries to sacrifice her and she gets rescued by the hero their courtship lasts less than a month she has to be mated before the next full moon for the story to work it's a bit whirlwind and although this tries very hard to get over that it doesn't for me uite succeedStill much here to enjoy The pace was good story engaging characters sympathetic but it's fairly unoriginal and there's not much here that isn't predictable I've read better but I've also read a hell of a lot worse

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Her home while her attacker is hunted down and destroyed But Jenner soon finds that nothing about his alluring new houseguest is what it seemsMia D'Alessandro a dark beauty with abilities she would rather forget was mortified to find herself the vic. Better than average nocturne Mia Nick were both likable and the world building was interesting There were some secondary characters that I can see taking center stage and enough of the world left to explore that I hope we see stories in this setting

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The Wolf's SurrenderAt Mia's MercyAs the leader of the Blackpaw werewolf pack Nick Jenner had spent years protecting his people from dark outside forces When the victim of a feral drifter turns up on Blackpaw territory he thinks The Wolf's MOBI #8608 nothing of bringing. I enjoyed the book a lot I liked the whole packmate setup I thought Mia and Jenner had great chemistry even if she did fawn over him like a lovesick teen at times I also wished we got to know about the Shadowkin We never really got to know exactly what they were Were they demons VampiresBut all in all this was definitely a good read