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Own and resent those receiving help today Read this book to find out how Democrats and Republicans clash over this issue and the devastating impact on personal lives and the society at large. Unfortunately the book I was hoping for was not this oneSome good reviews that encompass the issues with this book recommend Dying of Whiteness instead

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Whats the Matter with White PeopleJoan Walsh one of America's most popular online Matter with MOBI #183 columnists looks back over the past forty years in American politics and culture showing how the white working class has. The title of author Joan Walsh's book What's the Matter with White People Why We Long for a Golden Age That Never Was is a bit misleading As much memoir and history of Irish immigration to the United States as political polemic she uses the example of her own working class Irish family to explain why so many from this group have moved to the right a move which appears to be against their own self interestSurprisingly given the attitude of most liberals towards the white male working class Walsh who is an editor at Saloncom and very much a liberal gives an extremely empathetic and enlightening explanation of the causes of the rightward shift She doesn't completely let the white workers off the hook she points out for example that much of their opposition to Affirmative Action programs lies in their desire to be able to keep the better paying union jobs such as police and firefighters for their own kids However she blames most of the shift on missed opportunities by the Democratic party and misinformation from the RepublicansAs a working class woman also of Irish descent albeit Canadian I found myself nodding freuently at much of what she had to say She speaks with great love and sympathy for her own Republican relatives Her story of how she became a liberal Democrat thanks to her father who was able to live the American Dream only due to being given to the Catholic Brothers when he was thirteen is both sad and poignant Her explanation of the sometimes shared sometimes hostile history between the Irish immigrants and black people of NY is fascinating Her story of her own journey to understand both her conservative family and her liberal friends and to live within both groups is insightfulToo often the white male working class is dismissed as 'racist' or 'stupid white men' by liberals while the Conservatives play into their fears most unfounded as they uietly dismantle the institutions like unions that actually try to protect the working class Finally in Ms Walsh's book someone is actually speaking out for this much maligned group in an honest and sympathetic manner and if the Democrats ever want to win them back they better pay attention

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Whats the Matter with White People review ´ 103 À [PDF / Epub] ☄ Whats the Matter with White People Author Joan Walsh – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Joan Walsh one of America's most popular online columnists looks back over the past forty years in American politics and culture showing how the white working class has stagnated anStagnated and the stability of the middle class has disintegrate Weaving into the book her own family's story she describes how too many Americans think Whats the PDF they made it on their. it is not often i give up on a book i wanted to earlier but since i'd waited so long to get it from the library i toughed it out about 80% of the way for some reason i expected the subtitle to be relevant that it might be about the perception that the 50s were an upstanding right thinking time and that moral decay is a fuzzy thing to define and hard to defend that would have been interesting maybewhat it's really about isa plea for class consciousness in lieu of identity politics she talks a lot about her family's white ethnic identity and her relationships to people of color she hates the term i guess because it unites black physicists with puerto rican peasants which she rejects as a useful construction and i'm not sure that i do there's not much that's new or convincing to me about her argument that the democratic party has been splintered from within by identity politics this privileges the tragedy of assumed wins over democratic process and participation by marginalized people one of the things i like best about identity politics is it gets people into politics and it assumes some diabolical competence in republican leadership was she there for the shitshow that was the 2012 primaries it's also filled with detailed apologies and defenses of things she personally wrote or said during the 2008 primaries which seemed so shockingly far from relevant i flipped through looking for her Larger Point without finding onethis is memoir than argument if you want to know about joan walsh specifically check it out