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Se mob ties Reno has never been able to severIn an explosive interracial love story Reno and Trina find their relationship tested time and again as they seek to balance their new life in Georgia with their old mob connections from Vegas And when those connections become deadly Reno knows he didn’t start the fight but it’s up to him to finish it And it’s also up to him to keep his gorgeous wife from being stolen from him by a friendly but determined love I finally get to meet Jimmie I started this series with the seventh book This is the fourth book Most folks read these for the mafia money sex Because of that I have to comment that the author must be a gay male Women are taught to wipe their genitals from front to back as children A male with a daughter would know this is to protect his infant daughter from infection of fecal matter in the vaginal canal The most important text on sex the Kama Sutra emphasizes cleanliness of the sexual organs during intercourse I always get distracted by the anal to vaginal sex switch since Trina would avoid infection of her lady parts FYI Post sex douches only push bacteria further up the canal But then she also has a man who pounds out his frustrations on her genitals so I have to suspend my reality anyway Enough Of the PSA I can see how characters I already know are after Reno There are enough loose ends here to carry on I do wonder how Dirty survived this book Talk about home grown terrorist

kindle Romancing Trina Gabrini Romancing the Mob Boss #4

Romancing Trina Gabrini Romancing the Mob Boss #4Reno Gabrini relocates his wife Trina far away from the bright lights of Vegas They settle in a small Georgia town where Reno runs a restaurant and Trina volunteers at a community center All is at peace with the world as Trina meets Sully a gorgeous local bachelor who becomes her friend and confidante and Reno meets Nell a woman from his past who becomes his right hand assistantBut trouble comes to paradise when Sully decides that Reno doesn’t deserve a wom Update May 17 2014 I've re skimmed and found that I could not consciously rate this almost the same as my fave book in this series It is what it is and thanks to a friend's very on point review I now know why I haven't gone past 3 stars in my rating of the books in this series It's a guilty pleasure but even guilty pleasures can be full of shiteOriginal review I kinda love the Gabrini familyMonroe seems self pubbed The writing is okay The element of voice is Monroe's craftand then againit'sNOTSeriously the dialogue and actions upon reading can be hilariously funny Initially the right drama is created but then it doesn't really match the characters to the extent that they match up to whom they're supposed to be logically that is However by this point in the series as the reader I've become good at ignoring things that would normally make be DNF mostly because I'm entertained It doesn't mean I'd rate it any higherthough book 6 was pretty entertaining LOLThe Vegassemi Mob world gets crazier as the series goes on as it really WASN'T especially in the first 2 3 books And all the muscle charm and heart of the series is mostly owed to the outstanding character that is Reno Gabrini He is the reason why I read despite implausibility obnoxious leaps in character and the serious need for editingrevisionCall it my night time soap snickers


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Romancing Trina Gabrini Romancing the Mob Boss #4 kindle Á Kindle Edition ´ mallory monroe ´ ❮Reading❯ ➾ Romancing Trina Gabrini Romancing the Mob Boss #4 Author Mallory Monroe – Reno Gabrini relocates his wife Trina far away from An like Trina and he wants her for himself And although Reno makes it clear that he has no intentions of sharing his wife with any man Sully refuses to give up what uickly becomes his obsession And when Nell’s seventeen year old son is accused of a horrible crime and she is forced to turn to Reno for help Reno discovers a shocking secret Not only does he have a son he didn’t know he had but the reason for the accusations against his son points back to tho I'm gonna miss this series I've fallen in live with Trina and Reno and I hope this isn't the end of their story I enjoyed the change in scenery and the new characters Reno is still sexy as ever but I wish Trina had of a backbone I get it that she's supposed to be classy and above whooping somebody's a but Reno had too much baggage for me Not only did he gave a son from Marcy the freak in a previous book but low and behold another kid shows up The plot is repetitive mystery children revenge and everybody out to kill Reno's kids All in all I did enjoy the series the author does a nice job of keeping you guessing what happens next and I hope it's not the end for the Gabrini's