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characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Sherryl Woods In a trade off she's lived to regret Emily Castle Sand Castle PDF left home years ago to become an interior designer The youngest of three sisters Emily desperately wanted to prove herself Success though came at the. 3 ½ Stars Charming sweet romanceSteffi and I did a joint review for this book and while she rated it at 5 Stars it was a 3 ½ Star read for me Hope you enjoy our side by side comparison What workedSteffiI love Sand Castle Bay as much as I do because of the small town life and family dynamic Gabi Emily Sam and Cora Jane are meddlers and sometimes annoying but they stay strong together and are always supportive of each other While Sand Castle Bay is not a steamy read Emily and Boone do have a lot of chemistry It might not have filled me with heat but with happiness and sunshine When I read about the premise of the story and later realized that Emily’s job is one of the main problems in the romantic relationship I became wary I expected to be disappointed by a stereotypical story of a woman having to choose between her love for a man and her successful career That does not happen in Sand Castle Bay and I was ecstatic Sherryl Woods accommodates small town sweetness with Emily’s big city style and does not degrade one or the other Surprisingly I was completely enad with the meddling grandmother Cora Jane Yes she intrudes on every possible intimate and private situation but I loved her involvement and again the strong family bonds Also staying with the family aspect of the story I was glad to see that Emily’s sisters were very much involved in the book While the focus of their stories will be in their own books they already started in Sand Castle BayKarla The family dynamic I loved the premise of three sisters who come home to help their grandmother after hurricane causes damage to her restaurant along the coast Even though they fight like siblings get in each other’s business there is still that sense of camaraderie and they never forget that they are familyI enjoyed the setting along North Carolina coastline and that small town community atmosphere It always give me such a warm feeling when I read about people who are familiar with one another and come together to help each other after tragedy strikes What didn’t workSteffi Not much for me The only thing that bothered me a bit was Boone’s inability to fully commit to Emily but I understood his reluctance because of their past Karla The head spinning indecisiveness of Emily and Boone I had trouble gauging their true feelings for one another When they were together and on the same page with each other it was incredibly sweet and then at a moment’s notice one wrong word from either of them and the other one went running I also didn’t care for the fact that Boone couldn’t man up and wanted to keep his relationship with Emily hidden for reasons that made no sense to meCora Jane what a meddlershe was just too much It felt like Emily was never allowed think for herself because her grandmother had it in her head how her life should play out and spoke her mind constantly when she have kept uiet and been understanding of Emily’s feelings Best scenesSteffi It’s hard for me to focus on one specific scene because the whole atmosphere of Sand Caste Bay is what was so special to me I think if I had to pick one specific scene I would go for a uite unromantic one which might be surprising to you Emily and Boone very rationally discuss their relationship on Cora Jane’s porch one evening with the sisters listening in I loved that because it’s something I would have done to my sister as well but I also really appreciated that Boone and Emily considered the difficulties their relationship would bring and the risks they’d have to take After all they had BJ Boone’s son to consider and I loved that they didn’t jump in head firstKarla I loved when Boone walked with Emily out to the pier took her hand and apologized to her and admitted that he held some blame in their break up ten years ago He let his guard down and I felt like Emily finally had the Boone back that she fell in love with years ago How ironic that this should all happen on the same pier that they sat on as teens talked the night away and realized that they were meant to be It was a short scene but it was so romantic sighFavorite charactersSteffi BJ is one of my favorite characters hands down He is such a sweet boy and wears his heart on his sleeve I loved how he bonded with Emily but she wasn’t immediately painted as the neglectful girlfriend when she struggled to adjust her lifestyle to include a new boyfriend and his sonI actually enjoyed Cora Jane’s interactions with the sisters so much that she became one of my favorite characters as well because of her caring and loving nature Karla has a very different view of her character which I found really interesting when we talked about Sand Castle Bay I basically liked most of the secondary characters in the book Gabi Sam Wade Ethan and Jerry; I loved them all and can’t wait for their stories to come in Wind Chime Point and Sea Glass IslandKarla Emily and BJ I loved both of them and I like how they forged such a sweet relationship I felt like little BJ was the only one who truly understood Emily He broke my heart and it was uite evident that he was in need of a maternal figure He had Cora Jane and his less than likeable grandmother Jodie but there was something about his attachment to Emily that had me wanting to reach into the pages of the book and wrap my arms around himEmily was a strong woman and she