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Dakota A Spiritual Geography review ¿ 8 ☆ ☆ Dakota A Spiritual Geography PDF / Epub ✩ Author Kathleen Norris – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk An evocation of the Great Plains and its influence on the human spirit Dakota describes the harsh desolate yet sublime landscape that embodies the contradictions of American life as lived inS the harsh desolate yet sublime landscape that embodies the contradictions of America. I came across this book while doing some research for work and when I told my boss I was interested in reading it she generously loaned me her copy I've always had a bit of a love affair with the Dakotas the vast openness and the miles upon miles between towns speaks to both the recluse and the small town girl in me In this book Kathleen Norris has collected her essays about Dakota she lived in S Dakota but repeatedly refers to both Dakotas as just Dakota I could appreciate her insight as both an outsider she spent most of her childhood and young adulthood in Hawaii and New York City and as an insider her mom grew up in South Dakota and Kathleen's move to her mother's childhood home spurred the essays in this book I think that Kathleen has the objectivity of an outsider balanced with the love and compassion of an insider and her feelings about Dakota intersect with my own experience of being both an outsider and insider in a small plains' town She manages to explore the simpleness complexity and frustration of rural life without ridiculing or romanticizing it and she keeps these small towns from becoming completely invisible to the culture Reading this filled me with longing for the Dakotas nostalgia about the culture in which I grew up and also a touch of relief that I don't live in such a small community anyMany of these essays were published prior to this collection so there are several places where Kathleen Norris seems to repeat herself if you read all the essays at once I also struggled with her depiction of fascination with monastic communities She seems to carry her relationships with monastic life like a bit of a trophy romanticizing it even as she criticizes others for romanticizing monasteries acknowledging the burden Benedictine monks take on by their Rule of Hospitality even as she seems keen to take advantage of that vow at every opportunity But then maybe I'm just jealous that she gets to hang out at monasteries and I don't

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An evocation of the Great Plains and its influence on the human spirit Dakota describe. “Nature in Dakota can indeed be an experience of the holy”I ran across a review of Dakota on Goodreads and couldn’t believe I had not heard of this book before As a native North Dakotan and someone who is on a faith journey herself Dakota seemed to be a must read for meThe author Kathleen Norris has had an interesting journey in her own right She was born in Washington DC but spent summers in South Dakota with her grandparents Eventually she found her calling as a writer poetry to be exact and furthered her career in New York City Like many of us who left small towns and suburbia for urban centers Ms Norris felt that she had outgrown the religion she grew up with And yet she still had a spiritual longing In Dakota through a series of essays and poems the reader is able to journey with Kathleen Norris as she navigates her spiritual inheritance and finally makes peace with it “Ironically it is in choosing the stability of the monastery or the Plains places where nothing ever happens places the world calls dull that we discover that we can change In choosing a bare bones existence we are enriched and can redefine success as an internal process rather than an outward display of wealth and power”This is such a beautiful book Norris’ writing is breathtaking and in Dakota she bares her soul in an effort of devotion and instruction I will have to read this again and again

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Dakota A Spiritual GeographyN life as lived in the small towns where history and myth have become indistinguishabl. I read this several years ago and am rereading it I was born and raised a Catholic and have since fallen away from the Church Norris as a Protestant made me look again at the faith of Catholicism versus the Church of Catholicism two very different things While she does not say this explicitly in this book for non Catholic readers the Church is a centuries old corporation of power and politics The faith is just that faith It is what doesn't get practiced by the Vatican which tries to enforce rules which cost it many former believers This book is a beautiful examination of human existence with spirituality grounded in man created religion and then the religion of land I love the way she entwined her examination of being a oblate with the land of western South Dakota A very spiritual land of immense power For those who simply drive through the Dakotas on the interstate it is something they will never see One has to take two weeks and travel on the lesser known highways or find public marked land Then camp out and walk just walk for hours It is anything but empty space I think Norris is one of the very few contemporary writers who can write about religion and faith fluidly without dragging the reader down with thick and muddy sentences or dogma This is especially true of her book The Cloistered Walk