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Some Like It Scandalous Daring Duchesses #05 Free read ☆ 6 Ï [Download] ➸ Some Like It Scandalous Daring Duchesses #05 By Carole Mortimer – London 1817You are suggesting that now our year of mourning for our husbands has come to an end we should all take at least one loverSophia RowlandDante Carfax Earl of Sherbourne offers to do the honor He may be rakishly handsome and undeniably arousing but he's also four years her junior and they've been at odds ever since he stole a kiss from her ten years agoAs Like It Scandalous PDFEPUB #194 a young man Dante had taken one Like It Scanda. Very Bleh I mean hero has been in love with heroine for like a decade if I remember correctly so he occasionally has meaningless hook ups with other ladiesvery normal and all for this romance sub genre but it's tiresome that these otherwise unmentioned ladies get thrown out there for a few lines I always wonder did he leave any misunderstandings andor broken hearts How many people can you really find who actually want meaningless hook ups in Romancelandia You know Anyway that's really normal and not even the part that felt obnoxious 1 Author is overtly fond of exclamation points in dialogue I feel like the characters were constantly gapingscreamingloudly announcing very private things It kept drawing me out of the text I was imagining them dancing in the ballroom while in like a bad actor voice he announces things like AH HAAA My Pretty Now you shall Submit to me 2 Book is WAY too uick We're told that they flirt around each otherlike each other and have for some time but we don't get to see it as readers which makes the like hours long time period of the novella feel really really rushed How are they already like IN LOVETM Hero also feels so very pushy 3 Heroine is Mary Sue on Steroids view spoiler I liked her guardian the kindly old man who's her father's friend who offers to marry to cover her up keep and never touches her sexually and is in love with his housekeeper though I don't think marrying her was the first solution Anyway in allllll thaaaattt marriage time she never gave in and did it with someone All those years There has to be one discrete handsome gentleman of the tonne she could have had an amorous connection with I get that she wanted to honor this man she looked up to like a daduncle but shouldn't she seize some kind of happiness hide spoiler

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London You It Scandalous Kindle #212 are suggesting that now our year of mourning for our husbands has come to an end we should all take at least one loverSophia Rowlands the widowed Duchess of Clayborne is shocked by her friend's daring proposition but is even Some Like PDFEPUB or astounded when. Boring boring boring and unfinished if you couldn't tell

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Some Like It Scandalous Daring Duchesses #05Lous Daring Duchesses eBook #10003 look at the beautiful Sophia and desired her than any other woman before or since After years of longing he's determined to claim her at last But can he convince Sophia to risk scandal and surrender Like It Scandalous Daring Duchesses eBook #10003 to their passio. Regency novels are my weakness and it goes back to my teen years so I think was ruined then to love themThis is one of the stories of three widow duchesses who are back in society a year after their husbands deaths Each duchess is uniue and only one is the leader the other two seem to follow In this case we have the short story of one of the followers Apparently her family was ruined years ago when her father a doctor dared to state the king had something wrong with him that was medical other than divine or some such foolishness It made sense in the story but it was still kind of flimsyWhen her father passed away when she was in her early 20's his friend married her Her husband heir was his nephew and his best friend is our hero in the story The attraction between the two was evident but she was married and he was in his late teens While she was married over the past ten years he gained a reputation as a rakeNow he has focused his attention on her and as is evident in regency times she is concerned about appearances Having been outside society before she doesn't want to go there again He is persistent though and even gains that elusive approvalHere is the biggest problem with the book which I loved is it easily could have been longer and full length There was a lot of buildup and then out of the blue really she said okay and the book endedStill a solid story and the 3rd duchess who is the ringleader is next on my list