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READ & DOWNLOAD My Body His Marcello Marcello My Body Trilogy #2 107 Ó [Reading] ➾ My Body His Marcello Marcello My Body Trilogy #2 Author Blakely Bennett – Book two in the My Body trilogy Dark Erotic Suspense not Romance Jane Stiles has embarked on an intense odyssey into the world of doThere will change her foreverJane and Luke reconcile and even find a rhythm that includes not only bondage and punishment but genuine love Body His Marcello PDFEPUB #196 making Just when Jane is convinced that the happiness and devotion she has always craved is within reach Luke pushes her beyond endurance and she rebels in a way her harsh husband cannot forgive From there her life spins out of control But Jane has a strong spirit and she will prevail. First off a bit of housekeeping I wouldn’t do this except that apparently this wasn’t a seuel but just the latter half of the original novel so it applies There has been some discussion over whether or not people would consider the first book a Romance I would point that out that I compared it to Comfort Food a novel where a woman is kidnapped by a madman and isolated in a room until she falls in love with her captor and never wants to leave him in a decidedly Stockholm Syndromish sort of way and Conseuences a novel where a woman is kidnapped by a ruthless businessman raped and held prisoner until her captor is convinced that has her sufficiently under control that she won’t try to expose what happened So I think it is fair to say I was never confused about this being a RomanceOfficially this is categorized as Erotic Suspense My only problem with that is that I didn’t find it Erotic and there really wasn’t much SuspenseTo me this was a bit of insight into Battered Person’s Syndrome Jane allows a stranger to take control of her life and ends up homeless and penniless sleeping on a beach Yet at the same time she is totally in denial over what happened She even addresses the reader on this point trying to explain to the Reader how she would differ from such a person but that rang really hollow to meUsually around this point I say something about the fact that I couldn’t tell if Jane was actually a submissive I won’t do that this time because I am sure she was The issue is Luke He wasn’t a Dom He may have been trying to be one for the past 28 years yes that long but I think his issue wasn’t that he hadn’t met the right person but that he was attempting to be something he wasn’t and failing badly Something that Marcello should have pointed out to him long before now and perhaps he had In the first novel I had Marcello pegged as evil now I consider him just sad He seems to be a very unhappy person to meConclusion An Interesting read but definitely not a fun one

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Book two in the My Body trilogy His Marcello PDF #10003 Dark Erotic Suspense not Romance Jane Stiles has embarked on an intense odyssey into the world of domination and submission She no longer recognizes herself She has uit her job surrendered her possessions and agreed to a wedding where she is the only one naked all for the sake of the elusive Luke a man so compelling she can deny him nothing Now there is no going back Her new life will revolve aro. Rage uit at 75%I found this book at the bottom of my kindle I don't even remember why or when I bought it and the second one in the series at thatWhat a piss poor excuse for a female character My god Up until I desided to throw in a towel she kept complaining about him not caring about her The asshole really didn't though Her outfit on her wedding day was only a body paint and a butplug It all would have been dandy if only kinksters were invited Nope Her mother was at the wedding What the fuck was the point of that The hubby kept fucking it up she kept leaving him then kept begging him to take her back He presented her with 7 conditions she said yes to all of them then kept whining about it through the whole book She got a safe word but with a condition attached and it's a big one If she uses it it's over not just the scene but the whole realationship They are fucking married She safe words during the gang bang or as her husband called it a party which she wasn't informed about before hand What does her husband do He tells her to pack her shit and get out and changes locks of the house they both live in Of course she comes crawling back to ask for his forgiveness Da fuckDon't even get me started on him loaning her to his friend whom she dislikes also who is in love with her while having another submissive at the same time who also surprises her with a party But kinksters gonna be kinking it's neither here nor there What I couldn't stand was the fact what a doormat she was Now the author's note at the begging of the book did bother me a lot even so after I read what I read in the book Apparently after releasing the first book in the series she had received some messages saying her story is not a fair representation of the BDSM lifestyle character's relationship being abussive and all And that's why she felt the need to explane that some relationships are like that Sure I thought but it's still abussive On the other hand why would anyone pick up a book as such looking for true facts It's called fiction Google the definition Then again I've read few dark and twisted fictional stories that made sence this one however did not What was the point of author's note in the book I didn't get itMy overall impression poorly written characters with a story that is all over the place that made no fucking sense Moving on to bigger and better things

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My Body His Marcello Marcello My Body Trilogy #2Und Luke his friends and clientsHovering in the background My Body PDFEPUB or is Luke’s best friend Marcello whose ego is as towering as his stature Marcello has set his sights on Jane She is drawn to his power his masculinity and the challenge he represents even though she fears and dislikes him After Luke discovers that Jane has breached one of his many “rules” he sends her to Marcello for punishment and lessons in Domsub culture What happens. This is part two or continuation if you will of the My Body His trilogy My Body His Marcellostarts off where the first story left off Jane has gotten married to Luke naked while he is in a suit just because that is what Luke wantsand pledged to follow every single demand Luke wants or decides Jane soon finds out how far Luke's can go after she makes the mistake of offending one of Luke's friends at their weddingCan Jane handle the life she was so uickly thrown into and become the perfect submissive or will she struggle with the things Luke expects her to do Does Jane use her safe word even if it means that at the moment those safe words are spoken Luke will completely cast her out of his life Be prepared to ride this emotional roller coaster and try to control your anger I had to struggle to contain myself with this one