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Running Wild Northern Shifters #4 reader ☆ Paperback ☆ dogsalonbristol ´ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Running Wild Northern Shifters #4 By Joely Skye ➩ – The road to believing can be one wild rideA Northern Shifters bookSeamus O’Connor thought his friendship wExpect Unsettling late night visits from Zachariah’s grandson Ri a man who appears and disappears like a ghostRi has had little contact with the outside world with good reason Horse shifters aren’t any human’s idea of normal Plus he’s wary of being the next target of the werewolves who took his twin brother Trust his matchmaking grandfather to give him a reason to come home S There are books when you have to agree with both reviewers who rated it low and reviewers who rated it high and I think this is one of thoseThe best part is in my opinion the character of Ri the horse shifter It's an interesting departure from the usual cat and wolf shifters and I think the author was successful in showing how the traits of the animal its wildness and skittishness sorry don't know if it's a legitimate word transfer to Ri in his human form Ri was really difficult to tame ready to bolt at the first signs of dangerSeamus was the right character to place as his love interest because he was a sort of anchor to RiUnfortunately I felt the pacing wasn't right It seemed the plot went forward not on a straight line but in a sort of waltzing dance around and around the same points then it leapt forward with revelations that seemed dumped on the reader therefore the impression that there were plot holes even if when I think back on it it was all the machinations of one characterIt's the first book I've read from this author so I am sure I sort of missed the joy of seeing the recurrent characters as it happens when you read a series in order but the book doesn't rely too heavily on previous information it could be read as a stand alone

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EamusAs Seamus gradually learns the truth of Ri’s life their relationship tentatively grows and danger grows closer For it was Ri who rescued Seamus on that terrible night long ago Seamus is about to realize he’s had his own encounters with werewolves He just doesn’t know it yet Warning This story contains unexpected night visits expected night visits wild rides and growing lov 35 4I enjoyed Ri I liked that he was a horse shifter something you don't read about much if at allAnd Ri had a lot of horse characteristics while he was human which added to the story because lots of shifter stories have them acting totally human when not in shifted form and this one showed how the horse influenced a lot of Ri's behaviorThe 'romance' between Ri and Seamus developed very slowly and took a second place to the world building and slight mystery IMOCan't wait to see who the next ne is about Zach maybe? And hopefully see of Ri and Seamus since it left a lot of uestions regarding their relationship and future together

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Running Wild Northern Shifters #4The road to believing can be one wild rideA Northern Shifters bookSeamus O’Connor thought his friendship with Zachariah Smithson was just that a relationship born on one horrific night seven years ago He never thought he’d end up inheriting the old man’s farmTons of chores and hard work are nothing new for Seamus The farm comes euipped with all he needs and something he didn’t I liked reading about something other than a predatory shape shifter It was interesting to see how the aspects of the horse's instincts influenced Ri and I was very glad to see that while fighting is not his first response he isn't incapable of standing up for himself and those he loves