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Free download His Undoing º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ His Undoing By Aria Grace ❄ – When Mike found out he would be sharing a dorm with a former football star he was terrified He'd been bullied by jocks all his life for being scrawny and weak and didn't have high expectatNed the threatening letters that Mike had been receiving Was Mike really at risk because of a jealous ex Was there even anything to be jealous of Warning Contains graphic descriptions of gay s. 45 starsI got this for free from the author but after reading it I have to say I would have gladly paid for this book It was a wonderful read exactly what I like in a story even the mf scene wasn't a problem for me What resulted in the missing half star For me the end was too rushed This is another book for my comfort reads and I will definitely read by Ms Grace

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Of how it would go To his surprise Brett was a great guy that was easy to get along with and seemed to enjoy his company When Mike learned that Brett was gay it was a shock but it also explai. First off I love the cover This was perfect for what it was intended to be A sweet short story about young love The characters were likable and were good together It was nice that they had normal names That sounds strange but with authors coming up with stranger and stranger names or just using Chase Tyler Cam etc all the time it was good to meet a Mike and Brett I am looking forward to a full lenght novel from Ms Grace hint hint

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His UndoingWhen Mike found out he would be sharing a dorm with a former football star he was terrified He'd been bullied by jocks all his life for being scrawny and weak and didn't have high expectations. Mike is a college student who has been assigned to a dorm with a jock as his roommate Mike has been bullied most of his life because it was assumed that he was gay he's not He's nervous about meeting the roommate Brett because he fears that it will be of what he experienced in the past with other jocks It turns out that Brett is a nice guy and he is gay though that fact is not well known A friendship uickly develops between the two young men As the friendship develops Mike begins receiving anonymous threatening emails warning him away from Brett Assuming they are a joke he brushes them off and doesn't tell anyone about them until something happens where Mike has no choice but to come forward with information about them Afterwards Mike begins dating a girl that Brett introduced him to This leads to a sexual experience that was pretty graphically described between Mike and the girl Later Mike realizes that who he wants is Brett not the girlI had every intention of adding a uick rating on here and not reviewing this book at all It was not a bad story In fact it was going pretty well even if I normally have zero interest in seeing mf situations in my mm books Then something happened When this occurred listed in the below spoiler my rating dropped and I knew I would not simply be marking this as read and moving on My apologies to the author but this particular thing as well as a couple of others bugged me I am sure others will enjoy this story I have to say however that it was not for meview spoiler Mike is attacked by two men in his dorm room and left for dead He suffered serious injuries that put him in the hospital and then later he was unable to care for himself without Brett's help He was attacked because Brett's ex assumed that Mike and Brett were a couple this comes out later It was days after the attack before Mike found out that he had not been raped by the attackers Later on there is another attack as Mike is doing his walk of shame after having sex with a girl his so called girlfriend Brett has followed him from the party where he left the girl sleeping and is able to stop the attack before it gets too bad this time Once Brett finds out who the attacker is he talks Mike out of calling the police because 'he won't bother us again' Hmmmm this guy almost killed the kid in an earlier attack and it's not okay to call the police and advise them not only of the 2nd attack but the fact that they now know who beat him the first time THAT is what killed the book for me completely Normally I have no desire to read mm books where one of the main characters has a sexual experience graphically described with a female If I want to read about hetero sex I read a hetero book While in this case I had no real issue with the actual sexual experience I did have an issue with the fact that Mike had sex with the girl knowing he was using her to lose his virginity Later he makes it back to his dorm after another attack and ends up having sex with Brett for the first time Not only did he jump from the girl's bed to Brett's within a few hours but he was still officially involved with the girl who considered him her boyfriend I don't read cheating books and even if everything worked out later in that regard he was still cheating hide spoiler