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review We AUTHOR Charles A. Lindbergh ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB µ [Download] ➵ We By Charles A. Lindbergh – 1927 The famous flier's own story of his life and his transatlantic flight together with his views on the future of aviation Flying was his trade his means of livelihood buGave him a wider scope of usefulness he announced he would devote himself wholeheartedly to the advance of aeronauti. subject was great but the text was like a personal log of facts and events extremely juvenile and dry Amazing that he had written and published this the same year he made the flight I am sure there are many other well written books about these momentous events

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The famous flier's own story of his life and his transatlantic flight together with his views on the future of avia. I wonder how many people knew that Charles Lindbergh had written a book in 1927 shortly after he accomplished the remarkable feat of flying solo from New York to Paris Until about a couple of weeks ago I had no idea that WE existed WE in the title was Lindbergh's way of referring to himself and the airplane 'The Spirit of St Louis' that carried him across the ocean to Paris He considered what he achieved in that flight not a singular accomplishment for him alone but also for the plane Most of the book is taken up with Lindbergh telling his life story his brief time as a student of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin his initial training as a pilot in a flight school in Nebraska in 1922 his experiences barnstorming in the South and Midwest his subseuent acceptance into the US Army Air Service as an aviation cadet in 1924 his successful completion of his military training the following year Lindbergh was made a reserve officer followed by his service as an air mail pilot all of which led up to his undertaking the uest to carry out a transatlantic flight A uest as represented by the award of the 25000 Orteig Prize for any aviator who succeeded in flying across the Atlantic that had already been taken up by many of the world's renowned aviators without success Many died in the attempt The remainder of the book goes on to describe the reception Lindbergh received across Europe and the US in May and June of 1927 after his record flight I enjoyed reading this book so much While there are aspects of Charles Lindbergh later manifested in his life when he became a controversial political voice with the America First isolationist movement pre Pearl Harbor that I do not like his achievements in aviation are AMAZING

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We AUTHOR Charles A. LindberTion Flying was his trade his means of livelihood but the love of it burned in him with a fine passion and his fame. Interesting to understand Lindbergh who was one of the most famous people in America during his time The country needed a hero and he was a dashing daring person who pushed the frontier of flight Read it mostly due to the personal connection as he lived in Hana toward the end of his life and is buried there