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EPIC Legends of FantasyNsport us to the most ancient realms and show us the most noble sacrifices the most astonishing wonders Now acclaimed editor John Joseph Adams Wastelands The Living Dead brings you seventeen tales by today's leading authors of epic fantasy including George R R Martin A Song of Ice and Fire Ursula K Le Guin Earthsea Robin Hobb Realms of Elderlings Kate Elliott Crown of Stars Tad Williams Of Memory Sorrow Thorn Patrick Rothfuss The Kingkiller Chronicle and Return again to lands you’ve loved or visit magical new worlds Victory against the coming darkness is never certain but one thing’s for sure your adventure will be epicTab Overall this is a really strong collection of fantasy stories While reading these stories the main things I considered were how good is the worldbuilding this is an epic fantasy collection after all and how well does this story stand on its own given that the majority of the tales take place within larger series These factors are in addition to the normal considerations of idea plot character pacing and language A note a rating of 4 from me means that the story was well crafted and enjoyable but lacked anything about it that made me go wow I need of this RIGHT NOW The stories that I gave 5 stars to were so good that I either purchased a book from the author because of it or moved an already owned book to my short tbr list A 4 star story is an author I will read of in the future but not necessarily ASAP✥ Homecoming by Robin Hobb 5 Wow what a story to kick off with Every factor here is incredibly well done The story had me fighting sleep to stay up and read and the world felt real enough that I actually got out of bed to turn on a light because of how creeped out I was getting The story stands completely on its own while also making me incredibly eager to start the VERY long series it belongs in So much so that I have already purchased Assassin's Apprentice ✥ The Word of Unbinding by Ursula K Le Guin 3 The language here is stunning as it always is with Le Guin but the story itself is a little too cut and dry with too neat an ending I've already read Earthsea and love it but had I not I'm doubtful that this story would have had me rushing to start it ✥ The Burning Man by Tad Williams 2 It took me days to finish this one and when I wasn't reading it I had trouble recalling what the story was about The bones of the story aren't bad and the writing is fine but the story is dragged out over an incredibly basic setting with generic characters that made it difficult to care about anything that happened ✥ As the Wheel Turns by Aliette de Bodard 5 Fantastic use of mythology within a real world setting The story grabs you from the first sentence and doesn't give you a chance of letting go ✥ The Alchemist by Paolo Bacigalupi 4 A really well built world and story with good characters and pacing that stands perfectly on its own ✥ Sandmagic by Orson Scott Card NA Card is a misogynistic homophobic racist who I will not spend any of my time on ✥ The Road to Levinshir by Patrick Rothfuss 3 a decent side story but I think the fact that I have already read the Kingkiller Chronicle hindered my enjoyment of this piece Kvothe felt very out of character for large parts of this story Further there is almost no worldbuilding within the story itself aside from name dropping people terms and locations that are meaningless if you haven't done 2000 pages of reading before starting ✥ Rysn by Brandon Sanderson 2 a piece that has almost no story and is completely centered on world building Which would be fine if that world building wasn't done in the laziest was possible The whole thing boils down into a 7 page list of how things are the opposite in our world from yours ✥ While the Gods Laugh by Michael Moorcock 1 The worst story in the collection The biggest issue here is that the female main character is nothing than an object used to create situations where the male hero can show off how much smarter braver and selfless he is than her Elric ignores curses and belittles her every chance he gets in between sleeping with her ofc Something he does immediately after stating how above he is of such a thing He actually says he does it just because she's there so why not Yikes I will not be reading of Moorcock ✥ Mother of All Russiya by Melanie Rawn 4 an excellent piece of mythology inspired historical fiction Rawn brought the characters setting and time period to life in a way that felt effortless ✥ Riding the Shore of the River of Death by Kate Elliott 4 I'll be honest I was dubious about the story when the author was introduced as having written a Afro celtic post Roman icepunk regency adventure fantasy with swords sharks and lawyer dinosaurs trilogy because with an intro like that its got an 8020 change of being the worst thing ever written After reading this short however I'm a lot confident that the trilogy is in that 20% of being bizarrely great The world building here is very smoothly done and the plot is well paced The only thing holding me back from giving this one 5 stars is that the end fight scene was hard to follow due to the way the setting is described Hows that guy fighting on horseback in a scar in the rocks Was it a cave A clearing a tunnel I don't know But I do know that I will be starting the first book in the series this story is from very soon ✥ The Bound Man by Mary Robinette Kowal 3 this one starts off very strong with characters that instantly pull you into the story Unfortunately the pacing in the second half and an oddly placed unclear time jump detract drastically from the overall uality of the idea ✥ The Narcomancer by N K Jemisin 4 strong world building plot and characters in a story that manages to stand completely on its own while still being a good introduction into Jemisin's The Dreamblood Duology ✥ Strife Lingers in Memory by Carrie Vaughn 4 this is the second Vaughn story that I have really enjoyed and the second one that deals with a side of the traditional fantasy story that is rarely ever seen or dealt with The first focused on what happens to the people left behind when a chosen one disappears into another world while this one tackles the happily ever after in a realistic dark but ultimately hopeful way ✥ The Mad Apprentice by Trudi Canavan 3 this is a fast paced little story with an interesting magic system that would have been a solid four if the plot had not been as predictable as a recipe for hamburgers ✥ Otherling by Juliet Marillier 4 An interesting uniue idea that is well executed in a world that is elegantly brought to life through Marillier's imagery and prose ✥ The Mystery Knight by George R R Martin 3 a fun story but is better enjoyed if you have read the previous novella The Hedge Knight firstFollow me on Twitter for reviews and other bookish things

