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Free mobi Ö doc Why Always Me Á dogsalonbristol Ö ❄ [EPUB] ✼ Why Always Me? By Frank Worrall ➝ – He is mercurial troublesome and freuently brilliant—this is the incredible story of the most fascinating man in world football today Born in Italy to Ghanaian parents Mario BO the attention of the biggest clubs in Italy and he was signed by Inter Milan in 2006 Having made his first team debut in 2007 he became the youngest Inter player to score in the Champions League in November 2008 His second season at Inter was blighted by disciplinary problems however and a series of high profile clashes with manager Jose Mourinho along with criticism from his teammates for his behavior on the pitch paved the way for a move to the Premier League Balotelli soon made his mark with a series of stunning goals and I would give this book a pretty great or a 85 out of 10 It was a really good book that told facts about Mario's life It told the awesome life he lead from a 3rd person perspective It told of his troubles his mischief and his many many triumphs The book didn't just tell you what had happened with him or the end result It started from the beggining of his life and lead up to the current point It told stories of how each event happened and really captured his life Things I did not like about the book was not much It really did a very nice job with every aspect of a biography in my opinion The only thing I did not like was the length of the book and how it only went up the point in time it was written which I understand but I knew how his life had progessed further The book was semi short and could have been lengthy and descriptive but no book is perfect by any means There will always be someone who has a different opinion on the book so some may of thought that the book was perfect length The book basically tells from the point of Mario’s birth and harsh childhood to his misbehaving’s as a pro soccer player to his great glories from scoring amazing goals and helping his team succeed I know a lot about soccer and it taught me a few things I didn’t know I would recommend thios book to anyone who likes soccer or likes to read about soccer I would also recommend it to people around the age of 12 16 to read because i belive that’s what reading level it is around Frank Worrall really did well when writing this book

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Yet incidents leading to increasingly implausible newspaper reports about his antics But the season was to end in glory with a man of the match performances as City won the FA Cup and Balotelli was then instrumental in City's incredible 201112 campaign providing the assist that led to Sergio Aguero's Premier League winning goal A stunning performance in the Euro 2012 semifinal against Germany sealed Balotelli's status as a legend among Italian fans and he is sure to provide entertainment goals and controversy for years to co Mario Balotelli is one of my favorite soccer players so I read his biography His childhood is not easy His family was very poor and the place he lived in was full of violent So I think that makes him be a troubled boy He is full of argument some people don’t like him however some people are crazy about him Sometimes Mario will be crazy He ever said “ There is only one guy better than me in the world his name is Messi” But sometimes he is a good son Last European Cup after he scored he ran to his mum and gave her a hug He said “ My mun is old she could not walk for a long way I need to make her feel happy” I can say he is a genius Sometimes he can not control himself But when he is serious he can control the game no one can stop him The thing I can learn from him is his strong mind and his fearless In my life when I face the difficulties I need to be brave enough to break them instead of retreat Mario Balotelli is like a iron I hope I can be a legendary soccer star


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Why Always Me He is mercurial troublesome and freuently brilliant this is the incredible story of the most fascinating man in world football today Born in Italy to Ghanaian parents Mario Barwuah suffered life threatening health problems as a baby By the age of three he had recovered but his parents then entrusted him to a foster family the Balotellis and Mario grew up in the affluent village of Concesio He began his football career with Lumezzane earning promotion to the first team at the age of just 15 Balotelli's skill soon brought him t I have read numerous books about football players and other sportsmen but this was by far the worst oneThe book is about Balotelli but nothing is first hand information All from sources None of them interviewing Balotelli Numerous annoying errors Like stating San Siro as the name of the Inter Milan stadium It is called Giuseppe Meazza The AC Milan fans still call it San Siro but not the Inter fansOr stating that Roberto Mancini won his 4 Coppa d'Italia's with Bologna as well as one of his Serie A titles He won them with Sampdoria This kind of errors annoy me when the book is about football The writing is not compelling He takes strange leaps to connect chapters about other people to Balotelli Roberto Mancini has a big part in this story but Eric Cantona has a chapter in it as well He hasn't even played with Balotelli neither was he trained by him He made the leap to connect them solely based on their sometimes extravagant behaviour on the pitch A book called a biography of Balotelli needs to be about Balotelli Needs first hand information imo or it needs verified sources and facts This books has neither as far I could tellIf it wasn't for a reading challenge prompt this book was a waste of my time