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Winnie and Wolf Free download ´ 104 ï [Reading] ➱ Winnie and Wolf ➹ A.N. Wilson – Winnie and Wolf is the story of the extraordinary relationship between Winifred Wagner and Adolf Hitler that took place during the years 1925–40 as seen through the eyes of the secretary at the Wagn Winnie and Wolf is thWinnie and Wolf is the story of the extraordinary relationship between Winifred Wagner and Adolf Hitler that took place during the years – as seen through the eyes of the secretary at Winnie and PDFEPUB or the Wagner house in BayreuthWinifred an English girl brought up in an orphanage in East Grinstead married at the age of eighteen to the son of Germany’s most controversial genius is a passionate Germanophile a Wagnerian dreamer a Teutonic patriotIn the debacle of the post Versailles world the Wagner family hope for the coming not of a warrior a fearl. Objectively this probably deserves like 12 stars But I am rounding it up this time because the elements of this book that were good were so satisfying that they outweigh the not so good Winnie Wolf is an ambitious attempt to show both how the German composer Richard Wagner's work was co opted by the Nazis and how Wagner's daughter in law Winifred could have possibly maintained her long term friendship with Hitler as the heinous elements of the Third Reich's power played out Wilson suggests that Hitler and Winnie had an affair that resulted in a child and it is for the sake of their having had a child together and for the sake of Hitler's uncle like relationship with Winnie Siegfried Wagner's four children that she blinds herself to what he is doing Other reviewers seem to think that Winnie Hitler having a sexual relationship is ludicrous I can't comment on that except to say that even if it is this is a work of fiction and for that reason Wilson can infer as he wishesThe major strength of this book is how incredibly well Wilson evokes the broken Germany in the wake of World War I susceptible to the nationalist speechifying of a figure like Hitler Wilson's narrator an unnamed assistant to Siegfried Wagner who spent time in the family's household around Winnie Hitler and who then adopted their lovechild describes how he himself was enticed by the message of the Nazis We see his evolution from hopeful believer to disillusionment providing a plausible framework for the evolution of the ordinary GermanWilson's writing style though sometimes difficult to navigate serves his narrator's voice well Towards the beginning of the book the narrator describes the German people as a whole as uiet upright and above all rational people In my experience this is accurate and the narrator's voice reflected these ualities giving the book a feeling of authenticityThe biggest stumbling block of this book is in connecting Wagner to the present story of Winnie Hitler and the Third Reich's rise to power It is clear that Wilson reveres Richard Wagner which is why he can't seem to resist sharing every single detail of the man's life with us in order to free him from history's misunderstanding At times the narrator will interrupt interesting sections of plot with a few pages of biographical Wagner information bringing everything to a grinding halt Wilson also gives complete summaries of each of his operas which I suppose is wonderful if you already love Wagner or are interested in making connections between the operatic figures and Hitler's aims I was interested in the beginning of the book but let's be real a It's 360 pages long which tends towards the long side Given that there's not much of a structured plot to the book unnecessary information becomes tedious b All of this information about particular operas is unnecessary at the end because Hitler's no longer justifying and strategizing The war for Germany is over The connection has been madeEven though I think some editing could have been done to make this less of a slog at points and to organize the story in a coherent way I would still highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction evocation of place and character studies Wilson's Hitler is unsettling in his humanity In a moment of self consciousness that I liked very much the narrator remarks that in light of all of the suffering the Third Reich caused talking about Hitler as a man rather than as the Führer is probably extraneous This is true But it's also an important part of realizing why so many ordinary Germans remained loyal to him for as long as they did

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Ess Siegfried but of a Parsifal a mystic idealist a redeemer figure In they meet their Parsifal – a wild eyed Viennese opera fanatic in a trilby hat a mac and a badly fitting suit Hitler has already made a name for himself in some sections of German society through rabble rousing and street corner speeches It is Winifred though who believes she can really see his poetry Almost at once they drop formalities and call one another ‘Du’ rather than ‘Sie’ She is Winnie and he is WolfLike Winnie Hitler was an outsider Like her he was haunted by the impo. I found this meticulously researched novel engrossing It tells the story of the relationship between Winifred Wagner wife of Richard Wagner's son and Adolf Hitler but it's also the story of the relationship between Nazism and the German people It brought home to me something I knew intellectually but failed to grasp emotionally; how absolutely desperate the economic meltdown was in Germany between the first and second wars and how the seeds of Nazi ideology took root and flourished in this mix of humiliation economic chaos and widespread longing for rescue order and strong leadership whatever the cost I also learned a great deal about Wagner his family his music and the phenomenon of Bayreuth

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Winnie and WolfSsibility of reconciling the pursuit of love and the pursuit of power the ultimate inevitability if you pursued power of destruction Both had known the humiliations of poverty Both felt angry and excluded by society Both found each other in an unusual kinship that expressed itself through a love of operaIn AN Wilson’s most bold and ambitious novel yet the world of the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany is brilliantly recreated and forms the backdrop to this incredible bond which ultimately reveals the remarkable capacity of human beings to deceive themselv. Brilliant worth rereading it grows on you liek a good wine