knew what she wanted out of life Even though everyone wanted to have a say in how she lived it she was not easily swayed She had a way of thinking things through and tried to take everyone’s feelings into account She handled Jodie very well and was always respectful in her comments about Jenny I really liked her Overall ThoughtsSteffi Sand Castle Bay was the perfect sweet romance read for me Reading steamy books most often it was a refreshing change of pace Sand Castle Bay is the right book for you if you enjoy sweet stories about family love and small town life and appreciate the simplicity in the construction of a story Sand Castle Bay does not need special effects big drama intrigues or kinky erotic scenes to convey emotion The story does that all on its own which speaks of the high uality and very skilled style of writing Sand Castle Bay is the perfect introduction into spring and summer reading when you want to feel the sun on your face and a gentle breeze cooling your skin It took me back to my very first romance books and I can’t wait to read Gabi’s story in Wind Chime Point 5 starsKarla On the whole this was an enjoyable read but as I stated I had a hard time endearing myself to one character in particular Cora Jane’s meddling got old after a while I could have tolerated a little but my goodness she was there at every turn When she was out of the picture the read was better but unfortunately she played a larger role than was necessary I think my issue with her might be of a personal one as I don’t take kindly to people dictating how I should live my life and maybe that’s why she annoyed me so muchHowever the author’s skilled writing attention to detail and the overall premise of the story; a second chance with your one true love making sacrifices for that person and coming home made this a very pleasant read Whether you find a spot on the beach or cozy up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon in the end Sand Castle Bay will leave you with a good feeling I’m looking forward to returning to the Ocean Breeze series and reading about the elusive Gabi in Wind Chime Point 35 stars A copy of this book was provided by Harleuin Mira via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Read & Download Sand Castle Bay ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Sand Castle Bay By Sherryl Woods ➝ – In a trade off she's lived to regret Emily Castle left home years ago to become an interior designer The youngest of three sisters Emily desperately wanted to Cost of leaving behind the man she lovedFor Boone Dorsett losing Emily left his heart shattered but another woman was waiting in the wings Now a widower with a young son Boone has a second chance with Emily when a st. Emily and Boone were childhood sweethearts that wanted different things in life and eventually went their separate ways After a hurricane damages Emily’s grandmother’s restaurant she and her two sisters come home to help What Emily didn’t expect was for her feelings for Boone to resurfaceBoone poor Boone He was goner from the first moment that he even HEARD that Emily was there But he is a widower with a young son and former in laws threatening at every turn to take away his son He doesn’t need Emily back in his life Unfortunately his heart is not cooperating with his head He also didn’t think that his son would take such a shine to Emily and not realizing that his son was truly missing his mother I’ve briefly talked about why I read Sand Castle Bay above I truly adored Emily and Boone From the opening paragraph to the last paragraph I was engaged to know those two than just on the surface Emily and Boone had a depth to them Ms Woods let me get to know them as individuals and then as a couple Yes were there sacrifices misunderstandings and miscommunication between them Sure it’s what made them human In fact I got to know all of the characters in the book Emily’s family was not window dressing or there just to prop her up when the plot dictated it These are real people with real thoughts wants and needsThe townspeople are good people who can be a bit gossipy but what small town can’t be a bit gossipy I will say that Boone’s in laws really grated on my last nerves and I look forward to the continuation of that thread in Gabi’s book I don’t think that its “over” between them I highly recommend Sand Castle Bay to you my dear readers Yes is sweetsensual in nature Yes but sex would have just gotten in the way of the beautifully storytelling that Ms Woods weaves in the book I was captivated by the setting characters and most of all Emily and Boone Sometimes second chances truly are better than the first time around and EmilyBoone proved that

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Sand Castle BayOrm brings her home But with his former in laws threatening a custody suit the stakes of loving her are higher than everWill fate once again separate them or is the time finally right for these two star crossed lover. Sherryl Woods' covers are so inviting and I'm such a sucker for serials I am drawn to her books Unfortunately the romance between main characters Boone and Emily makes me want to give the book a heave within the first few chapters Good story but help your readers stay with it There is too much unnecessary angst and struggle in their relationship one step forward two steps back constantly rehashing misunderstandings and sending of mixed messages that the characters come across as wishy washy pathetic and lacking while individually each is tender compassionate and driven Please if trying to make a relationship work is such an ongoing struggle why would anyone stick with it