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Beg For Mercy Mercy Hollings #1 Read & Download ´ 9 ¼ ➮ [Read] ➪ Beg For Mercy Mercy Hollings #1 By Toni Andrews ➺ – I've never been certain I'm humanOh the X rays and blood tests are normal and mostpeople have no reason to suspect I'm than Iappear to be But if I tell you to do somY Hollings and For Mercy Mercy eBook #9734 if you think thathaving the power to control people makes my lifeeasy you're dead wrongBecause when I get angry everyone around me is atrisk Sukey my friend who has frightening taste inmen my clients who ironically come to me for he. 2Sooner or later I'll have to find the will if not the time to create a new shelf Cheesiness Or something like it One reviewer wroteFailed as a romance failed as a mystery failed as an urban fantasy And I can't deny that with this rude sounding but utterly true statement a fellow reader hit the nail on its boring suare headI found many problems with this story There was no world building at all The clich√© ridden heroine was the only character with some paranormal aspect together with the villain and being adopted it was easily ignored and glossed overWe can't really say this is UF as there's no fantasy in it There's no mystery as everything is uber spelled out either by the plot that really lacks any mystery and by the heroine's power Let's not talk about the romantic thread It was too heavy handed to be a secondary aspect as it should have been and way too cheesy to be interesting It sounded bad as the worst pnr to me The plot was moved on only by the heroine's stupidity It couldn't stand on its legs But she was not the only problem All of them were pretty flat from the best friend to the villain At worst they were barely sketched

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Lpmy neighbors who regard me as a loner and Sam aman who wants to know my darkest secretI have hurt people in the past and I don't want thatto happen again But now a powerful stranger is threatening the new life that I've made for myselfAnd I'm afraid my anger is taking over. Interesting book I wonder what she is She seems to imply that she is a different species Weird how Sam becomes bossy too As if he has any right to act upAnyway I like the story It's an easy read and definitely readable in half a day But the actionmystery if this book is pretty good too I would ualify it as cozy urban fantasySexy meter 45 hot but not and graphic but not over the top ;Weirdnessfantasy factor 25 mild really seems like it is just mind control typeAction factor 35 gets intense at some point But nothing too violentWould read the next book in between other books though Not right away Might get bored if I read all three right away

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Beg For Mercy Mercy Hollings #1I've never been certain I'm humanOh the X Mercy Mercy PDF #203 rays and blood tests are normal and mostpeople have no reason to suspect I'm than Iappear to Beg For PDF be But if I tell you to do something Youdo it no ifs ands or butsI call my power the 'press'My name is Merc. I really liked this book This was a solid start to a contemporary fantasy series and I'm not sure why it took me so long to hear about it considering this is my favorite sub genre I wasn't sure about it after reading the blurb it's about a telepath not my usual werewolves and vampires living in modern day America but the I read the I liked it The writing is very good I felt for the characters and the decisions were all believeable within the context of the story I even grew interested in learning about Mercy's superpowers it's origin what else she could do etc I've now extremely interested to see where this series goes It seems to have the potential to be a winnerThe premise is the Mercy Hollings can make you do anything she tells you to do with the power of her suggestion She's got her own ethical do no harm rules and she's about to open a business as a hypnotherapist She's got one friend in all the world who happens to have horrible taste in men When she tells the schmuck to flush his drugs down the toilet and leave town forever she doesn't know that he's holding a million dollars worth of a drug dealer's stash and the drug dealer comes after her Only he's immune to her powers and utterly ruthless Mercy meets the man of her dreams along the way and finally starts to make some new friends right as the bad guy treatens all she holds dear Sounds a bit cheesy but it works Looking forward to the next book