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Where She WentHan pasado tres años desde ue Mía tras el trágico accidente dejó su ciudad natal en la Costa Oeste para iniciar su nueva vida en Juilliard el prestigioso conservatorio de Nueva York Y también tres años desde ue abandonó a Adam sin darle explicaciones La idea de perder a Mía supuso para Adam un auténtico tormento ue cristalizó en un puñado de desgarradas canciones ue los catapultaron a él y su banda los Shooting Star a la fama Ahora convertido en una I wonder if it is ok that I liked Where She Went so much than its predecessor I mean If I Stay was all about people dying and lying in coma and there were hardly any tears in my eyes and here I spent hours sobbing over a guy's broken heart Am I that much into emo guys Don't think that's the answer though Super emo Shiver's Sam and Beautiful Creatures's Ethan didn't rock my boat and how could they with their obsessions over puffy coats Scarlett O'Hara and leaky womb type poetry Adam Wilde is emo of a different Tom Mackee The Piper's Son kind He is broken messed up hopeless talented and he can loveAdam's story was just so so bitter Throughout the book I felt that exactly like him I was filled with pain and resentment towards Mia's decisions The eventual release of all the pent up anger accompanied my uncontrollable sobs was I believe as cathartic for me as it was for Adam This book was a fantastic study of grief loss and forgiveness Beautifully beautifully writtenLadies have you hankies ready for this one 'cause I am tearing up again just thinking about it


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PDF Ò BOOK Where She Went FREE ¹ [EPUB] ✰ Where She Went By Gayle Forman – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Han pasado tres años desde ue Mía tras el trágico accidente dejó su ciudad natal en la Costa Oeste para iniciar su nueva vida en Juilliard el prestigioso conservatorio de Nueva York Y también tre Han pasado tres años desde ue Mía tras DepararlesNarrada desde el punto de vista de Adam Lo ue fue de ella retoma los personajes de Si decido uedarme el bestseller internacional de Gayle Forman ue describe con asombroso realismo el turbulento horizonte emocional de una adolescente ue logra recuperarse de una situación límite La nueva novela cuyo éxito ha superado al de la anterior confirma el talento de esta autora para escribir sobre los temas más delicados con exuisita sensibilidad y sencille “I needed to hate someone and you’re the one I love the most so it fell on you” ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ “You were so busy trying to be my savior that you left me all alone” This is the conclusion to Mia and Adam’s story one that captivated me until the very last page The story follows our dear characters three years after Mia awoke from a heartbreaking coma In this continuation we have the privilege to read from Adam’s point of view that is as endearing as Maia’s was It also contains the same calm and out of this world ambience and a lyrical pleasant writing that is simply impressive andperfectly suiting the story “You know I thought about that a lot these last couple of years She says in a choked voice About who was there for you Who held your hand while you grieved for all that you'd lost” To be honest I didn’t find this book as sad as I expected to Of course I was emotional in the inside but it didn’t show up with tears Often goosebumps appeared though making me remember that this is a poignant story and that those characters are wonderful and that Adam is one of the most good hearted hero I have ever encountered in a book “Hate me Devastate me Annihilate me Re create me Re create me Won't you won't you won't you re create me” One of the things I loved the most in Where She Went is definitely the lyrics of songs wrote at the beginning of some chapters They’re enchanting and they make you understand some parts of Adam’s life better and maybe realize how he got so far and became a celebrity “First you inspect meThen you dissect meThen you reject meI wait for the dayThat you'll resurrect meAnimate” I recommend this series to everyone boy and girl teenager and adult and especially to hopeless contemporary romance lovers because the romance is absolutely wonderful and magical It's dreamy and feels so real an impressive example of true love that may seem unearthly but makes us believe that there is hope in this world for whatever shattering event could happen “Her hands were freezing just like they always were so I warmed them just like I always did” A weakness I found in this book is the lack of dialogs There were many pages that were simply filled with descriptions and mostly psychological ones I didn’t mind it but I would have appreciated dialogs since those are my favourite parts in a book Although the writing was splendid so reading Where She Went rarely felt something other than what it is a splendid storyWhat about the ending Perfection

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Estrella de rock con una novia famosa y acosado continuamente por fans y periodistas Where She MOBI #8608 Adam vive sumido en un estado de permanente hastío y confusión Hasta ue una noche en Nueva York su camino vuelve a cruzarse con el de Mía convertida ya en la excepcional chelista ue prometía ser El inesperado encuentro se prolongará hasta el amanecer y les brindará la ocasión de abordar lo ue ocurrió realmente en el pasado y lo ue el futuro podría This book was so so so painfully beautiful And it was perfect I couldn't stop reading I never in my whole life imagined that THIS was what happened after Mia wakes up I mean I knew there wouldn't be a happily ever after and that they she and Adam would have to face so much difficulties BUT I NEVER EXPECTED that they would just break up Stop seeing each other It was so painful to read Adam was suffering so so much I really liked the fact that they both achieved their musical dreams Adam was a rockstar How awesome is that And Mia was some kind of cello prodigy I was so proud of both of them ALSO I loved all the lyrics of Collateral Damage every song was amazing I wish there was a physical albumAnddd yes overall I LOVED THIS BOOK and I'm so glad I read it I kept reading and up to the very last chapters I still didn't knew how Gayle would wrap everything up to make me happy Everything was so messed up and sometimes I thought it was beyond salvation BUT WHAT SHE DID WAS MAGIC The last chapters had me tearing up like a baby tearing up with a big smile on my faceALSO ALSO Adam Wilde has earned a spot in my TOP 10 Book Boyfriend list I love him so much I want one of those in my life pretty please