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Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ Astolat Fanfiction SmallvilleDC ComicsPai. Reading this fic was when I first discovered that Superman and Lex Luthor had a test tube babygenetic lovechild called Kon ElSuperboyConner Kent which is just so amusing in addition to fans speculation about Superman's love interests having LL initialsLana Lang Lois Lane Lex Luthor XDAnyway this story is a crossoverfusion between Smallville tv series and DC Comics But I don't think you need to know much to follow this story just the fact that in Smallville Superman and Luthor were exes I mean ex bestfriends XDSuperboy from DC Comicshe also appeared in Smallville but the Superboy in this fanfic is written based on the comics versionAnd these are his parents or genetic donors from Smallville serieswho met each other when Clark Kent was just a 15 yr old naive farmboy who saved Lex Luthor son of billionaire Lionel Luthor who was sent to Smallville to manage a fertilizer plant that maymay not be as punishment for his indiscretionspartying hard getting arrested and there maybe some drugs involved from a car accident There was first kissCPR involved in the saving thus the pairingbromance was born Honestly I always thought beautiful naive farmboy and sexy jaded billionaire sounds like a wonderful plot device for either romance or porn Ok I just gave you the background and nothing about the actual story Lol Story Plot Kon El's version of Parent Trap And if you know astolat you'll also know that her fics are always great and well written so a must read for any curious Superman fan

Summary Reconcilable Differences

Summary Õ Reconcilable Differences ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ [Epub] ➜ Reconcilable Differences ➡ Astolat – Fanfiction SmallvilleDC ComicsPairing Clark KentLex LuthorSummary Luthor Family Values40113 words complete Fanfiction SmallvilleDC ComicsPairing Clark KentLex L Luthor Family Values words comple. Very cute although it fell into the fan fiction trap of not describing people just figuring everyone reading it will have watched the relevant shows

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Reconcilable DifferencesRing Clark KentLex LuthorSummary. This Smallville fanfic is fun a blast from the past to re read Astolat gives good fic