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Wie die Madonna auf den Mond kamTerminate him By the next morning she has disappeared With little to go on than the gossip and rumors swirling through his grandfather Ilja's tavern Pavel finds curiosity overcoming his fear when suddenly the village's sacred Madonna statue is stolen and the priest Johannes Baptiste is found brutally murdered in the rectory Aided by the Gypsy girl Buba and her eccentric uncle Dimitru Gabor Pavel's search for answers leads him far from the innocent concerns of childhood and into the frontiers of a new world changing his life forev. An excellent read I was disappointed when it was finished I wanted Set in fictional Baia Luna in Transmontania in the Fagaras mountains takes us on a great journey from the late fifties to the nineties A must read for anyone who has any interest at all in Romania and its recent history

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Die Madonna auf den Mond PDF or race to reach the moon and Sputnik soars overhead fifteen year old Pavel Botev attends the small village school with the other children Their sole teacher the mysterious and once beautiful Angela Barbulescu was sent by the Ministry of Education and while it is suspected that she has lived a highly cultured life much of her past remains hidden But one day after asking Pavel to help hang a photo of the new party secretary she whispers a startling directive in his ear Send this man straight to hell Ex. One of my favorite thing about all books is the way you can be immersed in a completely different world regardless of your own surrounds Buses filled with people noisy people outside or even your daunting to do list all melt away for as long as you can let them And with an ever growing To Be Read pile I have in the last few years adhered to the fifty page rule If a book doesn’t hook me within its first fifty pages I set it aside This usually happens about three or four times a year and this book marks the third and hopefully last book of 2013 that I could not bring myself to finish Like Kent Wascom’s The Blood of Heaven and A L Kennedy’s The Blue Book even getting to that fifty page mark became something of a struggle Perhaps my frustration with the novel lies at the feet of the translator Originally written in German this English version uses words in the rambling prose that greatly contrast with the clearer language in its dialogue Though not all blame should be placed on the translator The concept of a fictional country set in the Cold War era somewhere in the Transylvanian Mountains is disorienting with real authentic facts and locales mentioned alongside this faux background Marketed as a coming of age novel its overall point of view is that of an older Pavel looking back on these events which really takes away from that “coming of age” feel This coupled with an inconsistent verb tense an entire village of characters all shallowly described and the odd use of vocabulary all make this book difficult to connect with on any level Maybe someday I will try this one again it certainly seems to have received some rave reviews from other readers but for now I just can’t make myself look at it

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Wie die Madonna auf den Mond kam review ↠ 109 ´ [Download] ✤ Wie die Madonna auf den Mond kam By Rolf Bauerdick – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk An award winning journalist transforms his lifelong fascination with the world of the Gypsies into fiction with this exuberant deeply enchanting debut novel both whimsical and suspensefuAn award winning journalist transforms his lifelong Madonna auf PDFEPUB #232 fascination with the world of the Gypsies into fiction with this exuberant deeply enchanting debut novel both Wie die PDF or whimsical and suspenseful winner of the European Book Prize and translated into than a dozen languages worldwide November As Communism spreads across Eastern Europe die Madonna auf Kindle #208 strange events are beginning to upend daily life in Baia Luna a tiny village nestled at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains As the Soviets. For some reason this book reminds me of Herman Hesse's Peter Camenzind even though I haven't read that book in nearly 35 years Like a mix of Peter Camenzind and Don uixote Though the blurb makes this book out to be about gypsies their plight or lives are really not a part of the book though one of them is a main character this book is not about Gypsies really in any way but that they are human and are at the whim of history like anyone elseThis story takes place in a small village in a fictitious Eastern European country in the Carpathians The village is a petrie dish of humanity that doesn't seem to be touched as much by the events and history of the communist world during the cold war The lesson primarily being taught is futility and the passage of time erodes everything but this is a complicated book featuring people of great worth and people who are weak and people who are of little worth and basically are just evil and enjoy hurting people after they've used them up I think the message I'm going to take away is that life is fleeting and one must grab at it and make it the best one can or it will slide away from you and you will end up with just dustThe story is well written or I should at least say well translated It definitely is written from an Eastern European standpoint that may seem odd to Westerners The characters are complicated and seem to fit into their world which is rather grim with poverty and pastorialism and the threat of losing the little livelihood that they have to communism The mystery of Angela Barbulescu almost enables Pavel to rise above the drab and dreary early communism to turn the world on it's head but he doesn't seem to have the strength to uite rise above he struggles but then seems to sink into the normality of country lifeThis book is bizarre as a uote calls it but only in the efforts of some people to find answers to why life is what it is It has it's slow spots and is not perfect but well worth the read