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REVIEW ê The Fury ☆ ✓ The Fury pdf ✪ Author Alexander Gordon Smith – From the creator of the Escape from Furnace series a ferocious epic of supernatural terror perfect for Stephen King fans Imagine if one day without warning the entire human race turns against you if e From the creator of the Escape from Furnace series Ecomes a bloodthirsty mindless savage That's the horrifying reality for Cal Brick and Daisy Friends family even moms and dads are out to get them Their world has the Fury It will not rest until they are deadIn Alexander Gordon Smith's adrenaline. First of all can we just talk about that cover I love how unashamedly creepy it is though if it's too creepy and you favour something slightly traditional you can see the 2012 edition I didn't really know what to expect going into this and I haven't read anything else by this author although from what I understood his works have generally been well received What I got then was a solid read that actually offered something a little differentLife was normal for Cal Brick and Daisy until everyone suddenly turned on them for no reason Family friends complete and utter strangers literally everyone is after them mindlessly attacking them wanting nothing but their deaths This is the Fury In their struggle to find out what's happening the three of them realise they're not the only ones that there are others who for some reason have also become potential victims But as they find out the truth it becomes clear that they are in a war and the power of their enemy means they all may well end up deadI said before I didn't know what to expect when I started this I didn't expect it to be creepy; I didn't expect it to be dark I certainly didn't expect the kind of ideas and world that are explored here Smith brings to life an engaging storyline and actually succeeds in making this chilling at specific moments I really liked his concept finding his take on certain aspects to be different from the usual The synopsis doesn't give much away and I think that's a good thing What I would comment on however is the length If there is one thing about this book it is that it is so incredibly long In all fairness I was short on time when reading this but even so I never felt a need to keep reading fully so I did end up skimming chunks of it The Fury is told from multiple perspectives Cal Brick and Daisy are the three main protagonists but there are also some extra perspectives as well The range of characters here were I felt true to life some with weaker personalities some stronger brought to light by the harsh circumstances Smith played with my emotions here somewhat; at the start when I read from Brick's point of view I was interested in reading of it Yet when it came to Cal I didn't really feel anything But the I read the I came to dislike Brick and actually really like Cal Not only that I liked some of the relationships developed here All of these characters started out as complete strangers to one another and yet they start to take protective roles Cal with Daisy younger than him by several years and Daisy with Adam younger than her again Some of this was really sweet to see which unfortunately could not be said of other characters I could mention but again isn't this representative of life The Fury is uite a dark book and also somewhat emotional at timesparticularly with that ending It was an excessively long book but despite this it was one that I truly enjoyed This review is also posted on my blog

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Fueled saga Cal and the others must uncover the truth about what is happening before it destroys them all But survival comes at a cost In their search for answers what they discover will launch them into battle with an enemy of unimaginable pow. Review I enjoyed the first book in the Furnace series and for some reason never carried on I thought it would be interesting to see what else Alexander would come up with It’s different in some ways for example no prisons a little supernatural twist but it’s similar that it’s what you’d definitely call “a boy’s book”So one day all Cal’s friends try to kill himDaisy’s friends try to kill her Brick’s girlfriend violently attacks him For some reason everyone wants to kill these and some other teenagers and there’s not really much they can do to stop it Somehow they band together with other people in similar circumstances and must find out what’s happening and what they can do to stop it But what they do find will change their perspectives on everything This isn’t the clearest of summaries It could be anything But I was hoping for a lot of action which I definitely gotThe plot is set up very uickly There’s purpose to everything that happens and being a 500 page book that’s a lot There are some things I’m not entirely sure about There seems to be teenagers from all over the country who manage to get to Furyville on their own which I’m not sure if that would be possible and there’s not much explaining it and there were a few other things that were a bit “wait what” and not really connected to the main reveal at the endThe three main characters were well developed at the start but I think some of the characters that were introduced later like Adam and Rilke could have had a little bit work on them They did get backstories but I just didn’t really care for some of themI like the way that each chapter 1focused on a character and 2had day place and time clearly defined It made it a lot easier to keep track of everything The action scenes were really well written fast and kept you reading on I read this in an entire sitting mainly because there was nothing else to do on a six hour ferry ride from France where all your friends are asleep or watching The Muppets and just couldn’t put it down Everything was really well described you may have well have been there and there was some kind of action happening every few pagesThe big thing at the end was a little anti climatic but once you’d got used to it you liked it It left me with uestions that I’m hoping will be answered in book 2 because the general concept is very different to what you’d expect from this kind of book and the way the rest of the book had been playing outOverall Strength 4 tea to a book that is action action action throughout that kept me gripped from the start

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The FuryFrom the creator of the Escape from Furnace series a ferocious epic of supernatural terror perfect for Stephen King fans Imagine if one day without warning the entire human race turns against you if every person you know every person you meet b. I’m right in the middle with this book I thoroughly enjoyed the concept and thought it was incredibly interesting But the characters were so young that they grated on my nerves and I kind of wanted to strangle them all And the book stretched on and on when it could have easily been half the size and packed way punch I also would have like explanation as to how the whole phenomenon came about we’re kind of left in the dark about that Despite that it was a uick fun read and it did keep me turning the pages