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characters Veneno y sombra y adiós 107 · ❮Read❯ ➯ Veneno y sombra y adiós ➳ Author Javier Marías – La conclusione mozzafiato di una trilogia straordinaria sulla pace e sulla guerra sulla violenza e sulla paura sul segreto che prima o dopo deve raccontarsi e sul peso del passato Sull'impossibilEPUB #8608 compie ecco la terza parte uella finale del grande romanzo di Javier Marías Dove il protagonista Jacobo o Jaime Deza misterioso agente segreto rivaluta il suo modo di vedere il mondo dopo avere assistito a un imprevedibile atto di violenza compiuto dal y sombra y MOBI #242 s. Third and final part of the trilogy 'Your Face Tomorrow' another 500 pages and again but 1 single real scene of action As in the previous parts Jacues Deza keeps on observing registrating interpreting and above all reflecting pages and pages on end Yet something has changed In the previous part his boss Mr Tupra confronted Deza with the use of bold violence the intense scene in the toilet for the disabled and the suggestion that there are no real moral laws In this part Tupra adds something to this and Deza feels how a 'poison' filters into his brain This will encourage him to do a bold act himself the only action scene in this book but in the end he will keep on doubting This short summary again does injustice to this book Mostly because it does not honour the multi layered character of the story but foremost because it doesn’t honour the slow meandering writing style with continued side paths comments on comments reinterpretation of findings and conclusions and so on and so on Marias really drags you into an mesmerizing swamp He rewards your reading effort in this third part by clearing up some storylines such as the intriguing blood stain on the staircase in part 1 but above all by leaving you after the last page in a kind of trance and with the feeling not to know for sure where you are never to know for sure again what you see to know what you know to be what you are BrilliantSee also my review of the complete trilogy

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Uo capo l'ambiguo ma pacato Tupra Allo stesso tempo deve congedarsi per sempre da due figure fondamentali il padre che gli ha trasmesso la coscienza di uanto incline al tradimento sia l'essere umano e Sir Peter Wheeler che lo ha introdotto al suo dono maledetto di «interprete di vite». Language is a virus from outer space William BurroughsThis book is the third volume of a novel called Your Face Tomorrow The three volumes as a whole are a masterful exploration of the processes by which we imprint each other for better or for worse The imprinting can happen through language through action and the power of example or through visual media At the novel's center is the perception that when we release something from ourselves an idea an inspiration a thought a vision whether through utterance or other means there is no telling the conseuences of this release and no controlling them either The narrator is Jacues a native of Madrid recently estranged from his wife who has come to London to live to allow the air between him and his wife to clear Through a friend he gets invited to go to work for a mysterious group connected to British intelligence that engages in observing people in interviews and then assessing them evaluating their trustworthiness and their potential for violence Working at this place he has a harrowing experience that serves to prepare him for a matter which arises in his personal life At one point in the story the narrator and his boss visit the home of Laurence Sterne author of Tristram Shandy and this is significant as the author draws heavily on the digressive discursive procedures of that work The novel sometimes seems like it is digression through and through but it always returns to the central lines of inuiry eventually The prose is complex and eminently readable musical even It seems that it is sometimes compared to that of Proust or Henry JamesMany of the digressions are concerned with the some of the older characters' experiences in the Spanish Civil War and WWII The choices made by people in wartime provide a significant counterpoint to the choices being made by the characters in the novel's presentThe book proceeds slowly but it is not without significant events and even violence at times It's definitely worth bearing with it; its rewards are substantial

characters Veneno y sombra y adiós

Veneno y sombra y adiósSombra y MOBI #239 La conclusione mozzafiato di una trilogia straordinaria sulla pace e sulla guerra sulla violenza e sulla paura sul segreto che prima o dopo deve raccontarsi e sul peso del passato Sull'impossibilità di conoscere gli altri e anche se stessiInfine l'attesa si Veneno y. There's a select group of novels in my reading history the first time I read them I would occasionally become deeply envious of people who hadn't started them because that meant they had something amazing to look forward to The first time it happened was with War Peace It also happened with The Magic Mountain Gravity's Rainbow although I was sick when I read it so it might have just been a fever The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Gerard Woodward's sort of memoir trilogy That's not to say all of these books are eually good and certainly not that they have much in common Anyway I got that feeling with this volume of Your Face Tomorrow Like many of the above books it'll probably take three or four reads before I really have any idea what this is even about but my best guess so far is 20th century 'total' warfare leads us to be suspicious of language and thought Thanks to this suspicion and a possible cultural decline we are decreasingly able to use these things properly and those who are able to use them properly often end up using them for pretty obviously evil or self interested acts This gets very self reflexive for a novelist particularly one like Marias who accurately believes that he can use language and thought well In the hands of a lesser man or woman the book would end up feeling like a novelist's lament for the art of the novel in which the real world is little than a tool used to talk about books With Marias though we're given a book which reminds us that novelists are people too; like the rest of us they're concerned with ideas and thoughts and knowing other people Instead of being another navel gazing disuisition on the impossibility of modernist literature in a post modern world then we get a book about what it's like to live in a world that makes it difficult to take important things including but not limited to modernist literature seriously But just by being one of those important things Your Face Tomorrow reminds us that we can be serious people Also Maria Jull Costa is the best translator I know Amazing work