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DOWNLOAD ´ DOGSALONBRISTOL.CO.UK Á ReShonda Tate Billingsley She dishes celebrity dirt no one Know Me MOBI #240 else dares But now Maya Morgan is about to get a taste of her own medicineGossip show Rumor Central has gone beyond Miami to national syndication So now's the time for Maya Morgan to really make her brand b. From the summary on NetGalley this sounded like it was going to be an awesome read and that’s exactly what it was When I reuested the book for review I wasn’t aware that this is the second book in the Rumor Central series but after finishing it I can safely say it can be read as a stand alone AND this author clearly knows her fabulous Though references were often made to events in the first book it didn’t make me feel as though I was missing out on any crucial details I should know about the characters but it did make me curious enough to want to read the first bookFrom the synopsis I got the impression that Maya is an all out diva and I was going to roll my eyes often at her attitude Maybe in her head Maya thinks she’s a diva but I actually liked her so much than I thought I would I didn’t always agree with what she did or how she handled certain situations and people but the way she responded to it is exactly the way a teen would do and thus I felt her character to be adeuately developed for teen readers to be able to identify with her in many ways I even liked Maya’s diva friends and I often smiled at their anticsWhat I liked most about the story though is that there is a lesson in there for anyone who regularly uses the internet and access their emails; one that centers around cyber stalking and protecting your identity while online It’s written in an informative way and through Maya’s experiences with super fan Jayla the importance of being vigilant about passwords while online and how easily it is for hackers to steal your identity is brought to the front in such a way it makes you want to change all your passwords as soon as you’ve finished the final chapter of this bookThis is my first experience with Billingsley’s writing and I’m super impressed I definitely want to read the first book in this series and all the books that follow as well as any of her other books You Don’t Know Me Like That is a clean read void of profanity and adult content and as such I highly recommend it for readers aged twelve and up After the last chapter there’s also a list of uestions about the story suitable for book clubs The dialogue is witty and though Maya’s in a class of her own she’s a character with values and morals but in no way is this written in a preachy manner It’s also a light and uick read and the reader walks away from it with lots to think about I’m happy I gave this book a go andoh yesI think Maya should definitely give Alvin a chance

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READ Þ You Dont Know Me Like That ô [BOOKS] ⚡ You Dont Know Me Like That By ReShonda Tate Billingsley – She dishes celebrity dirt no one else dares But now Maya Morgan is about to get a taste of her own medicineGossip show Rumor Central has gone beyond Miami to national syndication So now's the time for She dishes Ies to manage this disaster and save everything she's dished so hard to getScandal and mouth dropping entertainment Ni Dont Know Me PDFEPUB #196 Ni SimoneSit up and pay attention Maya Morgan will knock your socks off Earl Sewell author of The Keysha Diaries. ReShonda does a brilliant job of intertwining real life drama of a gossip ueen May Morgan with the reality that her success brings out her haters Maya Morgan although seems like a spoiled uppity rich girl that has it all that makes every other girl hate her the the end of this book you realize You don't know Maya Morgan like that Great read

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You Dont Know Me Like ThatLow up But her brand starts to blow up in You Dont eBook #10003 her face when a super fan takes over her online life trashing her reputation and putting her gossip future at risk Now Maya will need every down and dirty move and a little help from her frenem. Maya is known in Miami for her gossip and celebrity news She's getting all the dirt on celebs AND hanging out with them Still homework and teen problems were part of life Maya has the world on a string and she's enjoying life When a new assistant and a new social media person join her staff she figures it will just make things easier Maya has no idea the problems she's gonna have now Fast paced current and interesting this book will be one the teen in your life will enjoy I found the plot amazing Never did I dream what the outcome would be Ms Billingsley is a talented author and I feel completely at ease suggesting you get any one of her books I'm a fan I didn't find any issues I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I felt like I was part of the IN crowd reading this Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review