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Review · The Forever War ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò ❮Reading❯ ➶ The Forever War Author Joe Haldeman – Er William Mandella kendisine rağmen bir kahramandır istemediği halde seçkin askerlerden oluşan özel bölüğe alınır ve binlerce yıl uzaktaki bir savaşta çarpı? bir bilimkurgucunun geçmişle geleceği kaynaştıran romanı Joe Haldeman çağımızın geleceği en iyi gören yazarlarından biri David Brin Önemli bilimkurgu yazarları için de bir Knox ailesi olsaydı Haldeman'ı oraya tıkmamız gerekirdi Stephen Kin. I bought and read this book based upon the many glowing reviews I saw on the internet It's heralded as a classic and one of the best Sci Fi books of all time I have to disagreeI liked the concept Scientifically it was intriguing However the story was repetitive and slow The exact same thing kept happening over and over again Set up base Boring Battle many people die Get back on ship Stay in space for a long time Get bored Return to base Go back out RepeatThere were long long stretches where just nothing happened Also the character development was just non existent The enemy was only described in appearance but never described for what they were In fact even the battles with the aliens were dull and lifelessThe protagonist is barely developed He is just a hapless soldier who just wants to get laid on a regular basis And for half the book he has his pick of any woman he wants and apparently has sex almost every night And other than having some difficult command decisions to make we learn virtually nothing about his character I was sorely disappointed by this book and just can't recommend it to anyone

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Er William Mandella kendisine rağmen bir kahramandır istemediği halde seçkin askerlerden oluşan özel bölüğe alınır ve binlerce yıl uzaktaki bir savaşta çarpışmak üzere zaman ve uzayda fırlatılır Asla savaşa gitmek istememişti Yine de görev. First published in 1974 and winner of the 1975 Hugo and Locus awards Forever War by Joe Haldeman kicks assMore than just a book about a futuristic war Haldeman describes a society built around the codependency of the industrial military complex and with a fluid dynamic socio economic culture that is fascinating to watch unfoldAnd the welfare recipients get a bag of dope with their checkHaldeman’s protagonist William Mandella is in an elite military group that travels light distances to battles Transportation being what it is less than light speed it takes decades even hundreds of years for the troops to reach the fight and meanwhile society changes around him When he reaches the end of his career thousands of years have passed and he does not even speak the same language as his fellow citizens and the war he signed up for is ancient historyHaldeman himself a Vietnam War veteran brings an empathetic perspective to his futuristic warrior portrayalThought provoking and original this is a MUST for science fiction fans 2016 RereadReading this again I think for the third time reaffirmed my love for this book Reading after a couple of decades the first time in HS and then again only a couple years later in college I see of Haldeman's subtle humorI can also see from a 2016 perspective how this could be seen as homophobic An extremist shock value idea in the 70s could be seen as insensitive now but I get what he was doing and in context he was making a statement about nonconformism and parallel changes with his experience coming back from VietnamHis hard SF ideas like relative time and the stasis field are great but his statements about cultural and sociological changes are what makes this a great bookOne of my all time favorites and Again a MUST read for fans of the genre and a damn fine work of 70s antiestablishment literature I need to read from him 2018 addendum This is such a great book and he's such an amazing writer Some friends and I were talking about some of his other books but I'm always drawn back to this one I recall the later passages were he doesn't even speak the same language as his unit the time has separated them so much but this may also be a metaphor for senior leadership being out of touch Like many great books this works on multiple levels I'll reread this again it's that good

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The Forever WarIni kin tutmadan yerine getirir yaşadığı sürece rütbesi yükselir Döndüğünde Dünya'yı bıraktığı gibi bulamaz Uzay yolculuğundaki zaman genişlemesinden ötürü Mandella aylarla yaşlanırken dünya yüzyıllarla yaşlanır Vietnam'da savaşmı?. While it reminded me of Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Avatar especially the beginning where recruits are told about all the things that could kill them and how they likely wouldn't make it back alive Haldeman's Forever War takes a different turn Haldeman's book focuses on a soldier fighting an interstellar war Because our character is traveling to his battles at near light speed when he returns to earth between missions decades pass Haldeman speculates about the social changes taking place changes that our character has difficulty adapting to or fully accepting Despite social changes there is one constant; the war continues Haldeman's book still resonates