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DF #186 History and Anti. Wonderfully bonkers from start to finishOf course The Natural History of Selborne is a nature classic And yes it is for its attention to minute observations of Nature and its creation of a new approach to study But it can also be read as a sort of autobiography of White himself And on this level it becomes a hooting owl of a book White is wonderfully pompous and righteous patriarchal and misogynistic all you would expect an C18 Divine to be The parson naturalist has a fallen approach to the Creation shoot it and eat it One short passage paraphrases as saw a rare bird didn't know what it was shot at it missed it because the little sod kept jumping up and down White's investigation into sound the search for a polyglot Echo in a hollow vale is pure mock heroic though it is meant to be deadly serious of course Parts are as funny as Sterne Nothing like a man on his hobby horse to create humour amidst Creation The Natural History of Selborne fills a void between the Augustans and the Romantics a vacancy which White fills admirably with inspiration and wind

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The Natural History of SelborneUities of Selborne or ju. I deserve a medal for reading this book I have ranidaphobia and there is a lot of gross stuff about frogs in almost every chapter I like frogs to be happy healthy and far away from me They should not be eaten by birds or kept as pets Also swallows do not hibernate underwater but we appreciate your efforts Gilbert

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The Natural History of Selborne Free download ´ 104 Ä ❰Read❯ ➪ The Natural History of Selborne Author Gilbert White – The Natural History and Antiuities of Selborne or just The Natural History of PDF º History and Antiuities of Selborne or just.The Natural History of P. Gilbert White's classic best in an illustrated edition like Century 1988 can be read like the Bible a few paragraphs a day to muse on Or one sentence The language of birds is very ancient and like other ancient modes of speech very elliptical; little is said but much is meant and understood I read White's Selbourne and mused on it so while traveling in Dorset and writing my Birdtalk 2003 GW takes you into another world the world where uotidian life the appearance of migratory birds the Tortoise Timothy in the root garden was prized not avoided by iphones and fast transport and vague urgencies White is the Thoreau of England a solitary observer of the first rank But unlike Thoreau the cantankerous Romantic recluse and tax refuser White was a sociable minister an Eighteenth Century man Both Thoreau and White write with inimitable precision and joy at discovery Both were transcendental White in the traditionsl Christian manner The Solomon of Canticles revived in Selbourne and at Walden