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kindle ✓ á Cordwainer Smith Y drug Stroon how he bought Old Earth and how his visit to Earth changed both him and Earth itse This is essentially a coming of age story with a difference And what a difference Roderick Frederick Ronald Arnold William MacArthur McBan to the Hundred and Fifty First is a typical teenager in a most atypical place and time By turns arrogant naive very intelligent warm clever depressed and ultimately very likeable Rod McBan solves a personal problem by conniving with the McBan Family Computer to buy the entire planet Earth lock stock and underpeople The main narrative traces his growth to responsible adulthood as he comes to Earth to manage his purchaseThe story is set in Smith's marvelous alternate universe the Instrumentality of Mankind see The Rediscovery of Man In his journey Rod McBan meets personages both high and low from the great Lords of the Instrumentality who ceaselessly work to help mankind reach its full potential to the underpeople genetically engineered animals bred to do the dirty work that mankind no longer wants to do His interactions with them inform his own growth and the growth of mankind as it comes to inhabit the entire galaxyCordwainer Smith has many axes to grind in his alternative universe although he usually grinds them with considerable subtlety Injustice the advantages and disadvantages of religion technology duty pride power lust and dedication are but some of the big issues he takes up Smith's own rather uniue life gives some interesting twists to his opinionsNorstrilia can be enjoyed on its own but its constant references to Smith's larger universe suggest that the reader would get meat out of the story by reading The Rediscovery of Man first

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read kindle ☆ Norstrilia Hardcover ò cordwainer smith Ý [Read] ➬ Norstrilia By Cordwainer Smith – This is the only novel Cordwainer Smith ever wrote during his distinguished career It tells the story of a boy form the planet Old North Australia where rich simple farmers grow the This is the only novel Cordwainer Smith ever wrote during his distinguished career It tells the What I learned from this book1 Inflation has its uses2 Sometimes the best computer for the job is the laminated brain of a mouse 3 The economic significance of mutant sheep4 Go big or go home A sideways and roundabout look at a strange and twisted future involving everything from telepathic mink to bird men with hypnotic mandalas to a man who literally bought the planet earth I don't know why it works but it most certainly does this is a must read for anyone who appreciates a uniue imagination of the world to come

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NorstriliaStory of a boy form the planet Old North Australia where rich simple farmers grow the immortalit I described Norstrilia to a friend as 'a charming kind of bonkers' and for me it was Nevertheless I understand why it was problematic in a number of ways particularly the 1960s sexism and portrayals of slavery and xenophobia albeit much of this was deliberately echoing older pulp sci fi as well as giving the impression of a rushed and cobbled together mess at times It also had one of the most passive protagonists in recorded history and a villain who was so underdeveloped as to be essentially an off screen character Some people aren't feeling the same charm I did underneath those issues and I don't blame themPerhaps we can mostly agree that much of the book is at least bonkers whether charming or not The portrayal of such absurdities as thousand tonne giant mutant sheep being shorn with lawnmowers was enough to engage me in the world It does throw these loopy ideas at you freuently and many of them are neither explained nor expanded upon though I understand much of it ties into the short stories collected in The Rediscovery of Man Apparently it was one of the ambitious early examples of a sci fi universe and the novel is meant to be read within that broader contextSmith's prose tends to the literary and his influences and style are uncommon He is clearly inspired by Chinese literature not least Journey to the West His interests in psychology pscyhological warfare and political activism also inform the novel There are hints of Christian allegory but he seems to retreat from embracing them At times he arguably subverts them Rod McBan is not the messiah he's just a very naive and rich boyI for one was amused by the humorous though at times severely dark portrayal of a future culture based on the Crocodile Dundee image of 20th century Australians Like so much in the book the portrayal is consciously mythic and mythopoeic This is a universe as people perceived it after the fact with exaggerated characters and cultural self images that would break down under critical scrutiny The Chinese influence manifests in this aspectIt's certainly a book with a convoluted publishing history having taken about six years to write as a novel then being hacked apart for various different versions in magazines and being split into two novellas not once but twice Thus I'm privileged to have got my hands on the 1994 NESFA Press hardcover which is apparently the 'definitive' edition I highly recommend it if you can find a copy as it includes an extensive introduction and an appendix with extracts from alternative versions of the textAll things considered I would say this book may still appeal to fans of sci fi of the irreverent variety Douglas Adams et al of space opera of cool settings with a range of possibilities and of 'New Wave' generally