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I Stood With Wellington doc ß Kindle Edition Read ✓ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ I Stood With Wellington Author James Mace – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk In February 1815 after nine months in exile Napoleon Bonaparte the deposed Emperor of the French escaped from the Isle of Elba Seizing the initiative while the European pLeon’s best I Stood PDFEPUBgenerals in Spain yet who the emperor had never personally met in battle Napoleon knows that if he can draw away Wellington’s chief Prussian ally Gebhard von Blucher and destroy his army first he can unleash his entire might against the British A victory over the unbeaten Wellington will cripple the alliance even further as it will then deprive them of both English soldiers and financingIn Belgium Captain James Henry Webster has finally returned to a line regiment after being terribly wounded at the Siege of Badajoz three years prior He is given comma I STOOD WITH WELLINGTON IS ONE OF THE VERY FEW FICTIONALISED STORYS ABOUT THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO AND VERY GOOD IT IS TO JAMES MACE HAS REALY PULLED OUT ALL THE STOPS ON THIS ONE I FOUND THE APPENDICES VERY INTERESTING AS IT TELLS YOU WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VARIOUS PROTAGONISTS AFTER THE BATTLETHIS IS ANOTHER FIVE STAR READ FROM JAMES MACE HIGHLY RECOMENDED

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In February after nine months in exile Napoleon Bonaparte the deposed Emperor of the French escaped from the Isle of Elba Seizing the initiative while the European powers bicker amongst themselves at the Congress of Vienna Napoleon advances towards Belgium with an enormous army where the combined forces of Prussia and England are cantoned The French Emperor knows that if he can achieve a decisive capture in Brussels it will shatter the already fragile European allianceLeading the allies is Sir Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington the venerable British field marshal who defeated Napo I have to confess that I really enjoy James Mace's writing style Considering how epic the Battle of Waterloo was it does not get nearly the amount of attention in our professional military education schools that our Civil War campaigns get Mr Mace continues to develop the Napoleonic Wars around James Henry Webster who was introduced in the precursor novella Forlorn Hope which is not as the title may make it sound an historical romance There is nothing romantic in the military usage of that term Mr Mace allows us to see the Battle of Waterloo and the events leading to it from the viewpoint of the major players which is the level that most history books use But he also develops the scene through the viewpoints of his fictional characters at the suad company and battalion levels While James Henry Webster did not exist it is very likely that someone like him did Through the interplay of real and fictional characters the Battle of Waterloo becomes than an historical event It becomes something real Through Mr Mace's expert narrative style the reader can see hear and even smell the horrors of that battle in his mind And since Mr Mace does not always refrain from killing off characters that he has taken time to develop; the reader may experience some apprehension regarding the fate of the protagonist which lends to the realism of the story I've also read the Sharpe series by Bernard Cromwell and learned of the existence of several of the Napoleonic Battles through them I enjoyed the series but it kept the narrative exclusively at the level of the fictitious characters Doing so lends some realism to the fact that the soldier on the front lines really has no idea what is going on in the big picture but it also keeps the reader at the same level of ignorance Mr Mace's willingness to give us the views and conversations of Wellington and Napoleon and others as his research informed his imagination allows us to pan out from the action on the front lines to see why it is happening and what it means Sadly I believe I only have two novellas to go before I will have read everything Mr Mace has published I am looking forward to his return to the Anglo Zulu War and the fate of Column no IV

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I Stood With WellingtonNd of a line company within the st Regiment of Foot Guards the elite of the British InfantryA series of indecisive clashes will lead to a collision between the two greatest military minds of the age and the bloodiest single day of the entire century as Wellington and Napoleon lead their armies to either immortality or oblivion For Captain Webster he fights for both his nation and to protect his young daughter in Brussels Along with the rest of the Guards Division he finds himself at the apex of the battle where the fate of the entire world will be decided at a place called Waterloo Although the story seemed interesting I was unable to finish the book due to lack of formattingediting