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mobi Í ☆ Xanthe Walter All the right boxes including being as tidy and organized as himselfThat definitely isn’t his chaotic co star Rick with his spanking fetish and habit of tying a different sub to his bed every nightWhen Matt meets the perfect dom he’s swept of A well written brilliant debut published novel Xanthe Walter has created an ingenious alternative universe where bisexuality and bdsm are the norm This book charts the relationship between fellow actors dom Rick and sub Matt on the hit TV series 'Collar Crime' Xanthe does not use a capital 'D' for dom as doms and subs have eual rights in this world I love tipping you over into your submission even though you fight against it because a part of you is always going to be scared of letting go and losing control I love that moment just before I've got you there when you're just about to fall and all it takes is one last push

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Ricochet kindle ✓ Download Ý [BOOKS] ✭ Ricochet By Xanthe Walter – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk When the right dom is all wrongEven in a BDSM universe where everyone is bisexual and identifies as dom or sub finding the right partner isn’t always easyMatt is a big star on the hit TV show Collar When the right dom is all wrongEven in a BDSM F his feet but he soon discovers that being pursued by a handsome controlling billionaire isn’t the erotic fantasy he’d imaginedMaybe the right dom for him is the one he thought was all wrong Content advisory mm BDSM one or two glimpses of fm 35 stars – An enjoyable mm romance that is set in an AU universe contemporary but everyone is bisexual and is either a dom sub or switch and they live their lives with ds relationships as the standardThe parts that I liked The MCs Rick and Matt had great developing chemistry and it’s a nice slow burn between them as their relationship moves from bickering on the set of the TV show they act on to Matt helping Rick by becoming his “spanking buddy” to Rick helping Matt cope with his OCD on the job Their back and forth and the developing relationship trust and love between them was probably my favorite part of the bookI also really liked both Rick and Matt and their individual characters Rick is a dom but plays a sub on his TV show and overall takes on many different personalities in order to help people feel comfortable around him Beyond that and his commitment issues he’s a very nice guy and I appreciated his aversion to hurting people and dislike of disciplinary measures Those traits added neat layers to him Matty is also very sweet and I liked how his OCD counting ticks popped up consistently in the story It wasn’t something that was fixed but would pop up again and again whenever he was anxious What I wasn’t so crazy about It’s a long book which is fine but at times I felt things could have been tightened up a lot sometimes it felt like a scene ran too long for instance It’s this lack of tightness as well as a lot of different plot threads that made me feel the author’s routes in fanfiction the most There are also A LOT of exclamation points used in dialogue which led me to keep picturing everyone shouting all the time I wish a bunch of those were culled out I’d also recommend another round of proofing since there are a few editing errors at least in the kindle editionA third through the book Matt hooks up with a rich businessman dom Don’t worry cheater haters He wasn’t cheating This guy is a Grade A douchebag though In some ways it’s great that the author created a character that you hated SO MUCH but I actually had to skim a lot of these parts because I hated reading about him and his jackass ways view spoilerI did wonder about his sudden leave taking after the denouncement For such a narcissistic stalker I’m surprised he never tried to reach out to Matt again That seemed a little off compared to his earlier controlling behavior hide spoiler

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RicochetWhen the right dom is all wrongEven in a BDSM universe where everyone is bisexual and identifies as dom or sub finding the right partner isn’t always easyMatt is a big star on the hit TV show Collar Crime and he’s looking for a dom who ticks Entertaining mash up of an Alternate BDSM Universe and a fairytale romance The story is essentially a friends to lovers tale set in a world where Doms and Subs and BDSM relationships are the norm and where gender attraction is fluid It's a complete fantasy but it's one I enjoyedRick is an actor He's a Dom playing a sub on a popular TV crime series called Collar Crimes He has a one subone night rule and hides a tragic childhood behind his hard partying ways Matt is one of his co stars beautiful but inexperienced as a sub and an actor repressed and obsessive Do you see where this is all going? Yes of course you do These two are a match made in Domsub heaven and their fraught and emotional journey to a HEA is a lot of funThe BDSM is definitely lite but it's an interesting take on the Ds dynamic The other cast members of Collar Crimes are warm and engaging They are like a big family really There are a couple of villains and Sebastian Rule in particular is a bit too moustache twirling to really be taken seriously I could see the author's background in fanfiction in the length of the story which I loved and in the time she takes to set up her world and all its playersIt's funny too And some clever moments where the author pokes fun at her own 'verse Karl made a face 'Before this I was in a show that only made it to six episodes before it was cancelled and rightly so''Bad huh?''Worse boring' Karl grinned 'It is a sort of scifi thing a dystopian vision of a universe in which nobody identifies as Dom or sub It was called Otherworld ' He traced his hand through the air like a title appearing across an imaginary screenMatt grinned ooh sounds kind of kinky'Check out the foreword where the author talks about her move from fan fiction to self publishing and how this book came about I'll be checking out her ff works and look forward to Daniel and Karl's story Definitely one for the romantics Don't let the BDSM label turn you off Hard core BDSM fans look away now