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Year old Isabelle McAllister has a favour to ask her hairdresser Dorrie Curtis and it's a big one Isabelle wants Dorrie a black single mother in her thirties to drop everything to drive her from her home Calling Me Kindle in Arlington Texas to a funeral in OhioAs they drive Isabelle starts. I hope you enjoy Calling Me Home Thank you for reading and spreading the word if you like it

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Calling Me HomeAre headed for a gathering of the utmost importance and that the history of Isabelle's first and greatest love just might help Dorrie find her own wayWith tenderness and searing emotion Calling Me Home illuminates the hardships passions and dreams that link women across race generations and ti. I had to have a chuckle when I read the subject line of this book that I only just realised is being made into a movie on IMBD 'An elderly lady asks her hairdresser to drive her to a funeral in Texas' It's so much than thatCalling Me Home tells us the heart breaking and wonderful story of Isabelle and Dorrie and of the tragic forbidden love in the late 1930's An amazing debut novel by Julie Kibler It's funny when the book world talks of 'debuts' as so often there is nothing 'debutish' about them this woman can write I think this book is amazing Elderly Isabelle asks youngish Dorrie to take the journey with her to attend a funeral Whose funeral The answer to this is told from alternating chapters between these two ladiesI admit to feeling sluggish at the first 100 pages or so but this is small change when really the problem is all mine ie zero reading time and time constraints I know I'm not the only reader to suffer from these frustrating cursesI feel out of my depth with these topics such as what we encounter here and in books like The Secret Life of Bees not through ingnorance of the subject matter but really just sheer disbelief and anger of what this stuff was all about and how characters such as this have to accept it but gave a damn hard fight to try and stand up for their love and passion Heartbreaking when young Isabelle has to 'resign' herself to certain facts that just pound on her heart so viciously Family dynamics aren't on Isabelle's side either and we see many times when her only 'ally' her father is so weak I wanted to strike out myself Even if he understood the emotions that tore at me like milkweed against flesh I couldn't trust that he'd offer any help than a shoulder to cry on and I was out of tearsDorrie is on a journey to help her best friend but this is also a journey of her own a self discovery This is one I loved Anyone who thinks a seventeen year old is mature enough to always know the difference between a smart choice and a dumbass decision hasn't been the mother to a seventeen year old The reminder sucked She was a great character to be going along the ride with as was Isabelle of course and she was so deserving to get her success The ending for both characters made me cry and I had to re read the last two pages A total joy and written lyrically and beautifullyAnother gem to come across on Goodreads was it you Elyse I would never have known about it otherwise I learned a lot from this book which is one of my favourite things to do suffice to say I wholeheartedly recommend you pick it up and tell me if you loved it too

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Read & Download Calling Me Home 100 Ø [Read] ➲ Calling Me Home ➮ Julie Kibler – 89 year old Isabelle McAllister has a favour to ask her hairdresser Dorrie Curtis and it's a big one Isabelle wants Dorrie a black single mother in her thirties to drop everything to drive her from he year old Isabelle McAllister has To tell her story as a willful teen in s Kentucky she fell deeply in love with Robert Prewitt the black son of her family's housekeeper in a town where blacks weren't allowed after dark The tale of their forbidden relationship and its tragic conseuences makes it clear that Dorrie and Isabelle. 5 Stars “Calling me Home” was one of the best books I’ve read this year and definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read It’s a complex story that will impress you in so many ways It’s a historical romance and it also is a women’s fictioncivil rightswomen’s rights as well It’s a beautiful tragic story about love life family loyalty grief racial and sexual discrimination segregation and so much It’s also an educational story a story that will open your eyes and that will make you grateful you live in this era This was my first Southern fiction novel and also my first novel with an interracial romance All I can say is that I found it very captivating The story is told in dual POV both in the past and in the present and personally I loved both POVs Practically there are two storylines both of them interesting and wonderfully done “Calling me Home” tells the story of two women – Isabelle a 89 years old white woman and Dorrie a 36 years old Afro American woman Dorrie is a single mother of two and she’s Isabelle’s hairdresser Over the years despite the many differences between them the two women became great friends While Isabelle knows some things about Dorrie’s life and even her two children Dorrie doesn't seems to know many things about the other woman’s childhood or other important aspects in her life She only knows she was married for a long time and her husband and son already died When Isabelle asks the younger woman to accompany her to a funeral in Cincinnati Dorrie is ready to help her friend despite of her own family troubles She knows Isabelle will need her support she feels it in her heart and she’s ready to take a break from her two young children her mother and her boyfriendLike I mentioned before the story is told both in the past and present The past in told from Isabelle’s POV and the present from Dorrie’s Isabelle’s story tells a story of a very young Isabelle who fall in love for Robert the black son of her family’s housekeeper In the ‘30s an era when interracial romance was forbidden a young Isabelle wanted than anything to be with the man she fall for Both her and Robert knew the conseuences but when the heart wants what it wants you try to do anything possible to be with the one you believe is your soul mate your one true love “Calling me Home” was such a beautiful touching story It evoked so many emotions in me Needless to say it make me feel Really feel And it broke my heart I was left speechless I didn’t want to start another book after I finished this novel I couldn’t It was that kind of the story for me At times it moved me to tears and I’m not a crier or the most emotional person I loved the dual POV and both story lines These two women’s voices were different but so real The story was balanced and I have to say I liked even if most of the time it was frustrating as hell how some chapters from past ended Most of the time I’m bothered by this but this time I really understood why the author choose to end some chapters in a certain way It definitely kept my interest Both Isabelle and Dorrie felt real and both were endearing characters The author did a fantastic job portraying their character especially Isabelle’s I loved Isabelle both in the past and in the present She’s a flawed character and that’s why she felt so real to me Young Isabelle was naïve yes but she just knew how she felt that she loves Robert She also was a little selfish because let’s face it she didn’t care too much about the fact that it’s possible Robert to be punished if someone finds out about their romance But love is love and love is everything right So I didn’t care especially since Robert loved her back Old Isabelle is likeable funny wise smart and so so strong She amazed with her strength Dorrie was likeable as well She tries to a good mother she really does but sometimes especially as a single mother is hard to manage everything She wants to be her children’s friend not only their parent and she wants to be a good role model for them better than her own mother was for her I really admired her for that She doesn’t trust herself when it comes to men Her new man seems too good to be true She’s doesn’t know what to do if her new man is trustworthy enough She doesn’t want to be hurt any I really sympathize with herThe beautiful friendship between these two women because it really was beautiful warmed my heart It was great to see them interact with each other and trust each other with their secrets I also enjoyed their bickering They are different from each other – in age and in race but they form a bond like no other and they dynamic was simply fantastic Young Isabelle’s romance with Robert was beautiful tender touching but unfortunately tragic I was than once in tears reading their story I knew from the beginning that it will be a tragic love story but it was devastating to read about these characters’ fate For me their love was uniue and so wonderful and I’ll always remember their love story In my opinion the ending was perfect for this novel I was expected it Mrs Kibler is a great storyteller and even if her writing is simple it’s evocative and gripping All in all “Calling me Home” is a wonderful story with fantastic endearing characters a great solid plot and a wonderful love story I highly recommend this one