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There is a sickness in the land Prophets tell of the fall of empires the rise of champions Great beasts stir in vaults beneath the hills beneath the waves Armies mass Gods walk The world will be torn asunder Epic fantasy is storytelling at its biggest and best From the creation myths and uest sagas of ancient times to the mega popular fantasy novels of today these are EPIC Legends PDFEPUB or the stories that express our greatest hopes and fears that create worlds so rich we long to return to them again and again and that inspire us with their timeless values of courage and friendship in the face of ultimate evil tales that tra Homecoming by Robin Hobb 5 stars That is a rich vivid intriguing 'beginning story' about the legends of the Rain Wilds River and its people I love itThe Word of Unbinding by Ursula K Le Guin 45 stars A short story about a magician trapped in a cellar trying to fight off a mysterious powerful evil mage who no one has ever seen who tries to steal his life and power In the end the magician escapes only afterview spoiler he gives up his life and chases the evil mage through the Land of Death hide spoiler

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FREE MOBI ☆ DOC EPIC Legends of Fantasy º ➼ [Download] ➹ EPIC Legends of Fantasy By John Joseph Adams ➹ – There is a sickness in the land Prophets tell of the fall of empires the rise of champions Great beasts stir in vaults beneath the hills beneath the waves Armies mass Gods walk The wLe of Content Homecoming by Robin Hobb The Word of Unbinding by Ursula K Le Guin The Burning Man by Tad Williams As the Wheel Turns by Aliette de Bodard The Alchemist by Paolo Bacigalupi Sandmagic by Orson Scott Card The Road to Levinshir by Patrick Rothfuss Rysn by Brandon Sanderson While the Gods Laugh by Michael Moorcock Mother of All Russiya by Melanie Rawn Riding the Shore of the River of Death by Kate Elliott The Bound Man by Mary Robinette Kowal The Narcomancer by N K Jemisin Strife Lingers in Memory by Carrie Vaughn The Mad Apprentice by Trudi Canavan Otherling by Juliet Marillier The Mystery Knight by George R R Marti This 'book' is actually a collection of short stories all based on the relatively broad genre Epic Fantasy It includes works from many of the famous fantasy authors George RR Martin or Robin Hobb and many stories written by people I had never known of I had began this book because I was hungry for a new story from my favourite author Patrick Rothfuss who had contributed to the making of the book My opinion was heightened by the fact that another wondrous fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson also had a story filed within it One thing I must say though I enjoyed most of the stories thoroughly; I was extremely disappointed to find that neither of my favored authors had an original piece put in this book but rather both had contributed extracts from their novelsI will uite certainly place this book under 'a book of short stories' I had encouraged myself with the knowledge that I can always leave off reading any short story that I find badly written and move on but there was no need New or otherwise the stories were very intriguing and I am sure I have discovered at least a few authors whose novels I'd like to investigate Picking three of these seventeen lovely tales was difficult It is a strange experience for me reading short stories especially ones of epic fantasy The name itself suggests a long complicated novel Epic fantasy short stories were very new to me The plots were less sophisticated and on a smaller scale although as always there were exceptions Many included a change in character perception or a goal achieved that will lead to a larger part left unsaid in the story I am impressed about the amount of substance that can be fitted into 10 or so pages worth of writing I am glad to have read it; seeing stories side by side provide a contrast and complement of sortsI eventually tried to pick three stories that were rather different in theme and plot and so the stories I will be discussing in this review are 'The Alchemist' 'Riding the Shore of the River of Death' and 'Bound Man' The uote that stayed in my mind from the first story is When there is nothing to do but work a great deal of work can be done It has a hint of underlying determination to it that I like The story 'Riding the Shore of the River of Death' contains a line almost a warning A woman could live her life tending the fire of such a man's life It's heat was seductive but in the end its glory belonged only to him It is the female protagonist's thoughts on a man that her parents are marrying her to In 'Bound Man' there is a small extract that I feel represents the characters' purposes personalities and their relationships with one another really well Halldór stared as her long hair began flirting with the wind She smiled at the uestion in his eyes I have a prophecy to fulfill It describes when the main character finally comes to terms with her fateFrom these stories I learnt that there are many definitions to epic fantasy but generally the stories center on a different world that is like but unlike Earth where something usually a battle of some sort is happening The main characters are normally either extremely powerful or nearly helpless The story is usually based around how they change and come onto themselves or their powers Short stories though are like a window into a different world when the reader discovers a small piece of a story that may be vital From the stories themselves though I discovered a few perspectives about love Love not lust Two of them include a parent that have been separated from their child or children I would say that the tales were all uite genuine and original heartwarming and somber in various degrees The story of 'The Alchemist' I gravitated towards because of the new idea of magic in the world of the story a world that is fighting its magic's deadly conseuences After a while it is hard to find stories outside of the basic fantasy mould so when one does read something new the story seems a very precious one indeed 'Riding the Shore of the River of Death' has a tribal setting and the story has a kind of ruthless climate to it the kind found at the beginnings of civilization The characters are trying to prove themselves worthy in an adulthood ceremony of sorts I found that I wanted to discover about the culture of these almost barbaric people whose perspective the story was being told from The last 'Bound Man' I included here because I love an original time travel story I was facinated by how the world of the protaganist differed from the one she arrived into how their perceptions of humanity are subtlety different she had thought the people she met were another race entirely and the suggested idea that knowledge is lost throughout the course of history even while it is gained