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午後の曳航 Gogo no eikōThe Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea tells the tale of a band of savage thirteen year old boys who reject the adult world as illusory hypocritical and sentimental and train them This was a disturbing yet compelling read

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Selves in a brutal callousness they call objectivity When the mother of one of them begins an affair with 午後の曳航 Gogo Kindle a ship's officer he and his friends idealize the THE SAILOR – THE GLORY Glory as anyone knows is bitter stuff What glory is there for any sailor whose life is besieged by the vast and open sea Vast but not open as there are occasional traces of clouds shrouding the openness he longed for Open but not vast as the storm often come encroaching on his territory and posing a threat on his otherwise serene life His Life and sea have become inseparable Thinking of life beyond her seems abysmal to him Impelled by his desire for glory he continues sailing to distant harbors and seasThere is no glory to be found Disillusionment slowly and unknowingly start gnawing his yearning for glory The thought of settling for an earthly life seems appalling blowing off the gentle light which awaits him for his prophetic glory But then comes a lady Fusako who lost her husband few years ago So categorically a widow having a 13 year old son like a bright sun on a gloomy day But not all clouds have withdrawn yet; Storms await eagerly for his departure like vultures waiting on cliffs for their prey The sun is not just enough He longs for storms on sunny days but he misses the sun on rainy days He has changed; He is a new man He belongs neither to the sea nor to the land There is no solace for his solstice Blinded by his earthly love he is ready to abandon his glory and his first love – the sea not knowing what awaits him on the land Ryuji set sailing towards the shore hoping for a new life which he believes will free himTHE SON – THE FALL “The sailor is terrific He’s like a fantastic beast that’s just come out of the sea all dripping wet” thinks Noboru the son of Fusako The sailor has become someone who this kid greatly admires The intimacy between his mother and the sailor has grown stronger and closer He finds a peephole not just allegorically which gives him access to their cohabitational world But the world in which the sailor and Fusako lived made him feel disgusted The insignificance and unworthiness of their coital activities alienated him farther from their world “It is a trap – a rabbit trap A hideously subtle trap the rabbit ensnared is no longer a rabbit” Now what brings him to the land in this dandy western attire chosen by his mother It is so strange he thinks like his mother’s bedroom into which he sneaked when she was awayPEVERSION AND PRESERVATION “Don’t you realize that there is no such thing as hero” The sailor who once he admired as hero begins to falter The grace and honor of Ryuji which once was stronger like the sea wave and roaring like a majestic tiger he thinks now has become like a sea foam abandoned on the shore and a cry of a kitten smacked against a log “Trying to force maturity on a thirteen year old boy Maturity or Perversion” Noboru grows disuieted in the world which his parents teachers and leaders have created for him The vast gaps and the emptiness in it make him lose faith in the filthy humanity as he sees it Noboru feels that he has to preserve the glory The sailor sees that glory “knifing toward him like a shark from some great distance”“And the world as you know is empty” Is there any happiness in this world in true sense Happiness that defies description Noboru takes the sailor with him to make him aware of how incorrigible his decision to return to the land is and how egregiously he reacted when Noboru's innocence was shattered behind the peephole I tried not to reveal most of the elements of the story which would either surprise or disturb the reader In fact Noboru is the protagonist But the sailor is the one who makes him the protagonist Hence my view is totally from the sailor’s perspective This story has a lot of things which we wouldn’t agree or even despise Nevertheless this story is really important for everyone if I may say all parents though I am not one

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doc ✓ 午後の曳航 Gogo no eikō ✓ Paperback ¸ dogsalonbristol ☆ [Reading] ➶ 午後の曳航 Gogo no eikō By Yukio Mishima – The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea tells the tale of a band of savage thirteen year old boys who reject the adultMan at first but it is not long before they conclude that he is in fact soft and romantic They regard their disappointment in him as an act of betrayal on his part and react violently It must be me not him Had the author been anyone other than Mishima I would have abandoned this novel immediately after view spoilerthe intentional cruel murder and mutilation of a kitten hide spoiler