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Lone Star ProtectorThe enemy might be closer than he ever dreamed possible he vows to see justice served But can he save Kaitlin before it's too late to tell her he loves he. Too many killings and too many attempts everybody was on edge and it was personal for Captain Slade Kaitlin is a trainer is that why they are after her they had taken Rio who was specially train K 9 was there reasons A good plot that involves the team they are watching out for one another The clues the scents for the dogs are varied they all want their lives back Good reading once again for this series

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CHARACTERS Þ Lone Star Protector ↠ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Lone Star Protector By Lenora Worth ➺ – Keeping WatchWhen dog trainer Kaitlin Mathers is attacked Texas K 9 Unit captain Slade McNeal is determined to keep her—and what's left of his family—safe from harm But soon Slade realizes nothing Keeping WaKeeping WatchWhen dog trainer Kaitlin Mathers is attacked Texas K Unit captain Slade McNeal is Lone Star Epubdetermined to keep her and what's left of his. Book six and the conclusion of the Love Inspired Suspense series Texas K 9 Unit Dog trainer Kaitlin is almost kidnapped while working with newest trainee to the K 9 Unit Warrior Captain Slade McNeal comes to her rescue after hearing Warrior barking Slade cares for Kaitlin and he determines once and for all to put an end to the crime spree that has been running rampant in Sagebrush Texas for the past six monthsThis was an enjoyable conclusion to the series The Boss of the crime syndicate is finally revealed as is the fate of Slade's missing K 9 partner Rio Not sure if this book would work as well as a stand alone since a lot of the events that are being followed up on in this book happened in previous books It was nice to finally read Slade's story I really liked both him and Kaitlin and I enjoyed revisiting with members of the K 9 Unit from past books I truly loved all the brave and heroic dogs of the K 9 Unit that were featured in this series

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Family safe from harm But soon Slade realizes nothing's safe including his dogs his son or the beautiful woman who's opening his heart When Slade realizes. I came to this series late As in this one was my first It did wrap the others up for me so that I could follow along but I think it would have been better if I start at the beginning See if I could find the clues for myself in the other books that this book gave me as a whole I love books that bring God into our lives and shows us how we can have him with us at all times without being preachy They are stories that show love compassion and forgiveness without steamy scenes that someone who is trying to remain clean will have to feel compromised for reading Stories you can enjoy without it being a conscience issue This is a keeper for me and a must read in line with the others for sure